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16 Responses to Babywearing: More Than the Logical Choice

  1. Maman A Droit  

    As much as I love babywearing my son (who’s my first kid), I think it’d be even more helpful when you have more than 1. When I see a mom at the park with a newborn in a stroller alone by the picnic tables while mom pushes an older sibling on swings & such, I just want to run over and give them a baby carrier! Seems so much more convenient and way way safer. I wonder why more people don’t use baby carriers??

    • Kristen  

      I feel exactly the same way! Almost like if they only knew how much easier it could be they’d love babywearing as much as I do. I love when new moms of two ask me about my carrier; I’m sure I give them more info than they ever wanted!

      I also feel that it would be very hard for me to feel like I was meeting both of my kids needs if one was parked over in a stroller and the other on a swing or etc. I’d feel pulled in two directions. I love babywearing my son so we can all be together.

  2. Shannon

    This is a great post Kristen! Babywearing made things so much easier when Moira was an infant, and I’m sure it will be a life saver when we eventually have two.

  3. Kristy  

    A back injury led to daddy baby wearing in my house too, much to my surprise he now enjoys ‘the cuddle’ and I am often refused when I offer to take over.

    We have a carrier just for the car, it seems excessive but we put the cost of carriers above the cost of our pram and I don’t regret that choice.

    • Kristen  

      My husband loves wearing my son now too. Whenever we all go out he usually is the one to wear Preston, partly because I still have lingering back issues but I also think he really loves the snuggle time too.

  4. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama  

    Great post! I love keeping my baby close. When Jac had acid reflux as an infant, babywearing was especially helpful because I was easily able to keep him upright for a half hour after he nursed, which greatly helped his digestion.

  5. Melissa  

    Well said 🙂 Babywearing was a huge part of the maintenance of my sanity, even as a mama of one (and of course a wonderful tool for keeping my girl close, too), so I can only imagine how much it will come in handy if we add another child to the mix!

    I have become an addict and now have five different carriers :/

  6. Lindsey @ MamaCumLaude

    I’m with you on every count! Boy, how it becomes necessary to wear the baby on my back in order to cook dinner some nights . . . .

  7. Momma Jorje

    I totally understand the intimidation of first trying a sling, any sling! And sometimes different slings work better for different kids, or maybe it is the mom… I liked my ring sling 12 years ago, but now I prefer my Mei Tai.

    Nice article about your sweet family and the many benefits of baby wearing!

  8. Jenn  

    I totally love babywearing. As a working mom, I need to make every minute home with my son count, and wearing him has allowed us to be close while I go about doing things that need to get done around the house.

    The only time we ever use the stroller anymore is if we need a “shopping cart” when we go out. Our bags go in the stroller, my son goes on my husband or me.

  9. Jessica @ clothdiaperingmama  

    Love the pics and I agree with every point you made. Wonderful write up!!! Whenever I’m out and see another baby-wearing mama I always give her a smile…so here’s to you!! 🙂

  10. Kristen

    Great article, Kristen! I never got the hang of my Moby (or how to keep it from getting soaked in puddles when putting it on outside), but Liam spends a lot of time in the Ergo. You were smart to buy a more neutral one than I did so that Daddy would feel comfortable using it too.

    • Kristen  

      My secret to not having the Moby get wet was to put it on before we left the house. I have a friend who could tie it while holding the length between her knees, but I felt like it was easier to just try and remember to put it on before heading out.

      You need another Ergo 😉

  11. melissa aka equidae

    without the sling i dont know what id do. i weared my first born but my second is worn everyday lots of times 🙂 and yes with an energetic toddler i wonder how ppl can use a stroller….