25 Signs that You Might Be a “Natural” Parent

Written by Laura on June 21st, 2013

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25 Signs that You Might Be a

Do you ever wonder about your parenting style?

Do you have friends who look at you oddly when you talk about raising your children?

Ever hear phrases like “natural parent” and “hippie” whispered at you, but you still wonder if you are really, truly a natural parent?

Fear not- here are 25 signs that indicate you, too, might be a natural parent!

  1. Your kids are on a selective or delayed vaccination schedule.
  2. You’ve given birth at home, in a birth center or in a hospital without pain medication, or would like too.
  3. You’ve used Baby-Led Weaning or made your own baby food.
  4. Two words: Extended Breastfeeding.
  5. If you bottle fed, you mimicked breastfeeding in the way you fed your baby.
  6. You’ve used organic formula, made your own formula or used donor milk.
  7. Your baby saw a chiropractor before she saw the pediatrician.
  8. When illness strikes, you reach for the essential oils and coconut water before over-the-counter medications and Gatorade.
  9. You home school or know more than one family that does.
  10. When someone says, “What are you doing?” you reply, “Making my own laundry soap!” You’ve also made your own household cleaners.
  11. You have eaten part of your placenta raw, in a smoothie or had in put in capsules. If you haven’t, you know of someone who did!
  12. There was a doula at one of your births.
  13. You pack homemade and/or organic food in your children’s bento lunch boxes.
  14. One (or more!) of your Pinterest boards have titles like, “Natural parenting,” “Vegan treats!,” “homeopathic recipes,” and “baby carriers I must have!”
  15. You’ve told a stranger you like their baby carrier.
  16. There’s a compost pile in your garden.
  17. Your children’s chore list reads like the chapter heading of a natural-living book: fold the family cloth, empty the compost bucket, take out the recycling, feed the chickens.
  18. There’s more in your recycling bin than in the trash can.
  19. You have a wish list of the cloth diapers you will buy with your next paycheck.
  20. A friend calls you to ask if you have a pot “big enough for canning.” And, yes, you do.
  21. Within minutes of meeting a new friend you’ve swapped birth stories and compared midwives.
  22. You know the best places to get local, raw milk and a variety of organic, local fruits and veggies.
  23. It’s the middle of winter and you are planning your vegetable garden for the spring.
  24. You or your children own “activist” wear.
  25. You feel conflicted over how much TV your family watches.
  26. Add to the list! What signs might indicate that you too are a natural parent?

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