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5 Responses to 10 Tips for Raising Vegan Children

  1. Marc

    I suggest skipping the blender and going straight for the VitaMix 🙂 It’s pricey, but a great appliance for making healthy smoothies, soups, spreads and more! Definitely a must have for any vegan

  2. Lauren Gray  

    I’m not vegan, although i have interest in the subject, i do however suggest you know what to say when people ask the protein question, I’ve made strides towards becoming vegetarian and i always get that darn question!

    • Lyndsay  

      I agree with you Lauren! I always mention that although we do in fact need protein, it isn’t as much as we tend to think it is. I always mention the great amount of protein we can get from leafy greens (esp. Kale and Spinach). Beans, vegan protein powders and soy alternatives are also great sources of protein.

  3. June Park  

    Thanks! We are vegan due to food allergies BUT were vegetarian before..well all but my husband.;) We are still working on him.

  4. Margaret  

    My 2 yr old son is allergic to milk and eggs so we do a lot of vegan foods. I was champion of the blender when he was a baby, and there’s several vegan products we’d never trade even if he were to grow out of these allergies. I often get the ‘what does he eat?’ question, and am used to rattling off a list of very normal toddler foods. I get more questions about his lack of calcium than lack of protein. People just can’t imagine raising a child without milk. He refuses all milk substitutes, so we get calcium mostly from almonds and green veggies. But nutrients are everywhere! If kids get a variety of whole foods, it’s hard NOT to get in all their nutrients. My son’s not totally vegan, but if he had to be it wouldn’t scare me. We’re so close now it’d be pretty easy to adjust.