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19 Responses to 10 Ways to Wear Your Baby

  1. Darcel {The Mahogany Way}  

    Love this. I started with the evenflo buckle carrier, then the moby, and moved into woven wraps. Now I own 5 woven wraps and it’s looking like my babywearing days are done. Each kid has a legacy wrap that I’ll keep forever. I love babywearing photos! Shared this on twitter and pinterest.

  2. Gretchen  

    Fabulous post! Sharing πŸ™‚

  3. Ann @ Such a Mama  

    Great post! I am looking for a back carrier that I can put on myself for my one year old. We have a bjorn, but it isn’t designed for back carry – it pulls on my neck and I can’t put her in it myself. And if it was cheap, that would help! Any suggestions?

    • Julia  

      My personal favorite carrier is the Erogbaby carrier, an SSC. It is a little on the pricey side though. What is your price range? Mei tai’s are good for back carries and you can find some inexpensively.

  4. Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry  

    Fantastic post for babywearing newbies! πŸ™‚

  5. Charise Rohm Nulsen  

    Julia, you’ve become such a babywearing expert! Great resource and pinned.

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

  6. Nicky S

    Love this. We have worn out son since birth in both a baby carrier and a wrap. So nice to have them close and great for walking the dogs.

  7. Neha Chopra

    Fantastic post. I have a stretchy wrap and a ring sling, but they take time and tact to put on.. I want to know how is Tula brand in SSC? Any advice or should i just invest in an ergobaby

    • Julia  

      Tula’s are great SSC’s and have a huge following! I had one for awhile but personally liked my Ergo better. The nice thing about Tula’s though are there are 2 sizes so when your child gets bigger you can switch to the Toddler size. I actually also felt their Standard size was a bit smaller than my Ergo in the base. There are also wrap conversions of Tulas that are supposed to be wonderful. They are expensive and hard to get your hands on though.

  8. Samantha

    I am interested in baby wearing however when I have tried my shoulders ache. Is this normal? I have a Bjorn ‘one’ and have tried my own sling made from a sheet for around the house.

    • Julia  

      The Bjorn is one that can cause pain for the wearer. See if you can try some other types of soft structured carriers like an Ergo. Look in your area for a Babywearing group that may have a lending library that you can try some different styles. They will be a great resource!

  9. Shaunna

    I like all the information you have provided but after having read it I must admit I find it a somewhat daunting task in choosing the right wrap.
    I could really use some help!
    I am 6″1 and on the larger side and my son Falcon is nearly 3 months old, 27 inches in length and already 18 lbs.!
    He is my last baby as I am not able to have more. I desperately want to carry him in a wrap and free myself from our continuous couch cuddling and walking and hiking with him in a stroller πŸ™
    It is soon to be June and it has already been up in the 80 degree range… I think I need a woven wrap of cooler weave…
    Please msg me back with any tips you might have.
    Thank you so much!!

    ~Shaunna and Falcon

    • Joella  

      Hi Shaunna! There are a variety of woven wraps that are likely to work for your situation. Any time you have layers of fabric wrapped around you and a baby or child in the heat, it’s going to be hot, but some options are a bit more breathable than others. Before I start making any specific recommendations, what is your budget for a wrap? πŸ™‚

    • Shannon at The Artful Mama


      You may want a 100% linen or linen/cotton blend for support. Linen is cooler than most other blends and is very strong. It is typically thinner though, so can be slightly diggy on the wearer’s shoulders. On the other hand, many of the other blends can be suitable as well, based on weight of the fabric or the carry you choose to use. Do you have a BWI group near you? They may have a lending library that would allow you to try some things out, as well as help with wrapping and trying to find the right length to suit your needs. Woven sizes are less about the wearer’s size and more about what the wearer would like to do with the wrap. Good luck and happy wrapping!

  10. Pavleen Kaur

    Hi, I have a toddler aged 15 months. I have an impending International trip where carrying a stroller isn’t appropriate. Kindly suggest a baby carrier. Is Mei tei a good option and she is 11 kgs now.

  11. Sheelu

    Hi friends I am confused between soul full bukel carrier and anmol .which one I buy ? I want to use my carrier in all places like in house work , travelling, shopping , walking etc. And its should be good for summer .pls advice me. I am new for the carriers