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Featured Blogger: Kym

Featured Blogger: Kym

By NPN_Admin

Kym and her husband strive to parent naturally, something that they feel is in line with the Christian values they also hold dear. “Living a natural lifestyle is important to us,” she says, “because we feel it is allowing us to respect God’s creation appropriately and show thankfulness and good stewardship for the blessings He has given us.”  MORE

Bed Sharing with Two (or More) Children

By NPN Guest

We have loved sharing a bed with our first son, Everett. The snuggles are an immediate reward, the attachment and sense of security in him is the long term reward. So when our second son, Kellan, was born, without a thought or doubt about it, he joined our bed every night. Since then, however, I’ve had friends and acquaintances ask how we handle bed sharing with two kids.  MORE

How to Treat a Child With Special Needs

By Laura

Five things I wish everyone knew about my son with special needs, a primer on treating him with love and respect.  MORE


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