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Written by Shannon on January 15th, 2011

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Amy is the proud mother of four, Althea, Martin, Azalea, and Grace. She and her partner Michael aim to be connected, joyful, and stay in the present as much as possible. They strive to tell the hard truths to each other, tempered with compassion and love. “Living the story of our intertwined lives together is amusing, sometimes confusing, and always liberating.”

In the beginning of her parenting journey Amy was reactive rather then connected. She didn’t trust anyone else to do the job ‘right’ so she did it all. Though this started from a place of fear, it lead her to embrace the uninterrupted parenting necessary when you are a single mother. She found it that it was important to embrace the joy of parenting since “I didn’t like the feeling of almost wishing they’d be in bed so I could have time for me. I wanted to enjoy the time I had with them and not be pushing them to bed in my mind.” She realized that even when you have a partner, parenting is still an all the time job. Amy managed to find a way to satisfy her soul while being present for her children.

She started her blog to help parents move towards a more harmonious relationship with their kids. “I love hearing that parents feel better with their kids, experience more joy, and feel confident moving forward in their lives.  I do not intend to change minds, but to hold a space for opening minds.” Her blog was originally the place for updates for her email list subscribers and only recently moved towards longer posts and articles. Here are her favorite posts from that new style of writing.

  • Ways to Discipline a Child: Discipline That Works. This post talks about the difference between punishment, permissiveness and discipline. This was reposted on NPN. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.
  • Digging for Roots – The Innate Nature of Children. “Children are born with an awareness that they are of value, that they want to be here, that they have amazing potential, and that they are learning all there is to learn in this world full of possibilities.”
  • She Has a Process. Is there a word that triggers negative feelings in you when your children use it? This is how Amy learned to trust her child’s ability to move through a gut reaction of negativity towards more constructive language.

Amy was drawn to Natural Parenting because she felt a strong desire to nurture her children and “keep them close, listen, play, dig our toes in the dirt, eat the healthiest food, and follow my heart.” She loves that this style of parenting makes it easy for her to be herself while respecting her children’s individuality. “Parenting has been the biggest wake up call of my life. I am definitely changed for the better.” In her ideal world parents would understand who they really are, and “give [their] children permission to be the brightest lights they can be.”

Thank you for sharing your struggles and victories with us, Amy. Making a lifetime change like that is very brave.

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