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3 Responses to Beyond the Diaper

  1. Melissa  

    Thanks for such a great resource, Laura! I’m always looking for ideas and ways to think “beyond the diaper,” and you have given me a few ideas. Produce bags are something I have been meaning to cut out, and I’m saddened every time I get to the store and realize I haven’t done that yet. I love Mindful Momma’s idea for upcycling an onion bag and think that may be my answer since I’m not a seamstress!

  2. Laura  

    I have been really pleased with the produce bags… I really like to have them with me at the farmer’s market. Some of the vendors around here provide their own bags for customers and I feel like I get to help them out a little if I bring my own bags. Plus, the green beans I bought last week and haven’t had time to blanch and freeze are being stored in a bag in my fridge and they are still crisp and fresh!

  3. Mrs. Smitty

    I knew hubby would be resistant to switching from paper towels. And I agree with him to a degree. I know there’s nothing wrong with just throwing it in the wash, but some situations just seem to gross to use cloth. On the rare occasion the dog has an accident, I just don’t want to wash dog poop off my rags.

    But to get hubby on board, I just started placing rags all over the house. If he asked for a paper towel, I’d toss him a rag and quickly find something to do so he couldn’t object. If he was grabbing a paper towel for me, I’d point to the nearest rag stash and ask for a rag instead. Even my toddler cooperated in operation: rags only. Finally, I just stopped buying paper towels. (and hid 1 roll in my closet for the rare situation I refused to use cloth). When he asked where they went, I said “oh, I didn’t buy any.” He shrugged his shoulders, called me a hippy and grabbed a rag. He hasn’t asked for a paper towel since.