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18 Responses to Toddler and Preschooler Activity Bag Fun!

  1. Laura

    This is perhaps the most brillant idea ever! I am so making a couple of these for our annual vacation this summer. The small size of the activities will be perfect for the great grandparents houses and hotel. Thank you!

    • Kristin  

      Thank you! Yes, they are really great for travel! I often grab them now for long car trips, for Drs office waits, or to entertain my little ones during big sister’s classes. If we ever brave air travel with our girls, I will definitely be bringing a bunch!

  2. Jenny  

    LOVE this! My mom was a kindergarten teacher and these remind me so much of things she had when I was little. What fun ideas. I’m definitely going to have to make some of these bags!

  3. Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction  

    I love these ideas so much, particularly the idea of a activity bag exchange. I am bookmarking this post so I can come back to some of the wonderful ideas here and linked up to the post. We have many road trips planned in the coming months, I can see where these activity bags would be great.

  4. Shannon R  

    These are awesome. I’m asking my friends to do a swap with me.

    • Kristin  

      Doing a swap is the best way to get a bunch! It’s pretty easy to make a lot of the same thing, and AMAZING to get a whole bunch of other fun activities from others. Do it!

  5. Momma Jorje

    Awesome ideas! Our local library also has Activity Bags that include a book and an activity to go with it. I know I did one that was about counting money and it had a set of plastic coins with it.

    This would be a good way to find a rotation of activity bags, if your library offers them, too.

  6. Terri  

    Fantastic! Thanks for so many great ideas and links. I search all the time for activities to keep my 2yo happy and engaged and I’ve found plenty here…now to the shops for those playdough ingredients…Yippee!

  7. Leah

    Oh my…you just opened up a whole new can of worms for me…in a good way. LOL

  8. MrsH

    I love these ideas for my young toddler! A few years ago I ran across it for my now-5 year old. I even tried setting up a swap but got exactly zero interest. Where do you find these opportunities to participate in a swap? I’ve been on the look-out for close to two years and haven’t found any!

    • Kristin  

      Aw, sorry you haven’t found a swap group yet, MrsH! I did my first one with a crafty group of folks on an online forum I belong to — so for that one we were all over the country and mailed them to one person who then mailed them to everyone.

      I am thinking of doing one with my local AP group, which has an active mailing list, but will be able to get together to distribute. Both were/are groups with a fair number of crafters/do-it-yourselvers, which helps (but is not necessary, since these really don’t have to be fancy!).

      Good luck! It’s not too bad to make your own, too, though, and then you get what your really want!

    • Carla

      I am really interested in a swap and no one to do it with either ;( I don’t know anyone here in Washington (State) we just moved here in Feb of this year and I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys doing this kind of stuff like I do 🙁 BUT if you want to do a bag swap and coordinate one, IM IN…I will ship the stuff to you and send money for my stuff to be shipped to me! If you are interested…

      • Kristin  

        Hi Carla! Welcome to Washington! I’m here in Seattle, where are you? I helped organize a swap last spring with our local AP group, and there was TONS of interest (enough for two swaps!). I am not interested in doing another right now, but if AP is your thing you may want to check out the Seattle API group (they have an active mailing list on Yahoo) but just googling should pull it up). There may be others that are interested on there again! Good luck, it is fun!

  9. cassondra law  

    this is perfect for my 4yr. old. when i have my nursing sessions with my youngest, i can have my oldest son dig around in something like this =] brings back memories of when i was a child. i had something like this! about to hit the dollar store up!!!

  10. ruby

    oops, a bit new to blogging other people’s pictures and I just popped yours on my blog (with a link). Hope this is ok, please let me know if not and I will take them down (and ensure I ask before next time).

    • Kristin  

      Yep, that’s fine, but I appreciate you asking! Hope you have some fun making and playing with some activity bags…or find a swap! I’m about to start some for a big sister to some new baby twins!

  11. Luschka  

    Kristin, I know it’s long ago now, but wondering what age range you’d set that pasta bag for? Also, how do you dye pasta without getting it mushy?