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Natural Parents Network Co-founders

profile picDionna Ford, Author of Code Name: Mama

Dionna is a lawyer turned work at home mama of two amazing kids, Kieran and Ailia. You can normally find Dionna over at Code Name: Mama where she shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and homeschooling. Dionna describes herself as crunchy, but not crunchier than thou. She and her family spend their days living, learning, and laughing at home and around town in Kansas City. Dionna is the author of For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom, and co-author of Homemade Cleaners: Quick-and-Easy, Toxin-Free Recipes. Read Dionna’s NPN articles here.

Lauren of Hobo Mama & FamilyLauren Wayne, Author of Hobo Mama

Lauren works and writes at home with her husband, Crackerdog Sam, and their sons, Mikko and Alrik. At Hobo Mama, Lauren blogs about natural and attachment parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, green living, and more. Lauren offers reviews and giveaways of natural parenting products at Hobo Mama Reviews and gives a behind-the scenes look at blogging and novel writing at LaurenWayne.com. Lauren co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting and has been featured on Eco Baby Steps, Knickernappies, NursingFreedom.org, Catapult Magazine, and BlogHer. She is the author of Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years and What Will We Learn Today? You can find Lauren on Twitter, Facebook, her Google+ profile, her Google+ page, and Pinterest. Read Lauren’s NPN articles here.

Natural Parents Network Editors and Managers

Abbie Walston, Newsletter Manager and Author of Farmer’s Daughter

Abbie is a breastfeeding, cosleeping, attached working mother to Joshua and David, wife to Ed, an environmentalist, teacher, and blogger. She was raised on her family’s 300-year-old farm in Connecticut, where she learned to love animals and nature. In her science classroom, she focuses on place-based, experiential learning. She supports sustainable living, shops from local farms, cooks from scratch, gardens, reads and writes in her spare time, and blogs about it at Farmer’s Daughter. Read Abbie’s NPN articles here.

AnaAna Slocum, Articles Editor and Author of Panda & Ananaso
Ana is a single mother who stumbled into Attachment Parenting after the birth of her only son, Niko, in 2010. She supports breastfeeding, co-sleeping, ending routine infant circumcision, conscious and sustainable living, and gentle discipline. Ana lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and works in Environmental Science, in addition to blogging sporadically at Panda & Ananaso. She enjoys productive and ornamental gardening, crafting, art, experimenting in apothecary and homeopathy, cooking, home repair, designing, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., immensely. Attachment Parenting has been the core of Ana’s parenting philosophies, and her (reasonably) well-adjusted and loving son is the core of her world.

Cynthia, Ask the Mentor Editor and Author of The Hippie Housewife

Cynthia is the mother of three (soon to be four) delightful children who daily show her the beauty in each moment. Previously an accountant, she now stays at home with her children and teaches an online course on the side. She likes to knit and sew in her “spare time.” She enjoys witnessing and nurturing her children’s love of learning through homeschooling. She is passionate about gentle discipline, attachment parenting, and intentional living. Cynthia writes about her life as a Jesus-follower and her journey towards a more intentional life at The Hippie Housewife. Read Ask the Mentors posts here.

Jennifer AndersenJennifer Andersen, NPN Awards Program Manager and Author of Our Muddy Boots
Jennifer Andersen had a nursery prepared for her first born. She and her husband knew that their baby would sleep in it from his first night home. Then Owen was born- and everything changed. Now Jennifer is passionate about learning as much as she can about all aspects of Attachment Parenting, breastfeeding and connecting more deeply with her children. She founded Our Muddy Boots to share her own observations and it has turned into a community of parents learning to trust themselves and their children. Doing things differently is new for Jennifer and her husband, but they are getting comfortable quickly. When she isn’t hanging out with other like minded parents on the inter webz, you can find her playing with her kids and her camera- preferably (and most always) by the ocean.

Jennifer, Cooking Naturally Editor, Volunteer Recognition ManagBio Newer and Author of Hybrid Rasta Mama

Jennifer is a former government recruiter turned stay-at-home mama to a precious daughter (Tiny) brought earthside in March 2009. She is passionate about conscious, gentle parenting, natural health and wellness, holistic healing, real foods, coconut oil, and a Waldorf approach to education. Jennifer believes that it is extremely important for mothers to have a strong network of support and to that end has been active both in her local support networks as well as online support networks. Read Jennifer’s NPN articles here.

Momma Jorje, Wordless Wednesday Editor and Author of Momma Jorje

Jorje is a slightly crunchy momma (and wife!) sliding down the slippery slope to full-on hippydom. She stays busy with 3 children and is passionate about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby signing, elimination communication, and general attachment parenting. Jorje blogs at Momma Jorje where she also advocates for Down Syndrome Awareness. Jorje dreams of hitting the road full time to unschool with her family, will celebrate her second dreadiversary this summer, and is personally interested in tarantulas, macro photography and minimalism. Read Wordless Wednesday posts here.

Kat, Special Projects Manager and Author of Loving {Almost} Every Moment

Kat is and loves many things. Mostly she loves her husband and being a mommy to her four kiddos. Her background in Psychology and Health Promotion has her always asking questions and wondering what she can do to make her kiddos’ world a better, healthier place. During her “free” time she works as a Birth Doula, Life Coach, focusing on Parent Coaching, and is pursuing her certification as an aromatherapist. She also enjoys writing, photography, reading, yoga and sleeping (but to be honest, she doesn’t get to enjoy these things as often as she’d like!). You can find her blogging at MomeeeZen, where she writes mostly about life and all that comes along her {wild} parenting journey.

Kym, Newsletter Manager and Author of Our Crazy Corner of the World

Kym is a 27-year-old God-loving SAHM to a two-year-old boy, a patriotic military wife, and a doula in training living deep in the heart of Texas. She graduated from college with a degree in History Education/Religious Studies and three weeks later gave birth to her wonderful son. Her passions lie in homemaking, natural birth, breastfeeding, gentle/natural parenting, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, and living a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not chasing her toddler (or being chased by him), she blogs about life at Our Crazy Corner of the World. In her spare time (ha!), she loves cooking, gardening, spending time with her husband at the shooting range or hiking, reading or watching Lord of the Rings (over and over), running and swimming. Read more about Kym here, and read issues of the NPN newsletter here.

Shannon R., Special Projects Manager and Author of The Artful Mama

Shannon is an artist, high school art teacher, field hockey coach, wife, and mother to a mischievous little boy. After the birth of her son, she experienced difficulty breastfeeding, and under some poor advice, started expressing her milk instead. She almost had to give up when after two months her supply dropped and she could no longer express enough milk. She was finally introduced to kangaroo care by a friend; after that excellent experiences she dove head long into attachment parenting theory and has not looked back. In between work, pumping, breastfeeding, changing cloth diapers and neglecting housework, she finds time for a little self-therapy by writing her blog. Read Shannon’s NPN articles here.

Natural Parents Network Sponsorship Team

Julia Mangan, Sponsorship Manager and Author of A Little Bit of All of It

Julia embraces a natural, homeschooling lifestyle and enjoys staying home with her school age daughter and toddler son. She blogs at A Little Bit of All of It about those things she is passionate about like cloth diapering, breastfeeding (past infancy), bedsharing/cosleeping, baby-led solids, natural childbirth, attachment parenting, natural living, Christianity, miscarriage awareness, babywearing, and homeschooling. Read more from Julia here.

Mb (Marybeth): Sponsorship Manager

Mb is a happy, hippie, sew at home rainbow mama living in Colorado with her partner, their dog, and their one sweet four year old whirlychild who knocks her stripy, mismatched, knee-high, vintage star-speckled socks off every day. Mb loves making colorful things, playing in the great outdoors, and she is looking forward to tweeting with you all! Read Marybeth’s NPN articles here.

Natural Parents Network Authors

Amy Phoenix, Author of Presence Parenting

Amy is a gentle yet direct meditation facilitator, parent educator, author and mother of five committed to cultivating force free, trust full relationships. Amy provides resources for relaxing into parenting and life at Presence Parenting while she authors her first book, Force Free Parenting. Read Amy’s NPN articles here.

Amy WillaAmy Willa, Author of Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work
Amy is a Coast Guard wife and mother to two enthusiastic and lovely young children, Abbey and Joe. She writes at Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work about navigating an authentic parenting, conscious living, military family journey with as much grace as she can manage. She is nearing completion of her B.S. in Public Health, and particularly interested in learning and writing about compassion, cooperation, and responsibility as they relate to mindful living, health, and parenting. In addition to mothering and blogging, Amy enjoys sewing, knitting, and volunteering. A former WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, current La Leche League Leader, and aspiring IBCLC, she is excited about the future of public health and breastfeeding culture, and loves being a part of the wonderful Natural Parenting community! Read Amy’s NPN articles here.

Minolta DSCAriadne Brill, Author of Positive Parenting Connection

Ariadne is a happy and busy mama to three children. She practices peaceful, playful, responsive parenting and is passionate about all things parenting and chocolate. Ariadne has a B.S. in Communication, is a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, and has completed several graduate courses in Psychology and Family Counseling. To avoid doing laundry Ariadne created the Positive Parenting Connection, a website dedicated to collecting and sharing resources, ideas, tips and helpful information with other parents that are striving to have connected, peaceful relationships with their children. Ariadne and her family currently live in Switzerland on top of a beautiful mountain with their two spunky dogs and one blue fish. Read Ariadne’s NPN articles here.

Charise Rohm Nulsen, Author of I Thought I Knew Mama

Charise is the proud wife and mother to a husband and baby that inspire her on a daily basis. A former professional, first in the magazine industry and then as a special education English teacher, Charise is now a stay at home mama to her son. She feels so fortunate to currently be living her dream of being both a mama and a writer. Charise does her very best to be a natural, attached parent, and enjoys chronicling her experiences in doing so on her blog. When Charise is not blogging, she loves to read, hike, snowboard, travel, dance, and do pretty much anything with the two loves of her life. Read Charise’s NPN articles here.

Emily Bartnikowski, Author of Embrita Blogging

Emily spends more time playing with her sons Sebastian and Walter than she does working on her in-progress novel and editing photos, but since children are only small once, she’s willing to let everything else slide. An almost-native of Texas, she now lives in Oregon – a relocation instigated by her husband’s career. She spends her free time rotating laundry and being generally five steps behind on the rest of the chores. When she gets even more free time she bakes, climbs rocks, daydreams about homesteading, takes dozens of pictures of whatever strikes her fancy, blogs at Embrita Blogging, researches homeschooling, photography, and mindful living, and writes about offing (made-up) people. Read Emily’s NPN articles here.

Jaye AnneJaye Anne Gallagher, Author of Mamastribe

Jaye Anne is committed to helping each mom find her own individual journey, no matter what it is. That is what it means to have a low-stress life. She writes at Mamastribe, where moms share real-life ideas on breastfeeding, childbirth, postpartum depression and finding their own paths. Jaye Anne taught childbirth and baby care classes for four years and is a Sacred Medicine Woman through Sacred Pregnancy. She offers stress coaching classes so each mom has the confidence to identify and follow her own intuition. We are just like the geese flying south for the winter; we each have own journey but it’s comforting to know we are not alone.

Jenn Collins, Author of Monkey Butt Junction

Jenn is the proud mom of a toddler named Jack. She turned to natural parenting as a way to develop a deep bond with her son despite working long hours outside the home. Her interest in natural parenting has led her to embrace a greener lifestyle for herself and her family. Her husband Dan is a stay at home dad, and together they delight in sharing their love of the outdoors with their son through biking, hiking, running, camping, gardening and canoeing. Read Jenn’s NPN articles here.

Jennifer, Author of Hybrid Rasta Mama (See bio under Editors)

Jessika Bailey, Author of Job Description: Mommy

Jessika moved from the city to a cabin in the mountains 6 years ago, after marrying a lifelong friend, and is now a stay at home mom of two toddlers, 13 months apart, and a teenager. A former massage therapy student, tv station manager, bartender and booking agent, who traded it all (willingly) for motherhood. She is passionate about (tandem) breastfeeding, natural and attachment parenting, holistic health practices, healthy eating, nature and learning to live more simply & sustainably. Online you can find her at Job Description: Mommy, where she writes of the aforementioned as well as her adventures in motherhood, sharing recipes, arts & crafts, and doing natural product reviews and giveaways. Read Jessika’s NPN articles here.


Justine, Author of Heirloom Mothering
Justine is an urban homesteader, a minimalist mom, a writer, and a birth doula living in Massachusetts. She is passionate about natural and sustainable living, health, frugality, and her quest for real food and family heirloom recipes. She blogs at Heirloom Mothering.

KellieKellie Barr, Author of Our Mindful Life

Kellie is a stay at home mama to four wonderful children. She and her family are environmentalists who strive daily to be aware of how their actions impact the environment and other beings around them. When she isn’t busy homeschooling, chasing down children for cuddles, knitting, or teaching someone about how to be a hippie, she usually blogs at Our Mindful Life about acting with intention, taking care of the planet, living a natural lifestyle, food allergies and parenting. Read Kellie’s NPN articles here.

Kelly, Author of Becoming Crunchy

Kelly is mom to a beautiful toddler daughter and writes about the changes her family is making to live more healthfully and sustainably as inspired by their little girl. She didn’t know anything about natural parenting except that it was what seemed totally natural when she became a mom, and has made her into the babywearing, co-sleeping hippie mama she’s always been on the inside. She is a book-a-holic and video game lover currently juggling it all with a full-time job as an executive assistant. She’s lived in the US, Mexico and now Canada and would love to travel more with her husband and family. Her dream is to have more kids and live out in the country some day. Read Kelly’s NPN articles here.

kimberleyKimberley Yvette Price, Author of The Single Crunch

Kimberley Yvette Price is a single mom to two girls, ages nine and three. They unschool and can most often be found laughing or reading or sleeping on a subway train. Kimberley is a freelance writer and owner of the blog, The Single Crunch. She is passionate about her children, all children, the written word, and various foods.

Kristin Waitt Hutchinson, Author of Intrepid Murmurings

Kristin is an artist, former kindergarten teacher, and stay-at-home mama to toddler twins, Elsie and Delia, and big sister Emma. She writes at Intrepid Murmurings about her attempts to embrace motherhood, nurture creativity and stay sane while juggling three spirited girls under 5. She is particularly interested in navigating the difficulties and challenges (and joys!) of natural parenting and attachment parenting with multiples – including cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, sleep, and gentle/positive discipline. She has been featured on CodeName: Mama, NursingFreedom.org, and Multiples and More. Read Kristin’s NPN articles here.

Laura, Author of WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door

Laura is most often found driving her herd of four small children around mid-western suburbia or tackling Mt. NeverEndingLaundry. Online, she blogs at WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door about her life with The Herd, her Engineer Husband and their pesky dog; her faith; and dealing with post-partum PTSD following the premature birth of her third child. A natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, semi-co-sleeping, healthy eating, green living hippie who likes shopping and shoes, she doesn’t claim to be a perfect mother … but is the perfect mother for her children. Read Laura’s NPN articles here.

Laura, Author of Pug in the Kitchen
Laura is a stay at home mama to two spunky little ones. She’s learning day by day with her family as they strive to live as naturally as possible. She’s also cooking from scratch, hanging cloth diapers on the line (in full view of the neighborhood!), growing and preserving their food, breastfeeding, homebirthing, and spending lots of time in the great outdoors. Laura loves to learn and her family provides more than enough for her to draw from! She shares what she learns at Pug in the Kitchen. Read Laura’s NPN articles here.

Luschka van Onselen, Author of Diary of a First Child

Luschka is a project manager turned WAHM. She suffered Hyperemesis Gravidarum during her pregnancy, which was medically mismanaged, causing her to turn to the internet for help. There she discovered home birthing, and with it a whole new world she’d never heard of before: Attachment Parenting. After her successful home water birth, Luschka chose not to return to work – a surprise to everyone, but mostly herself – and instead focuses on her daughter. She blogs at Diary of a First Child where she examines, shares, and analyzes every new phase in the journey of motherhood. Luschka is passionate about pregnancy, homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, baby led weaning, wooden toys, and natural healing – and she loves knowing that each new phase her daughter goes into offers her a new wealth of learning. Read Luschka’s NPN articles here.

Lyndsay Kirkham, Author of ourfeminist{play}schoolme

Lyndsay is the mama to a dinosaur-loving 4 year old. She is passionate about feminism,  play-based learning, Canadian Literature, gentle-parenting and breast-feeding education. Lyndsay is a WAHM, who combines writing professionally and typesetting with homeschooling her son. When not writing her blog ourfeminist{play}school, or editing her forthcoming book (Feminist Parenting: from Theory to Life-Lived), she is hanging out in her West Toronto community with her physics-loving-cello-playing geek of a British husband. Read Lyndsay’s NPN articles here. Follow Lyndsay on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!

Mandy O’Brien, Author of Living Peacefully with Children

Mandy is married to her best friend and is a stay-at-home-mom to their four wonderful children. She holds multiple degrees in the sciences and music and is a self-proclaimed research fanatic. Her love of learning plays a large role in her unschooling journey with her family and her volunteer involvement with various homeschooling and parenting groups. You can find her at Living Peacefully with Children, where she writes about natural parenting topics such as unassisted birth, babywearing, breastfeeding (including child-led weaning), genital integrity, unschooling, bed-sharing, and gentle parenting/consensual living, along with some of her other musings about her journey towards simple living, her artistic leanings, and thoughts on some of the many books she reads. Read Mandy’s NPN articles here.

Megan HMegan Heimer, Author of LivingWhole.org

Megan Heimer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a Juris Doctor, and is a Naturopath, Natural Health Educator, writer, and stay at home Mama. She blogs at LivingWhole.org, a site dedicated to teaching, encouraging, and empowering others to live, love, eat, serve, and raise their babes in unhindered, natural, and wholesome ways. You can also find Megan on Facebook ??and Pinterest.

Moorea Malatt, Author of Savvy Parenting Support

Moorea Malatt is the founder of SavvyParentingSupport.com, an online resource for gentle and naturally-minded early parenting challenges. Moorea is an expert in gentle (and early) potty learning, gentle sleep learning and gentle discipline?. She is the author of online learning programs, local workshops, books and blogs. Find her at www.SavvyParentingSupport.com.
Moorea is a mom and? has 20 years of experience with parents and young children as a preschool teacher, certified postpartum doula, infant and overnight nanny ? before becoming a parent educator and coach. ?She cannot cook worth beans, but enjoys a good sugar-free baking science experiment. Moorea also wrote, sang and played guitar on an album of songs called, “Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding.”
?Moorea ?teaches local classes and is one of three fabulous 3 mompreneurs creating Grow?. Play. Love?, a new and exciting pregnancy and parenting resource in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read Moorea’s NPN articles here.

PaigePaige Lucas-Stannard, Founder of ParentingGently.com
Paige is a parenting educator and writer and the founder of ParentingGently.com, which offers resources to help progressive parents find their authentic voices and implement respectful, values-based (and fun!) parenting in their homes. Her popular parenting Q&A column is now a YouTube show called Gentle Parenting Answers with Paige.
She is also an advocate for breaking the confines placed on kids by the gender binary and is the author of Gender Neutral Parenting: Raising kids with the freedom to be themselves. She lives in small-town Ohio with her 3 IVF kids and partner, Pete. She likes to cook and sew and has, in general, become her mother. Happily. She also likes social media way too much so follow her on Twitter @babydust, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.

Sheryl Jesin, Author of Little Snowflakes

Sheryl is the proud mom of two boys (ages 3 and 1 month) and is passionate about helping nursing moms through her work as a La Leche League leader. She also happens to work full time as a lawyer (although she is currently enjoying a wonderful, year long maternity leave). Whenever she has a chance, she writes for her blog, Little Snowflakes, where she explores various topics from an attachment and natural parenting perspective. In her free time, she loves going for long walks, practicing yoga and crocheting. Read Ask the Mentors posts here.

NPN Social Media and Networking Managers

Facebook: Angela, Author of Earth Mamas World

Angela is an attachment parenting, gentle disciplining mama attempting to live a natural life. She has one son, two daughters, and two step daughters. You can find her online at Earth Mamas World where she writes about her homeschooling/unschooling adventures, sensory play, chemical free alternatives to daily living, homeopathic remedies, parenting naturally, sharing recipes, and so much more!

CrunchyConMommyTwitter: Crunchy Con Mom, Author of Crunchy Con Mommy

Crunchy Con Mom is a Midwest mama of two boys who loves politics, sewing, baking cookies, and hiking while babywearing to burn off the aforementioned cookies. Her youngest son has Down syndrome and she is passionate about adapting natural parenting to fit with special needs.

Facebook: Emily Bartnikowski, Author of Embrita Blogging (see bio under Authors)

Twitter: Erica Keil, Author of ChildOrganics

Erica worked in the educational system as a sign language interpreter before becoming a mother. After the birth of her first child she started her business, ChildOrganics, with the support of her husband. They were very interested in attachment parenting, passionate about cloth diapering, natural childbirth and believe strongly in making conscious choices for their family. Their second pregnancy and birth were very different than the natural, peaceful pregnancy they had with their first. Their sweet baby girl was born with Walker Warburg Syndrome characterized by severe hydrocephalus, Muscular Dystrophy, and many other abnormalities. Their daughter died after a short 16 months of life in 2007. Their family was later blessed with a beautiful home birth of a healthy baby boy. Now Erica spends most of her days homeschooling her oldest and chasing after her spunky three year old. She is an advocate of children with special needs and very passionate about her family. She enjoys blogging about natural parenting topics and their family adventures. Connect with Erica at the monthly #NatParNet Twitter parties.

Pinterest: Gretchen, Author of That Mama Gretchen

Gretchen is first and foremost a stay-at-home wife and mama – her dream come true after leaving a role in corporate sales and marketing. In her spare time Gretchen is growing her passion for writing by accepting freelance assignments while acting as a modern day Girl Friday for a local small business. Gretchen and her husband, Dominic, are passionate about raising a Christian family, financial freedom, attachment parenting, and healthy living. She is learning, loving, and laughing through motherhood while juggling nap times, homemaking, work and the occasional craft project. She blogs about it all at That Mama Gretchen. Read Gretchen’s NPN articles here.

Facebook: Jennifer, Author of True Confessions of a Real Mommy

Jennifer is an HBAC-ing, geek-loving foodie, with aspirations of athleticism. Mom to two boys and a girl, Jennifer is a strong advocate of natural parenting and treating children with respect and kindness. Between family biking, gardening, being a connected parent and wife and the sort of friend others can always count on for a drink when needed, Jennifer co-authors one blog with her oldest boy, Little View of a Big World, and writes her own, True Confessions of a Real Mommy. Read Jennifer’s NPN articles here.

JennyFacebook: Jenny, Author of Simple Vegan Mom

Jenny believes in being present and keeping things simple. She is the mother to Eleanor (2) and is an advocate for natural birth practices, breastfeeding and cloth diapering. She is a certified doula through DONA International. You can find her online at Simple Vegan Mom, where she posts about simple living, gentle parenting, green living, vegan recipes and so much more!

Facebook: Joella, Author of Fine and Fair

Joella is a full-time wife and mother and a part-time substance abuse counselor. In her spare time (ha!) she blogs at Fine and Fair, a blog written to and for her children about the ups and downs along the journey of raising them as responsible citizens of the world with the values of compassion toward all living things, environmental responsibility, conservation, and celebrating diversity in all of its forms. Joella is passionate about the principles of attachment parenting, breastfeeding, feminism, and vegetarianism. She enjoys gardening, hiking, playing guitar, and aims to discover joy and beauty in each new day.

Twitter: Lyndsay Kirkham, Author of ourfeminist{play}school (See bio under Authors)

Twitter: Mb (See bio under Sponsorship Team)

MeegsFacebook: Meegs, Author of A New Day

Meegs has been blogging for over a decade. A lover of tattoos, food, yoga, and the outdoors, she enjoys exploring life with her husband and daughter. Born and raised in the country, she is passionate about being greener, co-existing peacefully with nature, and LGBTQ rights. In her free time you’ll find her practicing yoga, reading, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. She cheers for the Eagles, the Flyers, and the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. A babywearing (now preschooler wearing!), sometimes bedsharing, former extended breastfeeding (Gwen self-weaned at 39 months), and gentle parenting mama, Meegs is definitely a hippie at heart. You can find her online at A New Day and as contributor on The Connected Mom.

Pinterest and Flickr Manager: Shannon, Author of Pineapples & Artichokes

Shannon is former nanny and a current stay at home, crafty, geeky mom to two very energetic kids. She writes about sewing, radical homemaking, and playful parenting at Pineapples & Artichokes, along with featuring her photography. She is passionate about breastfeeding, compassionate parenting, and green living. Read Shannon’s NPN articles here.

Stefanie, Flickr Manager and Author of very, very fine

Stefanie is a Jewish Southern California transplant living in the Pacific Northwest with her partner, son and daughter, three cats and three chickens. A fervent feminist and vegetarian, she is passionate about natural birth, breastfeeding, body autonomy and attachment parenting. In her spare time, she sews, plays the autoharp, gardens and writes at very, very fine.

Vidya SuryCommunity Building: Vidya Sury, Author of Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury is a professional copywriter, editor and blogger. In a previous life, she was a corporate powerhouse. She now works from home crafting connections between businesses and their target markets, but prefers to focus on collecting smiles, playing with her dust bunnies, showing her diabetes who’s boss and celebrating the little things. Vidya is working towards funding an orphanage and hopes to finish editing the draft of her first book “The Complete Health Guide for Women,” by the end of this year, along with a memoir. She loves coffee, people, cooking, reading, writing, photography and travel. Vidya blogs at Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, Coffee with Mi, and Your Medical Guide. Connect with Vidya on Twitter.

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