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Written by Shannon on February 26th, 2011

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When Arpita and her husband met six years ago, it was love at first sight. Together they enjoy the outdoors, adventure, the ocean and nights in with take out and watching hockey. They have been trying to conceive for the last two years, and their struggles with that are what lead her to both Natural Parenting and blogging. “Trying to conceive can be such an isolating and lonely struggle, especially since it’s often kept quiet. Writing about mine and my husband’s path towards a family has not only be incredibly therapeutic for me, but has also touched other couples who are struggling with trying to conceive. Being able to be a resource of strength for others has given me true joy and a new sense of purpose.”

She says that blogging has saved her sanity during her long journey towards conception. After writing a post about how she is using acupuncture for fertility, Arpita got an email from a reader saying that after a long time trying through traditional methods, she got pregnant after only 6 weeks of acupuncture. “I absolutely love the peace in writing and knowing that I’m touching the lives of others.” She would love to turn her blog into a book or newspaper column, and has been reaching out to be a part of the larger blogging community with that goal in mind.

  • Rocky Mountain Rocks My World, a review of natural skin care products, Arpita feels this post is the essence of what her blog is about.
  • Reflections, how many of your parenting ideals were altered or changed completely once you had kids of your own? In this post, she ponders what parts of her parenting plan will change when she is finally a mother.
  • Celebration Chicken Enchilada, a delicious looking recipe. Mexican cuisine reminds her of many happy memories with her family. What was your family’s celebration food?

In addition to blogging, Arpita relieves stress through scrapbooking, crafting, yoga, and most of all acupuncture. She finds that not only does she receive the planned benefits from her treatments, but “I love those 45 minutes of laying still in meditation to clear my head and just focus on my inner self.” One thing that stresses her out right now is the idea that she will have to go back to work after her maternity leave when her baby finally arrives. “I know I’m luckier than most, but the thought of leaving a tiny one year old baby with a stranger while I go off to work seems heartbreaking. Especially considering we’ve been waiting so long to welcome him or her in to our lives”

While researching natural fertility treatments, she started to learn more about other aspects of natural living and really started questioning her assumptions about parenting. “The time that we were given to sit back and actually consider our choices, and the impact they have on the earth has been a true blessing in disguise.” She is very glad to have found the like minded community here at Natural Parents Network now that she plans to parent in an alternative way.

Best of luck with your journey to motherhood, Arpita. I look forward to helping you celebrate when pregnancy and motherhood happens for you.

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