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9 Responses to Bed Sharing with Two (or More) Children

  1. leah stickels

    Enjoyed reading your family bed routine and reminiscing, and yes, versatility is the order of the day. We jumped to a king bed from a queen after #3, but soon added the floor pad next to the bed, since #3 seemed to prefer this after nursing. Then #1 and #2 happily shared a bed together until they were 6 and 8. #4 shared our bed for several years. Such happy memories and I believe that co-sleeping helps to foster happy, well adjusted kids. The kids always knew when they grew older that if they were upset or not feeling well, they could crawl into bed with us for comfort and closeness and they were always welcome.

  2. Lauren  

    I am so happy to hear your thoughts on this, because we’re pregnant with #2 and still cosleeping with #1 (who likes to sleep sideways, ahem) and were wondering how it will all work out. This article made me more committed to relax and trust that we’ll find a way that works for all of us. Thanks so much!

  3. Kristen

    We have the space issue as well. Our bedrooms are 10×10 and the queen barely fits with enough space to still access the closet. Right now, we just have the baby in the bed and our 3 year old is in her own room, but she really wants to sleep with us. I also noticed that your little guy is wearing the same sleeper in the pics as mine is wearing right now.

  4. WEndy McKean

    This was great to read. Our family bed consists of my husband, my 3yr dd and my 5mo ds. WE’ve been going through many of the same sleeping arrangements and changes, with colds and food reactions tossed in to keep us on our toes. It’s nice to hear from someone on the same great journey in bedsharing.

  5. Acacia @ Be Present

    Leah, it’s so cool to hear about all the kids differences in sleeping habits. In our family, S probably slept with mom and dad the longest, and I the shortest amount of time. But I also remember loving sleeping with K so I am anxious to see my boys snuggling up together when Kellan gets older!

  6. Acacia @ Be Present

    Lauren, I’m so glad I’ve helped you relax about your family bed! Everett often slept (and still sometimes does) sleep sideways, too. We were concerned about it, but it seems he’s gotten less squirmy with less space in the bed. Happy sleeping when #2 comes along!

  7. Acacia @ Be Present

    It sounds like your bedroom is roughly the size of ours. It’s a tight squeeze, especially with Everett snuggled in later during the night, but it’s well worth it to us. Good luck!

    Wendy, you’re right about that- it’s a great journey, even with the sickies tossed in!

  8. melissa aka equidae

    we got a king size and sleep 4 tightly but still good enough 🙂 i wouldnt have thought of tryi ng it different when baby 2 arrived two weeks ago

  9. Mrs. Smitty

    We have the same issue. Toddler starts off in her room, but when she wakes up to go to the bathroom, she hops in with us. It’s interesting with 2 adults, a 2yo and a 2mo in a queen, but we make it work (for the most part.. there are nights DH ends up with 8 inches of space on the edge and wakes everyone up to push us over lol)