25 Signs that You Might Be a “Natural” Parent

Written by Laura on June 21st, 2013

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25 Signs that You Might Be a

Do you ever wonder about your parenting style?

Do you have friends who look at you oddly when you talk about raising your children?

Ever hear phrases like “natural parent” and “hippie” whispered at you, but you still wonder if you are really, truly a natural parent?

Fear not- here are 25 signs that indicate you, too, might be a natural parent!

  1. Your kids are on a selective or delayed vaccination schedule.
  2. You’ve given birth at home, in a birth center or in a hospital without pain medication, or would like too.
  3. You’ve used Baby-Led Weaning or made your own baby food.
  4. Two words: Extended Breastfeeding.
  5. If you bottle fed, you mimicked breastfeeding in the way you fed your baby.
  6. You’ve used organic formula, made your own formula or used donor milk.
  7. Your baby saw a chiropractor before she saw the pediatrician.
  8. When illness strikes, you reach for the essential oils and coconut water before over-the-counter medications and Gatorade.
  9. You home school or know more than one family that does.
  10. When someone says, “What are you doing?” you reply, “Making my own laundry soap!” You’ve also made your own household cleaners.
  11. You have eaten part of your placenta raw, in a smoothie or had in put in capsules. If you haven’t, you know of someone who did!
  12. There was a doula at one of your births.
  13. You pack homemade and/or organic food in your children’s bento lunch boxes.
  14. One (or more!) of your Pinterest boards have titles like, “Natural parenting,” “Vegan treats!,” “homeopathic recipes,” and “baby carriers I must have!”
  15. You’ve told a stranger you like their baby carrier.
  16. There’s a compost pile in your garden.
  17. Your children’s chore list reads like the chapter heading of a natural-living book: fold the family cloth, empty the compost bucket, take out the recycling, feed the chickens.
  18. There’s more in your recycling bin than in the trash can.
  19. You have a wish list of the cloth diapers you will buy with your next paycheck.
  20. A friend calls you to ask if you have a pot “big enough for canning.” And, yes, you do.
  21. Within minutes of meeting a new friend you’ve swapped birth stories and compared midwives.
  22. You know the best places to get local, raw milk and a variety of organic, local fruits and veggies.
  23. It’s the middle of winter and you are planning your vegetable garden for the spring.
  24. You or your children own “activist” wear.
  25. You feel conflicted over how much TV your family watches.
  26. Add to the list! What signs might indicate that you too are a natural parent?

About The Author: Laura

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Laura is the mother to a herd of four small children, wife to her Engineer Husband, and owner of a pesky dog. She blogs about her life in the Midwest at Walden Mommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door.

47 Responses to 25 Signs that You Might Be a “Natural” Parent

  1. Rachel

    I am shocked with all the comments from parents saying that they did research and decided not to vaccinate their kids. I sincerely hope they never get any of the nasty diseases that could be easily prevented by vaccines and do not suffer serious consequences for life because of such a decision! My husband does research in imunology, and he never hesitated in vaccinating our kids. There is a lot of misinformation in the web. Vaccines are safe, they don’t have any harmful components, they don’t trigger autism, and they can save your kids life! Also, most researchers are not “making” vaccines to make money, believe me, researchers actually make very little money for the work they do. SUre the companies that sell vaccines make money, but don’t all companies do? Those that sell organic products or cloth diapers are not making money? Please, do yourself and your kids a favour and vaccinated them!

  2. FluffyRhino

    I’m surprised just normal cloth diapering isn’t on this list? The closest it comes is having a “wish list” of diapers, but .. my son is the last child I plan to have, and he’s 16 months old, I have more than enough diapers, I’m not planning to buy more!

  3. FluffyRhino

    Addition to my comment : I live in small-town Ohio, and the nearest “birth centers” or anything like that are 4-5 hours away. I had very limited income when I gave birth to both of my children, and had to use government insurance to pay for the births. That means my options were also very limited. I realize now that I could’ve had my first birth in my bathtub at home with a midwife, and it wouldn’t have been super expensive, but I didn’t know it then. Instead I told my OB my birth plan (completely natural, no meds or anything) and it was literally laughed at. When I was a week past my due date my doctor scared me into having an induction (yes, I was a pushover .. it was my first child, I was scared, I thought the doctor knew what was best for me, and I didn’t know ANYONE who did anything but go to the hospital, so I didn’t think I had any choice) which led to an emergency C-section. With my second child I was more informed, and I really wanted to do a VBAC, but I was very scared to do it at home, so I again went into the hospital. I did get my doctor to agree that if I went before my due date we would try the VBAC, but my due date came and went with no signs that I was having the baby any time soon, so they did a RCS. I had a lot of depression after my first CS, and I felt like my body was “broken”, or that there was something horribly wrong with me. I still felt sad after my RCS that I would never know what it was like to give birth naturally (since we don’t plan on having more). I wanted a completely natural birth, but Smalltown USA doesn’t really have the resources for women like me. All my local friends think I’m absolutely insane for breastfeeding past 6 months and using cloth diapers!

  4. Diana

    I never really thought of myself as a natural parent but after reading this about 5 do not apply to me so I guess I can be called a natural parent. I have given birth not once but four times at home, homeschooled my kids, had my placenta turned into capsules, I use breast milk for earaches and eye infections on the older kids, I am still breastfeeding my one year old, I love gDiapers, we love picking our food out of the garden and not the store. Need I go on?

  5. Alisha

    I personally think it is sad when people have to compare different levels of natural like it is a competition or something. Any small step in a positive and more natural direction is a good one to be proud of, and should not be based on how many placenta capsules you have imbibed, or whether or not a doula was present at a birth.

  6. YMJA

    Wow…such competitiveness to see who is a better or more natural parent. Very disappointing.

    • Dionna  

      I think that most of the commenters have been having fun with the list – as it was intended 🙂

      Identifying as a natural parent can be fun – it’s kind of like belonging to a club where you have at least one thing in common with the other members.

      What Laura (and NPN as a whole) did *not* intend, is for anyone to view parenting as a contest. Who can breastfeed the longest, who can self-sacrifice the most, who can go 18 years without ever raising their voice – none of those things represent our measure as parents. The bottom line is that we are all learning and growing – alongside each other and our kids.