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3 Responses to At-Home Exercise: Using My Stairs for Strength

  1. Andrea

    Great idea Amy! I too was thinking about how I need to do something but I have two girls to think about also. So I decided to walk around my pond when able. Then I can enjoy the outdoors. The girls can participate when they like our play outside. And I can also train our puppy to heel. So that’s my new routine=)

  2. Colette

    I have checked out the book “Lean Mommy” which is a ‘stroller-cize’ program and the routine looks fun. I have yet to put it into practice. My husband and I *try* to walk together (we’ve worked up to 2 3/4 miles) a couple times a week. Sometimes I walk a mile to get the Sunday paper, get a few groceries or go to church. And maybe once a week I get to join David doing our “no-gear” workout we found in a women’s exercise magazine. …It sounds like I’m exercising more than I am. I’m just listing all the ways I try to keep moving. Oh! be sure to check out “Loose Your Mummy Tummy” at the library. Very informative. I haven’t done all the things suggested, I had to take the book back before I could get the routine down.

  3. Jes

    I just started doing this again! In the past I’ve over done stairs and gotten repetitive motion injuries (so like parenting it is too funny). I also like Amanda Russell workouts on YouTube because I can do them whole or in part throughout my day. Thank you for the motivation to keep going and the idea to incorporate a mantra into my activity!