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3 Responses to Eleven Things to Do While Breastfeeding

  1. Toddy

    I used to read lots with my older daughter, but my younger hated any book behind her and would push it off… I used to play on my DS games console, later I used to surf the web, email or blog on my fone. With my first, I also used to make a big fuss of my dog, give him treats and lots of love while I nursed.
    I also liked having a media centre so I could watch movies or recorded tv shows and just let my baby nurse or nap as long as wished.

  2. Amy  

    Thank you for this thoughtful post as it may help people who feel bogged down by always having to nurse and never have hands free.

    I used to multi-task while breastfeeding and there are certainly times I need to tend to another child or something while nursing.

    More so now I focus on my relationship with my baby while we’re nursing. I just enjoy her – gaze at her as you mentioned – feel into her energy, love her. Feel the gratitude I have for being a mother, even in the midst of chaos or arguments between older siblings.

    Focusing in this way has helped me renew the bond I have with the older kids, too, as I recall the moments they were born and our early nursing sessions.

    With this child (4th) I intend to cherish each nursing session as a building block to a trusting relationship with my child rather than something I can do simultaneously with another activity. It’s a time in for me and the baby 🙂

  3. Melissa  

    Great list! 🙂
    I got plenty of reading and work on the computer done during the early months, but now that my daughter is older, I’m lucky if her nursing sessions last five minutes, so I usually just stare at her. Sleeping is definitely still all I do during those nighttime feedings, however! Thank goodness for bed sharing – I would be exhausted without it!