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6 Responses to Featured Blogger: Arpita Monahan

  1. Melissa K.  

    Arpita, I really admire the time and consideration you put in to planning for parenthood. I’m so glad that you’re a part of NPN!

  2. Amy  

    Thank you for sharing your experience here, Arpita, and for your dedication to respectful parenting. 🙂

    Are you familiar with conscious conception options? They would go nicely with acupuncture. Let me know and I’ll share some resources.

  3. Arpita  

    Hi Amy! Thanks for your sweet comments! I actually am not familiar with the term conscious conception? Is this the same as charting BBT and being aware of cervical mucus, etc? I would love to check out any resources you could pass along! My email is {Arpita at UpDownAndNatural dot com}

  4. Amy  

    Hello Arpita 🙂 I will send you a note and share a few links here. They have a spiritual edge and if one sets aside judgment there is a lot of room for healing around conception…
    These are just some resources to get one going on the subject. Enjoy.

  5. Stacy (Mama-Om)  

    Hi Arpita,
    I think I remember reading about you here before or maybe visiting your blog. It’s nice to see you again — I enjoy your style, spunk, and spirit!

    Best wishes to you as you continue your journey toward parenthood!


  6. Megan  

    Such a wonderful article, Arpita, and I know you were meant to take your journey out West as that is where I truly believe Baby Monahan is meant to be born 🙂 I admire you so much for your openness and honesty in an effort to educate and comfort others who are on the same journey.
    Love to you,