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2 Responses to Allowing Children the Freedom of Self-Expression

  1. Momma Jorje  

    I imagine you might get the biggest knee-jerk reaction to the piercings, but I getcha. As long as I don’t feel my daughter is showing too much skin, I like for my children to express themselves. I was a bit of an outcast for some of my fashion choices, but I loved them! (I totally went through my own combat boot phase in my 20’s, choosing a pair of combat boots as a Valentine gift over an engagement ring – even though we were engaged.)

    It can be hard (at first) to approve of setting your child loose with scissors and even a sewing machine on her clothing, but I am so proud of supporting my daughter in this way.

    I am also honest, though. I let her know if I think something looks odd (I want her to know that people will stare – she doesn’t care). But I ask if SHE likes it – that is all that matters! I don’t feel that how she dresses reflects on me / my tastes, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  2. Angela  

    This is great, thank you Destany! I have had an encounter or two in regards to the freedom that my children have in self-expression. My son was once told that he could not drive big trucks if he painted his toes pink, I quickly put an end to those types of interactions!