60 Acts of Kindness for Our Families

Written by Dionna on July 21st, 2014

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60 Acts of Kindness

After a spring winter thaw, a friend and her children noticed trash beneath the melting snow in her neighborhood. Everywhere. On their next daily walk, they brought and filled two trash bags – one with trash, one with recyclables. The next day, they not only filled two trash bags, but they also ran into another family doing the same thing. And on their third walk after the thaw? They saw five more families walking and collecting trash. Each family had seen and been inspired by my friend’s random act of kindness.

Kindness is catching. And it doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. Kindness can be as simple as holding the door open for someone at the grocery store. It can be smiling compassionately at the young mother who is holding a crying toddler. It can be doing your child’s chores after he’s had a particularly tough day.

Be a catalyst for the ripple effect of kindness in your own life. Here are sixty ideas to get you started in your own family; start at home and see how far your kindness can go. (And when you’re done reading these, check out 155 Random Acts of Kindness.)

15 Acts of Kindness for Your Child

1. A special surprise parent-child “date”
2. When your child does something annoying, let it go instead of correcting or lecturing
3. A colorful and bright “I love you” note (just like they would make for you) tucked somewhere (lunch box, under a pillow)
4. Plan an activity so that your little one can make a big mess – without your accompanying frustration at having to clean it up
5. Have an evening of music and dancing at home
6. Read extra books at bedtime
7. Take a day off of everything except your child (turn off the TV, computer, etc.)
8. Hold a kid’s movie night (at home or out)
9. Plan special day trips (children’s museum, an out of the way park, baseball game)
10. Have cake for dinner
11. Frame one of their drawings and hang it somewhere prominent
12. Create something for your little one (a book, a shirt, a cape)
13. Go on “kid time” for the day, not “adult time” (i.e., spot your preschooler as s/he walks the curb like a tightrope outside of the store, let them walk around at their own pace to examine everything, etc.)
14. Wear dress up clothes out and about for fun
15. Write your child a letter and put it in the mail

15 Acts of Kindness for Your Mom

1. Do one of the household tasks your mom usually does
2. Ask your mom about her childhood
3. Arrange for her to have some quality time alone – set up a spot with a good book, a cup of hot tea, etc.
4. Let her sleep in
5. Frame a fun picture of you and your mom
6. Wash her car
7. Write a thank you card to thank your mom for all of the little things she does for you that you normally don’t acknowledge
8. Give your mom your full attention whenever she talks to you
9. Do something fun with your mom that you haven’t done in awhile (play a board game, take a walk, etc.)
10. Organize a tour of a site or museum that your mom would enjoy; learn a few facts beforehand so you can share with her
11. Ask your mom to help you with something that will give you quality time together (making a scrapbook, packing a suitcase)
12. Tell your mom you love her, and why
13. Sit and go through old pictures with your mom, take turns sharing memories and laughter
14. Create something special for your mom (a homemade bracelet, a flower arrangement, a painting)
15. Ask your mom to dance

15 Acts of Kindness for Your Dad

1. Make a list of things that you like about your dad
2. Offer to help your dad with a project that he’s been putting off
3. Bring him coffee or breakfast in bed
4. Sign up for a special event or class with your dad
5. Give him extra hugs and words of encouragement
6. Ask for your dad’s opinion on something going on in your life
7. Create something special for your dad (art, a poem, etc.)
8. When your dad asks you to do something today, do it without making it into a big deal
9. Straighten up an area of the house that will help make your dad’s day brighter
10. Ask your dad how his day was, and really listen to his reply
11. Talk to your dad about his favorite music; listen to one of his CD’s with him
12. Write your dad a nice note and put it in his lunch, briefcase, etc.
13. Ask your dad to help you with an act of kindness for someone else
14. Help make your dad’s favorite dinner
15. Plan a family activity that is something your dad will enjoy

15 Acts of Kindness for Your Siblings

1. Volunteer to do a day (or a week!) of chores for your sibling
2. Invite your sibling to play with you and your friends, and really include him/her in the play
3. Share some of your favorite books or toys with your sibling
4. Teach them how to do something that only you know how to do (whistle, skip, etc.)
5. Plan something fun for you and your sibling to do together (an obstacle course, a tea party, etc.)
6. Compliment your sibling on something that is important to him/her
7. Ask your sibling to help you do an act of kindness for your parent(s)
8. Show an interest in your sibling’s hobby
9. Have a special movie night with your sibling
10. Make a fun snack to share
11. Draw a picture of you and your sibling and give it to him/her
12. The next time your sibling asks for your help or to play, say yes instead of no
13. Ask your sibling about all of his/her favorite things
14. Make a list of reasons you love your sibling
15. Create something beautiful to decorate your sibling’s room

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