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71 Responses to 20 Ways To Use Coconut Oil On Infants and Children

  1. Marisa

    We’ve used coconut oil for pink eye, diaper rashes, to scrapes and cuts, sunburns, bug bites…I could go on! Love that miracle oil.

  2. Momma Jorje  

    Oh Jennifer, you are my coconut guru! Lately I’ve been using coconut oil ALL over my 16mo son, Spencer. He had a medical procedure this week and had over a dozen different sticky things on him during his hospital stay. I’ve just slathered him several times per day to help the dirty sticky lines to come off.

    I also used CO to ease the removal of bandages. And I’m applying it to the EIGHT needle prick sites and the puncture site (for heart cath).

    Can’t bathe for a couple of days, but thanks to all the CO I’ve used on him, he doesn’t smell like hospital anymore! And his skin is SO soft!

    • Becca

      Please be careful with how much coconut oil you use. Coconut oil is a cleansing oil and too much can be very drying to the skin. Use just a small amount and really rub it in. The heat from rubbing the oil in will help open he pores for the oil to penetrate the skin better.

  3. Elaine

    I’ve been mixing it with Shea butter & essential oils like lavender or patchouli as a bum cream since she was born! Our midwife makes some that she gives to all her clients & found this recipe to continue making it! I also use it as a facial moisturizer for myself. Keeps my combination skin balanced & helps fight acne.

    • Michelle

      How much do you mix of each ingredient if you don’t mind me asking? My daughter has very sensitive skin and nothing is seeming to work.

  4. Winston Legacy  

    I’ve been using coconut oil on my son’s scalp since a few weeks after he was born. He’s now two months old. It helped to relieve dry scalp and now I see hair growing very nicely. The oil doesn’t damage the clothes and fabrics where he rests which is awesome. Also I was massaging it into his whole head and had no idea it would benefit the soft spot so thanks for the heads up. I truly appreciate all the helpful tips. I just put cortisone cream on his hands and am going to rinse it off and put the coconut oil on to heal a patchy area around his wrist. Will also start using it on his bum as well.
    Thanks again keep up the great work!

  5. Heidi

    Coconut oil is full of fiber which will help with constipation 🙂 works like a charm here!!!

    • Beth Barden

      Can you please tell me how much coconut oil you should give a 1 yr. old for constipation? My daughter-in-law is taking the baby off of breast milk and the poor baby is very constipated. Thanks!

      • tracy

        We put coconut oil on the babies pacifiers daily, not a lot but it helps to keep them regular and its a nice pleasant taste. It also seems to comfort and soothe a cranky baby when fussy, just dip the pacifier in the oil.

    • Elissa

      How do u use it for constipation?

    • Brittani Howell

      How much did you use for relief?

  6. jobeets

    Hi, is it ok to use VCO as moisturizer during winter,does it clog the pores?

  7. ronda

    We use it for our daughter’s eczema!

    • Renee

      My son too!! Nothing the doctor gave me worked but rubbed coconut oil on his ezcema and put it in his food and haven’t had issues since!!

      • carissa

        My son has horrible skin. We just got it clear with cortisone 10 eczema cream. I hate to use the harsh creams. Just began using the coconut oil. How often do you apply it?qwerty currently do twice a day but his school teacher says she will do it if needed just to keep the poor boy clear. He is 2. Been coating his whole body in attempt to help.

      • bg

        I’m a grandmother I had exzema all my life. I broke out in psoriasis following a severe case of the flu. I read that a homeopathic remedy sulphur 6x by Boerke and Tafel would help my psoriasis. I took it several times a day. It cleared my psoriasis but it also got rid of my exzema permanently. It stopped it within just a few weeks and has never returned. My grandson Colin at 18 months old also had exzema. He would hold up his hands and cry because they itched. I gave him sulphur 6x and it cleared it up within a few weeks. He’s now 21 years ago and his exzema never returned. B&T Sulphur 6x is cheap also about $6.00 for 100. I owned a GNC vitamin store for 35 years and we always had the Sulphur 6x in stock. If it was truly exzema I have never seen it fail to get rid of it
        Good luck.

      • Maegan

        I use it for my daughters eczema also. I usually put it on every other day. I also wash my face with it. It is a very good makeup remover and cleanser. You can make a scrub with sugar, coconut oil and essential oil and it will make your skin so smooth!!

    • Leanne

      Hi can I ask how you use it for your daughters eczema. I’m struggling with a 16 month old with eczema. Thank you

      • bg

        I gave my grandson Colin Boerke and Tafel sulphur 6x $6.00 for 100. I gave him 2 or 3 a couple of times a day. It cleared his exzema and it’s never come back. He is now 21 years old! I have told many people this a b d if it truly is exzema I’ve never seen the Sulphur 6x to fail.

      • Maegan

        Leanne, at first i used it everyday coconut oil on her right after a bath. now i just do it every other day. the dry winter air is the worst, so I would also put the oil on the eczema spot throughout the day. i also have found the salt water helps too. i would give her a bath with epson salt and after the bath rub her down! i hope this helps!!!

  8. mary wilson

    Can my 7 month old consume coconut oil if so how much? I think I have read where you can add it to their homemade food, is that true?

  9. ana

    I just began giving my 1 year old with manuka honey for colds so far so good, I mix it with her food and drinks only a small spoon a day to avoid diareah.

  10. Tabitha Clarke  

    I have MCT Coconut Oil. Would you use this the same as regular coconut oil?

  11. A

    I completely agree, Ms. J… Coconut oil is an amazing fix for a lot of things! We’ve been putting it on our hair since we were kids – I dye my hair all the time, bleach it, straighten, dye it pink etc – when I start to see my hair showing any signs of unhappiness (dryness, tangling, falling out, breaking, split ends, dandruff etc), I give myself a two week course of coconut oil treatment – I just massage it into my hair five minutes before I shower for two weeks’ worth of showering! Now I’m old and worn out in every way – except – for my hair. I chopped it all off a year ago and it’s now back to its usual long length. My little one has started using it in his hair at two, and I hope he has awesome hair throughout his life <3

  12. Anna

    I use coconut oil of myself and my kids as a daily moisturizer? Can too much use cause allergic reactions to coconut products later in life? (As in can they be sensitized to it?)

  13. Kaycee

    I am interested in using coconut oil for my 4 month old. I am fine using it externally, but what about consuming it?It is now considered a tree nut, so am nervous to feed it to him or put it on his hands that he constantly eats.

  14. pooja

    One can apply coconut oil in baby’ eyes..if he cries at night….wrap the baby and apply jst a bit like a kajal to baby’s eyes…trust me he will sleep for more than 12 hrs…with every 2 hrs feeding gap…and i have seen no problem in his eyes..

  15. Jessica

    I used it on my daughter’s baby acne & cradle cap. The Dr told me to use baby oil & I just couldn’t bring myself to put that on her face because of all the fragrance. My sister suggested I try coconut oil & it cleared in 2 days! I was amazed! Now I use it for everything! Dry skin, diaper rash, hair. & I cook with it too! 😉

  16. Lauren

    At what age can babies take coconut oil internally?

  17. Ashley

    Hello, I’m a new mom and my baby girl is a month old now and she is so hot natured she has these fine bumps on her face now their clearing up and her skin is so dry looks like sun burn I’m not sure my mom told me not to worry she called them hives in the beginning but I wanted to know what brand of coconut oil can I purchase this at or can I use the ones in Walmart/Kroger vitamin area

    • Lauren

      Cold pressed virgin coconut oil. You can find it at kroger exc. I bought mine at target for about $7.00 and that was 8 months ago and I still have some.

    • Monica Mitchell

      Walmart…in the cooking oil section u can find organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil..same as in vitamin section but cheapee and larger containers ..prices vary from 5 dollars for small to 14 for an extra large tub. A little goes a long way my family of 3 uses one extra large tub every 3-4 months

  18. Crista

    Some people were asking how much coconut oil to give to their baby. My son is 13 months old and he consumes about 1/4-1/2 a tsp a day. As I prepare his bath by melting chunks of coconut oil in the warm water to keep his skin moist he reaches in the jar and takes out a small chunk to eat. He loves it. From personal experience you should start out with a little taste and work your way up to more as it can cause diarrhea if you start out with too much.

  19. Bernadette Codiglia

    I love coconut oil too

  20. georgie

    Ive started putting it on my 1year old sons toast instead of marg. He loves it