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5 Responses to Babywearing: Tips and Tricks for Wearing Two

  1. Brittanie

    What an awesome article. I have one little one (3 years old), so I have not had many opportunities to tandem babywear. But one day though I was watching my nephew. At one point both my daughter and my nephew were crying and wanting to be held. So I put my woven wrap on (I did not put my nephew in it just yet), and then I put my daughter on my back with the ergo. I then put my nephew facing in. They both loved it, and we calmed down by the whole experience:)

  2. Lisa

    Thank you for this. I have 10.5mo twin boys, and I have worn them simultaneously since they were 6 weeks old and we first ventured out in public. I get the strangest looks, and tons of questions, often from moms of twins. So, I am in the process of creating a website, two boys laughing, that I can refer people to for how to wear twins and so on. I will now also tell them about your site. Cheers!
    Lisa, San Mateo, Ca

  3. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings  

    Brittanie — glad you were able to figure out how to wear your son and nephew! That’s usually how I did it too when they were younger, too — front carrier on (no baby), second carrier & baby on back, then fill front carrier with the second baby (that way, the first baby doesn’t get jostled and dangled too much).

    Lisa — Thats great that you are sharing your experiences with other twin parents! I have found that extremely rewarding. I think the combined learning curve of babywearing AND twins can be overwhelming for folks (understandably!). But its so doable, too!

  4. Alicia @ Lactation Narration  

    That was a cool post! I don’t have twins, but I wore my toddler and baby together a few times when they were small. I put the baby in front in the woven wrap and then the toddler on my back with a mei tai. I have a picture of this from a wedding we went to when I needed to keep them both still!


  5. Mercedes  

    I am still struggling with tandem wearing my 6 month old twins, but I do love to wear them individually. It’s amazing how much freedom a new twin-mama can feel when she is hands free and still close to her baby!