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Wordless Wednesday: Pregnancy

By NPN_Admin

This week we asked you to share pregnancy with us. Read more about pregnancy on our resource page. Link up!  MORE

7 Steps to Stop Arguing and Start Collaborating

7 Steps to Stop Arguing and Start Collaborating

By Amy

Amy shares seven steps she uses to stop arguing and start the journey of working together with her kids, partner, or anyone else.  MORE

Why Nighttime Breastfeeding So Important

Why Nighttime Breastfeeding So Important

By NPN Guest

It’s an evolutionary trait that moms are wired to be responsive to their baby’s cries. Babies wake up at night because it is what nature intends them to do. Nature also intends that babies drink breast milk. Contrary to what you might hear, it is not normal for a baby to sleep through the night. And breastfed babies wake more frequently than their formula fed counterparts because breast milk gets digested more quickly, thus making them hungry. When we nurse them back to sleep, not only are we satiating their hunger, we are letting them know that they are safe and that their cries will be heeded. We are building a trusting connection with our babies based on respect and responsiveness.  MORE


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