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10 Responses to 5 Tips for a Peaceful Home

  1. Dionna  

    It is almost more important for *me* to be unwired than it is for my kids. I can definitely see an increase in mindful, peaceful connections when I limit my own screen time!

  2. Lauren Wayne  

    Totally agree with this list! Living in a small space here, too, so decluttering and trying to tame the STUFF is a huge and ongoing quest.

    I also think spending that special connected time together is so important!

  3. Kerry @ City Kids Homeschooling

    I definitely agree with these tips– especially the de-cluttering and organizing! Living in a small city space with soon-to-be 4 young kids, de-cluttering, purging and organization is a matter of survival as well as peace! -Kerry

    • Megan  

      We’re feeling the pinch with 4, so I can only imagine how 6 must be! When we lived downtown in an apartment, two of the bedroom closets acted as our “garage” and it was a constant challenge to keep space clear and semi-organized!

  4. Rosemary  

    I love the flexible rhythm as opposed to a schedule. We’re the same way – I have to know what I need to get done in the day, and have lots of space to fill in the blanks with the fun, relaxing stuff as we’re inspired.

    Clutter… Criminy, don’t even get me started. I tend to save too. We’re not sure if we’ll add to our family or not, so I tend to save all of my daughter’s clothes and toys “just in case” and it’s just mountains. I need an intervention. 😉

    • Megan  

      Oh, “saving” is definitely an issue for me! I’ve had to majorly work on my ways, it’s not easy! And I’m very sentimental, so I’ll keep that greeting card from 3rd grade for as long as possible.

  5. Mandy

    Great list. I function much better when life is decluttered!

  6. Justine @ The Lone Home Ranger  

    I like these tips because they make a seemingly unsurmountable goal–of swimming against the current of “too much”–seem more bearable by breaking it down into smaller tasks. We allow screen time only on weekends during the school year, and then it happens as a reward after chores are completed. I learned a trick from a book called Minimalist Parenting; I put a positive spin on the arrangement by saying “As soon as you finish your chore, you can watch TV!” instead of the more negative “You can’t have any screen time until that chore is done.” Chipping in also builds their self-esteem in a way my praise couldn’t, and we’re all more peaceful when the job is done.

    • Megan  

      Thanks Justine! I sometimes spend the first 10 minutes of naptime just wandering around thinking what I’m going to do first – smaller task list-making really helps. The spinning media time to a positive is a great tip!