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5 Responses to Bad Words

  1. Melissa P  

    This is a lovely idea for those who are very conservative. My family does not consider any words bad, but rather a way to express yourself. We discuss the fact that some people are easily offended by certain words and how to choose words carefully until you know a person’s preference. Unless someone is using these “bad” words as an insult, there really is no need to label them “bad”, though.

  2. Emily Bartnikowski  

    My go-to these days is Baloney Pants. It’s oddly satisfying to say and has a myriad of applications 🙂 Vive le funny “swear” words!

  3. JW  

    As long as words are not wielded as an insult to a person, we just use them as expressive words. But, the “not wielded as an insult” rule applies to any word. If someone is angry at being called a fish stick, that is still an insult and that is a different discussion.

  4. summerbird

    This is brilliant! Our lil one has picked up one particular word, mainly cause we have an office full of programmers at the home office and language isn’t always the cleanest. So THAT word has been declared “daddy’s office word” and she tried it out 2more times and I calmly reminded her that it is daddy’s office word and we must use our own words (tried not to get upset as these kids seems to feed on emotional reactions)…haven’t heard it in a LONG time, so hopefully it’s the end of it *fingers crossed*