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Written by Shannon on May 13th, 2011

Featured Blogger

Amanda is one of Natural Parents Network’s amazing article editors. She started blogging in January at Let’s Take the Metro because she loves writing and thought it would be a good way to stay in the habit. So far she only has one follower, and if more people don’t start reading soon, “I’m going to have to start titling all my posts to her :)”

On her blog, she shares tales of her family’s life, reviews of products she loves, and recipes. “If there is a product or recipe that I love, I just want everyone to know about it!” She plans to write posts on a wide variety of topics, but is proud of her current mix of topics as she gets the hang of things. Because Amanda hasn’t been blogging very long, she doesn’t feel she has enough posts to pick favorites yet. Instead, she decided to share her three favorite pictures.

  • Her first daughter, just a few hours old. This was taken by her husband, and I agree that it’s a beautiful shot.
  • Her second daughter, less then a day old. Amanda loves her pursed lips and how brand new she is in this photo.
  • The Coco Pop sharing position, Amanda finds the girls in this position every time they have this snack, how cute is that?

She has found that the greatest change since she became a parent is that she is much more careful in how she acts and reacts. She knows that her kids are always watching her and tries to remember to act the way she would want them to in any situation. Among other things, “it has caused me to drink more water because I don’t want them to see me drinking anything bad.” She was very excited to become a part of the Natural Parents Network as she thinks it is a great place to help her gain new resources to be a better parent.

Like so many mothers do, Amanda had worries when she was pregnant the second time that it would be impossible to love her second child as much as she did her first. How she could possibly feel something so intense for two people at the same time? How could she make sure that they felt like they were equal in her eyes, if she didn’t love them both with the same intensity? Of course, “the moment my second daughter was born it was as if I was suddenly the person I needed to be. I felt equal love for both of them and in my mind, it was like my second daughter had never not been alive.”

Thank you for being so honest about your struggles, Amanda. I think I can learn a lot from you about being a more mindful parent.

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