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10 Responses to Heiny Helpers: Sharing Cloth Love

  1. Mrs Green @ littlegreenblog.com  

    Such meaningful and awesome work Heiny Helpers are doing. I love how you are being an advocate so compassionately and this has given me a LOT of food for thought in how I could be more active in spreading the message. Helping out like this takes away my fear of being preachy or dogmatic, so thank you!

  2. Dionna  

    What an incredible organization you’ve built! I love the enthusiasm that shines through in your post and pictures. Best wishes for continued success in sharing the cloth love with others.

  3. Mama Mo @ Attached at the Nip

    What a fabulous model for compassionate advocacy. Cheers to the mamas of Heiny Helpers!

  4. Vanessa  

    This is awesome! What a great idea.

  5. Ana @Pandamoly  

    You’re doing something so great! We cloth diaper about 50% of the time (it’s hard getting the babysitters on board… so I just do it when I’m home and on the weekends). I didn’t buy too many covers because they are so darn expensive! It’s wonderful that you’re able to help these families save on their expenses and reduce their waste! Keep up the great work!

  6. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ  

    Great post for CarNatPar! I love supporting businesses with a social conscience and yours certainly does that. It is inspiring how you connect with families and help them meet their needs. Thank you for spreading the word for cloth diapering by being a positive example

  7. Lauren  

    That is so cool! I love hearing powerful stories of advocacy like this one.

    We’re currently writing a cloth diapering book for NPN (http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/contest-write-for-npns-cloth-diapering-book/), and we’ll definitely have you on the resource list for cloth diapering charities.

  8. Kelly  

    What a unique and amazing ministry! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome inspiration 🙂

  9. Kat

    What an inspiring story! Thank you mamas at Heiny Helpers for helping out and spreading the cloth diaper love!!!

  10. Tara @ Feels Like Home  

    What a wonderful, wonderful resource!

    I wish there was something similar in my area. We are using cloth diapers to save money. We were able to get 36 prefolds (marked as seconds) and 12 covers (new on Ebay) for about $110 before I stopped working. Everyone says that prefolds and covers are a lot of work, but it’s the only cloth diapering method I’ve known, so it seems normal to me.

    Thanks again for blessing the people in your area.