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Written by NPN Guest on October 12th, 2010

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Welcome to the October Carnival of Natural Parenting: Staying Centered, Finding Balance

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The hardest part of parenting, especially for moms — regardless of your parenting style — is finding a balance between personal and family life. yoga after climbingWith natural and/or attachment parenting, we spend so much time listening to our baby’s cues, learning about our baby, what he/she wants and needs, what is best for him/her, and generally putting our baby first, that it is easy to neglect ourselves and what we want and need — as mothers, as women, as people. But we all know that we can better care for our babies when we, ourselves, are taken care of.

As hard as it may be, it is important to set aside time for ourselves, even if only in 10-minute increments, where we can focus inward, relax, meditate, or even just breathe — everyone needs a break sometimes! As a single mom of a 5-year-old and a 5-month-old who chooses the natural parenting and green living lifestyles, I know firsthand it can be especially hard to find even 10 minutes of tranquility in a busy life. I turned to yoga during my second trimester of my second pregnancy for a number of reasons, and have never once regretted it. I will tell you why.

For one, it helped me release tension and stress in my life, which I had in abundance. I had no idea that stretching and breathing and listening to your body could have such long-term benefits, lasting far longer than the 60 minutes we met for class, until after my first session. In addition to relieving my physical tensions, like pregnancy-related backaches and tight ligaments, yoga helped alleviate my mental tension by encouraging me to let go of it all and just focus on my breathing. However simple it sounds, this is a tremendous stress reliever.

Another reason I turned to yoga was because it enabled me to reflect inward and have a better appreciation for peace and relaxation, two things I had always struggled with in the past. I am a very high-strung person, always on the move, never sitting still, and constantly rushing from one place or task to another. As a long distance runner, this trait has served me well. I can go for miles and hours on the trail! However, when it comes to unwinding, relaxing and relishing in the simple day-to-day moments life brings, I struggled. I still do, but through the practice of yoga, I am finding better ways to just be present and take life as it comes, for what it is, nothing more or nothing less. It is often difficult to unplug, to turn everything off and tune everything out for a few minutes while you relax and try to find a few moments of peace, for a number of reasons: we may be concerned with what we will miss out on by doing this, our minds may wander to the tasks on our to-do lists we could be accomplishing during this time, and we may just struggle to even find the time to do this, like when baby refuses to nap. But once you set aside some time to do this each day, it will start to fit more naturally into your schedule and will become easier for you, and you will reap the rewards. It is hard to look beyond the struggles and set your worries and anticipations aside and just be. This is probably the hardest task a mother, a woman, a person encounters. But it can be done.

Third, yoga has helped me to embrace a more natural way of life, throughout my pregnancy, during childbirth, and on to my parenting methods and lifestyle choices. I have always leaned more toward the natural and “greener” side of living, always semi-conscious of my impact on the earth and life itself, and through yoga, I have been better able to home in on those tendencies and make more conscious decisions to lead a more simple, sustainable kind of life. Yoga embraces the beauty and simplicity of things in their natural state. A yogic lifestyle encourages contentment regardless of your circumstances; rather than seeking happiness outside yourself, whether in material things or in others, you begin looking inward to find it, and as a result, become more content with what you already have.

After going through a natural, albeit stressful, labor and delivery with my first child, I knew it was something I could do again, and I definitely wanted that for my second child, but without all the stress and anxiety of being unprepared. Upon completing a yoga childbirth workshop that encouraged a natural labor and delivery, I felt fully prepared to embrace the experience of childbirth the way it was meant to be — naturally. I practiced yoga throughout my entire labor, and while it was only four hours and some would consider me lucky, I was doing low lunges, deep squats and half-moons all the way through to ten centimeters. While there was still some screaming involved, looking back, I felt much more prepared the second time around, fully capable of completing the task at hand, confident that my yoga had equipped me with everything I needed to get through this. In practicing a more natural method of parenting from the beginning, I feel better connected to my child and my environment, and while some may not appreciate it, I know that in the long run, what I am doing will benefit far more than just my daughter and me.

Lastly, yoga represents balance both metaphorically and literally: Yoga helps you find comfort and relaxation in what can otherwise be an uncomfortable position, but through practice and with time, you slowly become more comfortable in those positions, and you then become more aware that you can apply this mind frame to other aspects of your life as well. Life isn’t about trying to eliminate struggle and pain, because that is not possible; rather, it is about learning to deal with and find comfort in those struggles — through yoga, I am able to do that. When you are able to accept what comes your way and embrace the trials and struggles life delivers, instead of trying to suppress them and just push forward, you can see them for what they really are and work your way through them. In struggling to control your breathing and your body by maintaining balance in complex yoga poses, you are embracing the difficulty in the task at hand and learning to achieve balance through it, as well as in all other aspects of your life. Ironically, the benefits of yoga are well balanced — they go hand in hand, and you can’t appreciate one without truly understanding the other; no one benefit outweighs another. This is the epitome of balance.

For resources on seeking balance in general and on yoga specifically, see our resource page.

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Heather Paladini is a single SAHM natural mama of two beautiful children, 5 years and 5 months.


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