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8 Responses to Alternatives to No

  1. Seonaid  

    I try to be careful about deferring things by saying, “Yes, we can do that in about 3 hours.”

    My oldest son, though, said to me a few weeks ago, “Oh, why don’t you just say ‘no, we can’t do that for three hours’ “. He said it feels more honest AND when he hears the Yes he gets excited and then he’s disappointed by the delay… but if he hears no first and then the deferment, he gets to feel anticipation last. (He’s very articulate about his feelings.)

  2. Otter  

    This is great stuff. I have been trying my best to stop being a NO guy. My wife does most of those things and I am trying to follow her example.

  3. Luschka @ Diary of a First Child  

    I found this really interesting, because it’s where we’re at at the moment. We seem to spend SO MUCH of our day saying “No, Ky” and it really bothers me. There’s definitely stuff in here I’m going to try to implement – especially the just putting things out of reach/away option! So simple and yet so effective!

    • kelly @kellynaturally  

      Absolutely! An environment that is kid-friendly is SO important for their ability to learn & grow. Especially as babies & toddlers who really don’t have self-control/impulse control – its frustrating for them not to be able to touch something – and frustrating for you to constantly be saying no – so sometimes its just better to put things away – temporarily – until they are big enough to learn how to touch “correctly”.

  4. Semi-crunchy Mama  

    What a great list. We’ve been struggling here a bit lately and I’m going to start implementing these ideas right away.