12 Essential Items for Pumping Mamas

12 Essential Items for Pumping Mamas

It is never fun to be caught unprepared when it is time to pump, and sometimes thinking through everything you may need is too difficult when you have a little one in your arms.

So three NPN volunteers (Abbie, Gretchen and Shannon) with pumping experience have put their heads together and done the thinking for you!

Here is a simple checklist to refer to when packing your pumping kit.

  1. Manual or electric pump with charger. It’s not even a bad idea to keep a manual pump in your desk drawer or car trunk in case the power goes out.
  2. Bottles, flanges, tubing, and other necessary parts. It doesn’t hurt to have two of each item in case something goes missing or doesn’t work.
  3. storage bags

  4. Quality storage bags. You can also consider using canning jars or glass bottles as they work well as a reusable option.
  5. Insulated lunch box. The perfect place to store your precious milk bags or bottles.
  6. Door sign. No one wants a friendly intruder while pumping! Mark your territory and pump in peace. Make a donation for the Pumping Pixie Door Sign and 100% of your donation will go to buy a hands-free pumping bra for moms in need!
  7. A hands-free pumping bra. Use one that fits snugly but isn’t overly tight. You can can even make your own. Here are instructions on how to make a hands-free pumping bra; here are more instructions.
  8. Photo of baby close. The ideal companion for every pumping session.
  9. Recording of your baby. If you have a smartphone, record videos of baby playing, cooing or fussing before nursing and then watch them while you pump.
  10. healthy snack

  11. A fun refillable water container. Mama’s got to stay hydrated!
  12. Healthy and protein rich snacks. Here is a list of Gretchen’s protein favorites and a peek at one of Shannon’s delicious salads.
  13. Mini toiletry bag. Keep it stocked with hair ties, extra nursing pads and nipple butter.
  14. Reading material. Once your milk lets down, relax, and embrace the quiet time.

Anything missing? We’d love for you to chime in with your pumping essentials!

Photo Credit: The Artful Mama

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