5 Things Worth the “Just You Wait”

Written by Emily Bartnikowski on February 17th, 2014

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5 Things Worth the My very best friend has just had her first baby. She has been inundated with “Just You Wait” style predictions. You know what I mean. She mentions getting up every hour at night to pee and some buzzkill tells her that’s nothing compared to getting up with a screaming baby every hour of the night. She talks about feeling achy and tired and is told about the exhaustion of no sleep and active toddlers. Some people look far into her future and give her more children than she can plan, a life more over-scheduled than she’s ever experienced, and a portent of doom that’s enough to cross the eyes of any parent-to-be.

Those things aren’t necessarily lies, and for some people they may even be true. It is true that a few months ago every single person in my house was sick, and I was their caretaker. We were flying to Dallas and by the time we got on the plane, I’d been awake for 36 hours. I was the only one who didn’t get a nap on the flight, and by the time we got to my family’s home, I had hit the proverbial wall. Luckily, there were grandparents and aunts and friends, and I was able to rest and catch up so that all systems were going for the good stuff – The stuff you should really “Just You Wait” for.

5 Things Worth the

This was both boy’s preferred method of walking…until they figured out they could do it without me.

So, for the new parents in the audience, I give you the 5 most amazing things you really should wait for:

1. The first real smile.

Those gassy/sleepy smiles are heartwarming and adorable, yes – no on can argue with that. They melt your heart and make everyone smile. BUT – the first time your infant looks at you and grins at you – gird your loins. Your heart will positively explode. Just You Wait.

2. The first laugh.

Baz laughed for the first time while I made silly noises, and I made them until my face was numb. Walter’s first laugh happened while I was singing Simon and Garfunkle, and once Baz realized he could make his brother laugh, the real shows started. Sometimes they laugh so hard they snort and then you laugh so hard you snort and then they laugh harder and then you laugh harder. It’s bliss. Just You Wait.

5 Things Worth the "Just You Wait" | Natural Parents Network

Running to say hi after his “long” walk to the end of the street.

3. Learning to hug.

Little arms tight around your neck…no one can prepare you for that. Think of the best, most lovingly sincere hug you’ve ever gotten and then multiple it times infinity. Add a little drool and you’ve got the Best Hugs Ever. Really, you won’t even mind the drool (Just You Wait).

4. When you get home…

…from being out for five minutes or five hours and are greeted by what sounds like a herd of elephants until you open the door to discover your child(ren) running full tilt at you with goofy grins (and sometimes drool). They are coming in for some serious hugging, and they are really and truly that happy to see you. Every time. You think the way your dog greets you is awesome? Just You Wait.

5. Magical Kisses.

Every bump, scrape, bite, itch, bang, scratch, and poke – real and imagined – will need to be healed. And 99% of the time, the best medicine on the planet are Magical Mommy Kisses or Magical Daddy Kisses. Your little peck will cure whatever ails your munchkin and then some.

5 Things Worth the

Not listed: Underwear Head helping with laundry.

I have found that even blown kisses to parts I just can’t kiss (inner cheeks, soles of feet) do the trick. And then you are SuperMom or MegaDad and Hero of All The World. The look you’ll receive just after application of this magical medicine is unparalleled. Just You Wait.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the awesome you’re going to experience as a parent. If you’ve got more greatness to add to this list, please do so. And if you’re a new – or expecting –  parent…Just You Wait.

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5 Responses to 5 Things Worth the “Just You Wait”

  1. Kate

    So true! We’re just at the ‘first giggles’ stage with our second child and they are so, so precious <3

    Our first son was affected by bacterial meningitis at 3 wks old so we've yet to be greeted at the door by him running in like a herd of goofy elephants but he'll get there.

    People say to us 'ooh, you wait 'til he's running all over…', like its a bad thing but after three years of Physio and waiting for his first magical 'solo' steps we'll take all the hooning that will come with those hard fought for steps.

    I don't get why people get off on negging out on the wonderful gift that being a parent is. Maybe it's because we came so close to losing our first son that we appreciate so very much, every new thing that BOTH our sons do, I don't know. Sometimes people just don't realise how lucky they are and what an absolute blessing having children is.

  2. Lizz  

    I love this! I would also add the first “I love you too”
    It’s the “too” that’s important! It means they aren’t jut repeating what they hear, they’re actually responding! Swoon.

  3. Ariadne

    What a sweet post! There are many of these moments as they get even older too…like the first written note you get with “love you mom!” is totally heart melting!! 🙂

  4. Angel knight

    I have two girls, my eldest is 7 years and my second is 2years coming .. Both my girls r great.. I have to say at least twice a week both girls end up in our bed. For some reason both girls seem to get a better nites sleep in our bed. They r the most loving children u could ever know. . They actually help with cleaning and tidying up.. My 2year old loves doing this lol.. My 7 year old is very protective with her baby sister., I can not complain We have 2 very special girls and love them to bits.. We r all very close.. Best babies ever xx