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10 Responses to 3 Ways to Balance Your Mood in Under One Minute

  1. Amanda

    I’m glad i came across this, and will definitely take this into consideration 🙂 I also have anxiety and have had difficulty coping with it at times… My son is still very young(3mo) but i still panic at times when he fusses and i can’t figure out why immediately…

    • Amy W.  


      Mood balancing exercises are vital – no matter what the season of life! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! It’s also important to remember that crying is our babies’ way of speaking to us. So, sometimes, crying is not a bad thing. Responding with love and sensitivity with lots of nurture and cuddles will get both of you through those fits of crying and out the other side – There are lots of great articles on crying and coping with sensitive babies on NPN – and my daughter was very high needs as an infant. I empathize with you and wish you the best on your parenting journey!

  2. Ally M

    Thanks for this, sometimes when your feeling down it’s easy to forget that there are 3 easy things you can do to help pick you up 🙂

  3. Faye

    Thankyou for this post. I’m new to NPN and this has been great for me. I’m trying so hard to stop my shouting and yelling and I’m getting somewhere with it. But it’s those odd ‘in the moment’ times that get me and I think these will really help me. Thankyou so much for this.

    • Amy W.  

      You’re very welcome, Faye! I think it’s important to remember in trying moments that you are not alone – all other parents go through stress on a daily basis too! It’s all in how you handle it, and treating yourself well and being aware of your emotions is a fantastic place to be!

  4. emily

    Thank you for this! I often tell my clients to deeply breathe and it’s a good reminder for me too.

  5. Tracey  

    Great advice! Now I just need to remember it when all I fell like doing is screaming!!! 😉

  6. Ronda Combs

    This is a great article . My 5 year old boy is a challenge to my mood.

    • Amy W.  

      I feel you, mama! My four year old sweetheart can really push my buttons. I have used my own suggestions from this article probably three times per day for the last week! 🙂