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7 Responses to Artificial Food Coloring Awakening

  1. Kamyra Harding

    Good Morning,
    I look forward to discussing AFCs today.
    Be well,

  2. Bianca

    Very interesting topic, I have a friend who suspects food dyes are leading to some behavior issues with her child.

  3. Kamyra

    Thank you. Hopefully soon the FDA and corporations will do the responsible thing. Good luck to your friend’s family.

  4. Markey

    Been there, done that! We also learned our son is chemically sensitive. Do you also eliminate BHA, BHT, TBHQ? They and many artificial flavorings are made of the same thing as the dyes –petroleum! We also avoid Aspartame. I hope you are aware of the Feingold Association http://www.feingold.org. It is a support org. that was formed by parents in the 70’s. It has made our journey so much easier.

    I’m moderator of a Feingold Yahoo group. Here’s the link: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feingold-Program4us/ Check it out too!
    Best wishes.

  5. Kamyra

    Thanks, Markey. We’re new to this journey and welcome all hints and resources. Your expertise is valuable.

  6. Rebecca  

    I love your story, even though I know too well how painful it must have been to live through it. Thanks so much for writing about this. I blog about our own AFC struggles, collect guest blogger stories from parents, and interviews with dye-sensitive kids. So many parents aren’t aware of problems with AFC’s, but there are plenty who are living this same story as you and I – and they need to hear more stories like yours. I think our own school is great but the teachers look at my like I’m crazy when I tell them my child is allergic to dyes, so I’m taking lots of precautions – Allergy Plan, medic alert bracelet, joined the nutrition committee. And I am selling AFC awareness shirts for kids and adults now. My goal is to normalize this health, learning, and behavior issue in the American conscience. People are learning fast and voting with their dollars, and food manufacturers have to go with what consumers want (more healthy choices), or they’ll get left behind. Keep up the food fight! http://www.DieFoodDye.com #DitchTheDyes

  7. Kamyra Harding

    Thanks, Rebecca. Your website is a great tool. I agree that sharing stories is essential. Love the use of the word “normalize”. Advocacy also is critical. There is no reason USA based companies should sell products with AFCs here and the same product AFC-free in Europe.