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Wordless Wednesday: Healthy Eating

By NPN_Admin

This week we asked: What does healthy eating look like? (Read more about Feeding With Love and Respect and Healthy Living on our resource pages, and enjoy this week’s articles on the theme.) Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post? Please link up below!  MORE

Coconut Hot Cocoa

By Cooking Naturally Editors

Finally, a dairy/soy/gluten free hot chocolate! Made with rich and flavorful coconut milk, it’s a sweet, hot drink that pleases the palate and the tummy.  MORE

This Moment in Nursing a Child

By Amy W.

Many wonder why a mother would choose to breastfeed past infancy. This moment in breastfeeding a child shows just how normal term-breastfeeding is and illustrates how breastfeeding little ones into childhood can enhance healthy relationships and help kids handle big emotions.  MORE


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