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6 Responses to Achieving Balance

  1. Dionna  

    I have never taken a yoga class for myself. We have been trying “family yoga” – all three of us get up a little earlier than usual and do about 15 minutes of yoga. Kieran isn’t quite in the groove, and much of our time is spent asking him to stop climbing on us while we are attempting to do a pose. It’s not quite relaxing yet. 😉 I would like to try an adult class *all by myself*, and I know our local rec center offers classes that aren’t exorbitantly prices. I wonder if they’d be more beneficial sans two year old 😉 Thanks for the post Heather!

  2. CodeNamePapa  

    I’ve taken a yoga class before, and I wish I was more flexible *before* that class so I wouldn’t have been in so much pain!

  3. Lauren  

    You’re inspiring me to try yoga during this pregnancy! I had so much pain during my last one, and I love the idea of really centering myself as well. Thanks for describing your experience so well!

  4. Melodie  

    My oldest daughter is doing kids yoga and my husband is doing hot yoga. I really should be doing yoga too but I never have except for when I was pregnant. A part of the reason is because I am not flexible at all and I find it embarrassing to go and show a class full of flexible women how out of shape I am. I had an excuse when I was roly poly with pregnancy but now? Your post has at least inspired me to think more about it. Thank you!

  5. Amy  

    Hi Heather,

    You outlined my experience with yoga exactly! 🙂 I found it during my 2nd pregnancy when I decided to do natural childbirth – no matter what. I love all types of exercise, but yoga brings peace and balance in all ways. Thank you for the comprehensive post and reminder!

  6. Heather Paladini

    Thanks everyone for the great feedback! Mom and baby/kids yoga is certainly fun, however, mom defnitely gets more benefits going solo in my opinion! 🙂 I have been wanting to try hot/bikram yoga for some time now, just haven’t had the chance. Hoping to sometime soon, but for now, I mainly practice at home, one, because it’s free, and two, because it’s easier with a baby! 😉 Another great resource is the FitTV channel, they have a great instructional yoga program on a few times a day, fyi! Good luck to you all and I hope you will try yoga again!