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5 Responses to Being Mommy in the Real World

  1. Melissa K.  

    Thanks for these tips! I have stumbled on a few of the same strategies through the fumblings of new notherhood 🙂 While there is a place for open, honest, and detailed discussion, many times that’s not what people are looking for!

    I heard a lovely phrase recently: Mamasté – the mother in me recognizes and honors the mother in you. 🙂

    • Laura

      I love that phrase and will have to remember it! Thank you!

    • Lauren  

      Mamasté! I love it. Thanks for this article, too, Laura. This is something I have struggled with, and like you said, sometimes it’s a genuine question that I almost miss in my defensiveness! Thanks for the tips on how to respond (or not).

  2. Cascia  

    Great tips! I haven’t come across anyone judging my parenting, except for relatives, but even then I usually just ignore it and try not to turn it into a controversy.

  3. Sara @ Halfway Crunchy  

    Fantastic tips! I know that finding an online community was so helpful for since I couldn’t find many local like-minded mamas.