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Written by Shannon on August 14th, 2011

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Abbie and her husband, Ed, have been married for six years. They are the proud parents of one year old Joshua, and live near their extended family on both sides. As one of our authors, Abbie has written for Natural Parents Network about how important it is to her to share her love of nature with her son, and how that love has been passed down in her family. Look for upcoming posts from her about planning a space in your home for play, and explaining the science behind air quality.

Abbie is excited to share her knowledge of nature based learning with a community of parents who share her parenting values. As the daughter of a farmer, she found that being an environmentalist came naturally for her. Her parents practiced cosleeping and breastfeeding, so a more natural parenting style made intrinsic sense to her. She loves her work as an environmental educator, but was surprised by how strongly she wished she could stay home with Joshua while he was young. “I have to work, so it’s a good thing I do enjoy my job, but in an ideal world I’d stay home at least until Josh is in school.”

Abbie started blogging after a long boring winter, when she and her husband were finally finished building their home. On her blog, she shares pictures of her family, the animals on their farm, recipes, and information about homesteading, gardening, and natural parenting. It’s been handy for her to have the blog as a record of their life, and it also works like a searchable recipe database for her favorite recipes. “I hope that when I’m 100 years old (if I’m lucky enough to live that long!) I’ll be able to look back on the blog and reminisce about my life.” She has been blogging for three years, so picking just three of her favorite posts was hard, but she eventually settled on these.

  • Butternut Squash Pie is the most popular post on her blog, and a variation of a recipe from her great-grandmother. She has won a number of baking contests with this pie, including Best of Show for Baking at her local fair.
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, a summary of her dreams for raising her family. What a beautiful vision.
  • Baby-Led Weaning With Real Food talks about how proud Abbie is of following her instincts to avoid commercial, tasteless baby foods. “It has always felt appropriate to me that Joshua was a spring baby, and it seemed fitting that Joshua’s first food was applesauce.  Homemade, chunky applesauce made from apples grown on the farm where I grew up, that I picked as I walked through the orchard with my mother and carried Joshua on my back.”

She has loved learning from the larger community of green living blogs, and has made many wonderful friends through that community. The best comments she’s gotten on her blog have been from those friends. Abbie is still working on finding work/family/self balance in her life, but her strong passion for sustainability and simple living carries her through the days. “We grow a lot of our own food in our garden, we get a lot of produce from my family’s farm and orchard, and my husband’s family raises pigs, turkeys, and chickens for meat and catches our fish and shellfish.” It’s important to her that Joshua know where his food comes from, and respects and supports local farmers.

I am jealous of your life on the farm, Abbie. How wonderful to live so in tune with nature, and the food system.

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4 Responses to Featured Blogger: Abbie Walston

  1. Melissa  

    It’s a pleasure to learn more about Abbie. Thanks for writing this, Shannon! I, too, would love to live as in tune with nature. We’re working on it! 😉

  2. Abbie  

    Thanks for featuring me! I love being a part of the NPN community!

  3. Ronnie  

    Abbie is an inspiration to so many parents! I love her posts for the Moms Clean Air Force:http://www.momscleanairforce.org/author/abbiewalston/ Thanks for this profile of such a wonderful mom!

  4. Amy  

    It is so nice to read more about you Abbie, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us and others. 🙂