5 Winter Traditions for Everyone

Written by Emily Bartnikowski on December 23rd, 2013

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‘Tis the season for many, many things. For some people there is a lot of travel and for others there is hunkering down to survive winter weather. Some people see an uptick in religious holidays, and some people go to the movies more. Regardless of where you are or what your calendar might look like, here are 5 things that everyone can enjoy this season.

5 Traditions for Everyone - Natural Parents Network

Thanksgiving Parade and Baby’s First Hot Cocoa

1. Watch a Thanksgiving Day Parade or New Year’s fireworks. Go there in person, or cozy up on your couch and watch the broadcast. It’s even better if you do it while drinking a hot beverage in a special mug.

*Bonus: Take the wee ones in your life to a Paint Your Plate shop and let them paint special ceramics. We like our Turkey Handprints ’round here.

5 Traditions for Everyone - Natural Parents Network

Roasting Marshmallows in the Fireplace

2. Make s’mores (or just roast marshmallows). Get all fancy and make your own marshmallows, or pick up a bag. Light up your fireplace, pit, grill, or gas range (or, in a pinch, a really big candle) and roast away. Chocolate and graham crackers optional but encouraged.

*Bonus: Have a fire-cooked dinner from start to finish. If you’re not a meat-eater, I recommend grilled portobello mushroom burgers. They’re full of umami, which literally translates to “deliciousness.”

5 Traditions for Everyone - Natural Parents Network

Family Portraits from 2012

3. Have family portraits taken. In a studio, your home, or out in nature. Hire a professional, or use any of the tips (and links) here. Remember that photos are only a little bit about you. Mostly they’re about posterity.

*Bonus: Coordinate your outfits, stage a scene, and get super creative with your post-processing. Double Bonus if you do something this involved.

5 Traditions for Everyone - Natural Parents Network

Hibernating with a Dinosaur

4. Have a hibernation weekend. You know what I mean. Do not leave the house. Do not take off your pajamas. Do not do anything even remotely important (aside from the live-giving stuff, obviously). Just veg out and enjoy the winter.

*Bonus: Movie marathon and amazing food. All weekend.

5 Traditions for Everyone - Natural Parents Network

Annual Cookie Boxes, all set for mailing

5. Bake with the intention of gifting. If you’re not a baker, then assemble food gifts. Pinterest and Google are rife with ideas and instructions for everything you could think of. (Seriously, I just found DIY bacon salt.) So do a little browsing and see what strikes your fancy. I firmly believe that the way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach, and we could all use a little more homemade love in our lives.

*Bonus: Pretty, pretty packaging.


Go forth and embrace the season!

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