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5 Responses to 5 Things Worth the “Just You Wait”

  1. Kate

    So true! We’re just at the ‘first giggles’ stage with our second child and they are so, so precious <3

    Our first son was affected by bacterial meningitis at 3 wks old so we've yet to be greeted at the door by him running in like a herd of goofy elephants but he'll get there.

    People say to us 'ooh, you wait 'til he's running all over…', like its a bad thing but after three years of Physio and waiting for his first magical 'solo' steps we'll take all the hooning that will come with those hard fought for steps.

    I don't get why people get off on negging out on the wonderful gift that being a parent is. Maybe it's because we came so close to losing our first son that we appreciate so very much, every new thing that BOTH our sons do, I don't know. Sometimes people just don't realise how lucky they are and what an absolute blessing having children is.

  2. Lizz  

    I love this! I would also add the first “I love you too”
    It’s the “too” that’s important! It means they aren’t jut repeating what they hear, they’re actually responding! Swoon.

  3. Ariadne

    What a sweet post! There are many of these moments as they get even older too…like the first written note you get with “love you mom!” is totally heart melting!! 🙂

  4. Angel knight

    I have two girls, my eldest is 7 years and my second is 2years coming .. Both my girls r great.. I have to say at least twice a week both girls end up in our bed. For some reason both girls seem to get a better nites sleep in our bed. They r the most loving children u could ever know. . They actually help with cleaning and tidying up.. My 2year old loves doing this lol.. My 7 year old is very protective with her baby sister., I can not complain We have 2 very special girls and love them to bits.. We r all very close.. Best babies ever xx