Written by Mandy on April 2nd, 2013

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With the arrival of spring, many families are heading outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Parks and hiking often come to mind when it comes to outdoor activities, but art is a wonderful outside project, too. While adults may think quietly sitting, sketching some flowers or other beauty, is a great time, children, with shorter attention spans, may find the idea less than par. Young children will love art that involves movement. Here are some ideas to get you started:

pendulum painting

  • sidewalk chalk  – a classic
  • sidewalk paint – a spin on sidewalk chalk
  • exploding paint – with the addition of vinegar and baking soda
  • painting a fence – you can use washable paint that will come off with the next rain or a garden hose
  • nature collages – collect items on a nature hike and let your kids glue them on paper
  • color or shape walks – explore aspects of art while looking for different colors or shapes found in nature
  • sand castles – make a family sculpture
  • photo walk – inspire a love of photography by letting your children take the lead
  • sun art – using photosensitive paper, make some great silhouettes
  • ice sculptures – freeze a bucket of water overnight and then let your kids use salt water to melt various sections outside
  • rock pets and toad homes – paint some friends and make homes for others using acrylic paint for permanent designs and tempera paint for temporary ones
  • painting – generally a messy project (and one followed by bath time at my house), painting outside makes for easier cleanup. Very young ones will be happy just painting with water, while older kids will have a blast painting on canvases or wood.
  • play dough – make up some homemade play dough and take it outside. Your little ones will have some fun, cleanup will be a breeze, and you might just get to sit back and read a book until they are ready to share their creations.
  • tie-dye shirts – who didn’t do that as a kid?
  • pendulum painting – throw some physics into your art with a rigged up pendulum and let the kids paint away

You are limited only by your imagination.

What art activities does your family like to do outside?

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