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8 Responses to 8 Thoughtful Non-Toy Gifts for Baby

  1. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama  

    *Excellent* list!! I would have welcomed everything you mentioned when my two were wee ones 🙂

  2. Lauren Wayne  

    Great list! I’ll add another one — my mother-in-law is great at getting subscriptions. Highlights, for instance, has a magazine out now for babies (and others for older kids). I know there are other baby-centric subscription boxes out there that would be a treat!

  3. Holly S

    These are all great ideas! Here in San Diego, I know we have all kinds of great non-toy gift options. There are ASL classes for babies, music classes for littles of all ages, the zoo, lots of kid-friendly museums, art classes, and more! Thanks for putting all of these ideas in one convenient place.

  4. Ellen Hahn

    Yes! Great list! Classes at My Gym and Music Together, museum memberships, a zoo membership, and a children’s museum pass are all on our gift list. Highlights High Five is also a fantastic gift idea. Something like Kiwi Crate or a science club subscription is also great. My son adores his monthly Clifford science kit.

  5. Gretchen  

    Love all these ideas! Art supplies are always a hit around here and I super appreciate when my kids receive contributions to lessons like swim and ballet. It’s something they get to enjoy every week 🙂

  6. Deb @ Living Montessori Now  

    I love your list, Moorea! I give a lot of books as presents, but I also love to give experiences. The enrichment classes would be unique, easily personalized gifts. 🙂

  7. Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.  

    Non-toy gifts are the very best kind. Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration.
    Enjoy your holidays.
    Laurie Hollman at Parental Intelligence

  8. Momma Jorje  

    Oh man, I wish I had thought of some of these in recent years (to request for my kids). My son is in serious need of sensory bins… though I doubt our family would make them. I need to just do it.

    Also, I love the “permission” to give used books. I wish more people would feel okay with regifting used items. It just makes sense!