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5 Responses to 15 Frugal Family Dates

  1. Sabrina

    Great ideas! My boys and I also enjoy many of these places. Take many photos, then make time for everyone to make their own scrap book pages of their memories from the day. Lots of fun to see the things the kids remember and what they enjoyed most.

  2. Carol Preibis

    I think your ideas are excellent. I just wrote a somewhat similar article for my blog “Ahh The Simple Life”. The title is “10 ways to Have More Fun for Less Money”.

    It’s geared toward families and individuals as well.

    • Destany Fenton

      Thanks for reading Carol, and thanks for the link! You have some terrific ideas. I especially love, “Make something grow” and “Sing and Dance” – those are very relaxing and enjoyable. I can’t dance at all, so my kids do get a good laugh when I try. 😉

  3. Anna Heath

    Great ideas! It’s always nice to see lists like this to see if someone else has an idea I haven’t thought of lately. 🙂