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Troubleshooting Night Waking

Troubleshooting Night Waking

By NPN Mentors

A reader asks our natural parenting mentors about causes of night waking and how to remedy it.  MORE

sibling love

Nurturing Touch for Older Children

By NPN Guest

It’s easy to snuggle our babies, but older kids need daily gentle touch, too.  MORE

Natural Parents Network: AP Without A Family Bed - What Works For Our Family

AP Without a Family Bed

By Kellie Barr

Early on, one of my greatest attractions to Attachment Parenting was the way that it focused on meeting the child’s needs – even when it went against the grain. I loved the concept of honoring the child, and working to meet the needs of everyone in the family, instead of forcing the child to comply with the desires of the parents, while sacrificing his or her own wants or needs.  MORE


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