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7 Responses to Attachment Parenting with Older Children

  1. Jayne

    awww so nice. I hadnt considered how attachment parenting applied to older children, and I am glad that you have shared. I know it will be hard on me when my baby girl asserts her own independence (she’s starting already at 10 months :S) but one of the reasons I feel AP is for me is that it lets children do that (as opposed to me asserting their independence for them).
    Thank you for the insight into the years ahead 🙂

  2. Regina  

    I totally just blogged about this very topic too! It’s sooooo true!

  3. Laura

    The benefits continue through the middle years and beyond. Having a trusting relationship w/DS12 and DS9 is worth more than I can say.
    Kids need parents who listen and are there for them. That begins at (or before) birth and continues for life. From that, they learn to grow, take risks, and become independent and confident teens and adults.

  4. Emily @ Crunchy(ish) Mama  

    Very happy you posted this! As my son gets older I wonder what our AP relationship will turn into and how AP will shape big kid issues like academics and discipline. I very much appreciate your advise to stay physical, listen, relax and connect.

  5. katepickle  

    Back when they were little it seemed so easy to tick all the boxes that made sure we were ‘attached’… then they started to grow bigger and need those things less, and now not at all. But they still need us to be attached and just as our big kids have grown up so have we as parents…

  6. kelly @kellynaturally  

    My eldest is 6 and her brother is 3, and wow, I really connected with this post!

    My two littles co-sleep together now, and have for the last two years… but I still lie down in the evening with them before they drift off to sleep – it’s our daily reconnecting ritual.

    Wonderful post, thank you.

  7. Kate Wicker @ Momopoly  

    Loved this post. As a mom to two “babies” and one 6-year-old, I’ve found AP isn’t as straightforward with older children. Tending to babies can be physically exhausting, but their needs and wants are one in the same. As they grow older, however, the path to continued attachment may not be as obvious. Yet, I’m learning that if I don’t complicate things and am just present for my 6-year-old, that trust (as you mentioned) will remain. As my daughters grow, it will continue to be important for me to be there for them, to pick up on their cues, and to offer unconditional love and support while providing boundaries.

    Thanks for a great post geared to AP moms of older kids. There’s not as much info out there on AP and the older child.