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11 Responses to Baby Food Be Gone: A Beginner’s Tips on Introducing Your Baby to Baby Led Weaning

  1. Moorea  

    Thanks for this post! My daughter hated pureed baby food after the first month and we just began giving her whatever she wanted from our meals at 7 months, reasonably sized. I was confident in my ability to heimlech and she developed a quick and effective dislodge/cough mechanism and we have never had a scary moment. It is so anthropologically sound!
    She is a good eater of everything including all veggies now at 16 months. I doubt she will ever be a picky eater because she enjoyed multicultural foods, textures, spices and even some spicy tastes at a very early age.
    People tend to go from babyfoods to all sugar and carbs becuase they don’t know how to feed thier older babies/children.

  2. Adrianne

    Great blog! We are doing BLW as well, we never did the cereal or purees. He hates bananas but loves most other fruits, waffles, chicken and other veggies we’ve tried!

  3. Sylvia@MaMammalia

    For anyone considering BLW, I say go for it! BLW is one of those things I wish I had been more committed to when my son was younger (he’s 20 months now). I dabbled with it, but I also tried all the purees and typical baby food. What a waste of time, effort, and food! My son wasn’t really interested in food at all until he was over a year old (he’s a boob guy!). I think we both would have enjoyed ourselves more if we’d just stuck to BLW.

  4. Kristy

    I love baby led weaning. We did it with our son from the beginning, he now won’t be fed when others try, and will only use a loaded spoon with particular foods (yoghurt and ice-cream), everything else it’s hands in. It’s amazing, he even eats mashed potato with his hands and does it well.

    We started at 5 months because he was showing readiness.

    Now at just shy of 10 months he eats anything offered. I’ve never had to worry how much he is eating because he decides.

    He has never choked, and rarely gags. At first I was careful what I gave him because of choking risks, but now with the exception of whole nuts he can eat anything and the caution isn’t needed. Even raw pieces of apple are not a problem. He has clearly shown an ability to remove food from his mouth he can’t eat and only attempt to swallow what he has chewed.

  5. Colleen

    My daughter is 2 YO now and she insisted on BLW! All attempts to do purees were thwarted and then on the eve of turning 6mo, she wrenched a chicken leg out of my hand and gnawed away on it with gusto. As a family, we loved it. Dinner time became time for great joy and laughter as DD explored the world of food. Added benefits have included early proficiency with utensils (as we often would hand her a pre-loaded spoon in the early days) and a willingness to at least try most any food. She is picky about what vegetables she will eat, but most everything else is eaten with smiles. Have fun!!

  6. Janine  

    I have to add my link – Baby Led Weaning Blog. It even got recent approval from the author of the BLW book. 🙂 I didn’t start the blog but have contributed some posts.

    My favorite thing about BLW is that it is so damn convenient. We can go anywhere without preparing anything. Combined with breastfeeding, my diaper bag is very light. Typically my 10 month old just eats off of my plate, which also helps me cut a few calories.