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Wordless Wednesday: Science

By NPN_Admin

This week we asked you to share science with us. Read more about natural learning on our resource page. Link up!  MORE


By Mandy

Young children will love art that involves movement. Here are some ideas to get you started.  MORE

A Dad’s Opinion on Breastfeeding

A Dad’s Opinion on Breastfeeding

By NPN Guest

I drive an 18-wheeler across all 48 states, and my ever-expanding beltline gives sincere testimony to my love affair with bacon cheeseburgers. I also have a serious love affair with my wife, which people sometimes find hard to believe. You know, with my being a truck driver, her being a breastfeeding mom, and with three kids to boot. There’s people out there who think it’s not possible for a woman to breastfeed her kids and still keep her man happy. Let me give the opinion of a real (satisfied) Dad with a real breastfeeding wife and real breastfed children.  MORE


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