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5 Responses to Birthing Without a Stopwatch

  1. Ana W

    With my first homebirth, I was checked 3 times. The first time, I was three cm. The second time (10 hrs later) I was 5 cm. After that, I labored out of the water and was only checked for a lip right after my water broke so that I could start pushing. Looking back, being checked was really no help at all, it only made me anxious. So for my second water baby, only twelve months later I decided I would not be checked. Period. Best decision I ever made. I pushed when it felt right, and she came when she was good and ready. I’ll be praying your second birth is just as meaningful as your first, only in different ways. =)

    • Lauren  

      Thank you, Ana! That’s really lovely. That’s exactly the courage and resolve I hope to have. I know the midwives really wanted to check me, and I felt like I was giving in to their wishes. This time, I hope I can be brave about refusing and just waiting till it feels right. The checks don’t make things go any faster, for sure!

  2. Maman A Droit  

    I had contractions for 8 days & was just going with the flow, but my water broke, so they started counting down to when I had to have my baby. It was so frustrating! And of course baby didn’t comply with their arbitrary deadline (I was still at 7cm 18 hours after my water breaking) so they told me I had to have a c-section. 🙁 I’m hoping next time I’m pregnant I can stick with my baby and my natural rhythm!

    • Lauren  

      I hate those arbitrary deadlines they have. I realize it’s for safety, but you’d think they could monitor the baby’s health and his/her response to something like the waters breaking and go from there rather than starting a timer. I hope for both of us that our next births are what we wish.

  3. melissa aka equidae

    Thankfully the midwife at the hospital was lets say tired and didnt check me at all…only once really when I felt the urge to push…coz I thought it was too soon lol I dont know how much I was dilated though i know she did say. I was more concerned in remembering to breathe. In Jan I am due for my second baby, I hope to have an even better birth, though i can’t complain but having an idea of what happens always seem to help