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Natural Parents Network Blogroll

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Natural Parents Network Cofounders

Code Name: Mama: Dionna of Code Name: Mama is the co-founder of NatParNet. On Code Name: Mama she shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler/preschooler. She regularly writes about attachment parenting, breastfeeding, (particularly breastfeeding beyond infancy), RIC, and gentle discipline.

Hobo Mama: Lauren of Hobo Mama is the co-founder of NatParNet. Hobo Mama is a blog about all aspects of natural and intentional parenting as Lauren rides the rails with her husband, Crackerdog Sam, their hobo kid, Mikko Lint Picker, and hobo baby Alrik. At Hobo Mama, she blogs about natural and attachment parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, green living, and more. She offers reviews and giveaways of natural parenting products at Hobo Mama Reviews and gives a behind-the scenes look at blogging and novel writing at

Natural Parents Network Volunteers

A Little Bit of All of It: Julia is a stay-at-home mom of her toddler daughter, Marcella. She blogs over A Little Bit of All of It where she writes book reviews, shares her thoughts and experiences on babies, birth, parenting and food, Christianity and other random stuff. She is passionate about attachment parenting, breastfeeding beyond infancy, baby-led weaning in relation to starting solids, cloth diapering, bedsharing, co-sleeping and natural childbirth.

The Artful Mama: The delicate balance between work and the attachment parent. A full-time working parent’s perspective on breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth-diapering, gentle discipline.

Becoming Crunchy: We’re Becoming Crunchy! We want to give our daughter the best life possible, so we’re making changes towards more healthful, sustainable living.

ChildOrganics: You’ll find topics that are related to living a simple, organic, whole life. This blog covers topics such as natural childbirth, breastfeeding, home schooling and other parenting issues.

Diary of a First Child: A blog about learning how to be a natural parent, and the journey that evolves for someone with no background in doing things nature’s way. The blog aims to be a source of information and an introduction to others who wish to learn more, but don’t have the time to spend hours studying and researching. It’s an honest reflection of the path two people have chosen to becoming a well rounded, fully functional family.

Embrita Blogging: Mostly a journal of my life, this is where I share our happenings and give up some of the tips I run across while I try to tame the chaos of life with a toddler.

Farmer’s Daughter: Farmer’s Daughter focuses on simple living, parenting, gardening, cooking and environmental education.

Fine and Fair: Fine and Fair is a blog written by a mother to her daughter about the ups and downs along the journey of raising her as a responsible citizen of the world with the values of compassion toward all living things, environmental responsibility, conservation, and celebrating diversity in all of its forms.

The Hippie Housewife: The Hippie Housewife covers a little bit of everything – parenting, natural living, life as a Jesus-follower, and more – all tied together in our underlying theme, our journey towards a more intentional way of living.

Hybrid Rasta Mama: Jennifer is a former government recruiter turned stay-at-home mama to a precious daughter (Tiny) brought earthside in March 2009. She is passionate about conscious, gentle parenting, natural health and wellness, holistic healing, real foods, coconut oil, and a Waldorf approach to education. Jennifer believes that it is extremely important for mothers to have a strong network of support and to that end has been active both in her local support networks as well as online support networks.

Intrepid Murmurings: Embracing motherhood, nurturing creativity, and attempting to maintain sanity while raising twin toddlers and a preschooler.

I Thought I Knew Mama: I Thought I Knew Mama is a window into the adventures of stay at home mamahood, natural parenting, and green & healthy living.

Job Description: Mommy: A blog focused on health, reducing toxins in your home, natural remedies, alternative health. Geared toward holistic, natural, AP, and eco-conscious families…and for those wanting to learn more! You’ll find everything above, plus great recipes, fun arts & crafts, product reviews and giveaways!

Let’s Take the Metro: I blog about parenting, green living, gardening, cooking and everything in between.

Little Snowflakes: My blog explores different topics from an attachment and natural parenting perspective. I am particularly passionate about breastfeeding and co-sleeping. I believe each parent knows his or her own child best and each parent and child is unique, like a snowflake.

Living Peacefully with Children: Mandy writes about her journey to live simply, authentically, and consensually with her family and others. Having had unassisted births with all four children, she now unschools with her family, enjoying each day. She is an avid book reader and blogs about many natural parenting topics.

Loving {Almost} Every Moment: Among many things, my blog is about: babies, preschoolers, attachment parenting, games, crying, laughing, colic, sleep (or lack thereof), fun, tears, pregnancy, tummies, wheat-free cooking, eco-friendly living stuff, organized chaos, food, marriage, cloth diapers, being in love, family, ABC’s and 1-2-3’s, breastfeeding, health, natural parenting, optimism, smiles, organics, responsibility, cosmetic safety, the environment, shopping and living local, alternative medicine, coping, motherhood, love…

MamaLady: Adventures in Queer Parenting: Natural and attachment parenting from a Queer (LGBT) and musical perspective. Tips, politics and musings from a Parent Coach and teacher.

Momma Jorje: A slightly crunchy momma (and wife!) passionate about breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby signing, and elimination communication. Jorje is currently obsessed with hitting the road full time to unschool with her family. Newest interest: Down Syndrome

Monkey Butt Junction: Monkey Butt Junction is a natural parenting and green living blog. As our little Monkey works his way into toddlerhood, we are learning so much more about what it is to live and love.

Our Crazy Corner of the World: I blog about life, anything that comes to my mind, especially about being a wife and mother! Some blogs are day to day living, while others deal with a specific topic on a certain issue.

Pandamoly: Commentary on life, as a single, working mother, a follower of natural parenting, and friend of the Earth. Ruminations, recipes, and recounts. Full of memories I’d like share, advice I have to lend, and anecdotes to get through the day.

Peace 4 Parents: Insights, stories, information and articles about parenting in the present… naturally, easily, with less stress, more cooperation, peace, and joy.

Pineapples & Artichokes: Shannon is a crafty, homeschooling, natural living mama to one in the Seattle area.

Toddler In Tow: I am a military wife and trained breastfeeding counselor with a Montessori background, blogging about the craziness and blessedness of military life, breastfeeding, and peaceful parenting. Every Friday I devote my post to a peaceful toddler discipline topic, explaining the WHY behind attachment parenting, gentle discipline, and respectful parenting.

True Confessions of a Real Mommy: Unschooling, breastfeeding, gentle parenting. How we live our lives, and my organizing thoughts about it.

Very, Very Fine: I have kind of a big mouth; my blog corroborates this fact. In it, I talk about my life, my son, my choices, my partner and my encounters with the unfortunate folks who dare to question public nursing, babywearing, vegetarianism and dressing boys in pink. There are also cute photos.

WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door: The life of two parents, their herd of four children and a pesky dog. We try to live as natural as possible while maintaining a life in the suburban Mid-West.

Natural Parents Network Readers

2 Hapa Mamas: We are two moms in Oahu, Hawaii blogging about parenting our four kids under 4. We talk about subjects from attachment parenting, to learning and education, to the fun things we do with our kids in Hawaii.

3 Moms and a Kitchen: We are 3 moms who met and bonded after giving birth to babies in March 2006. 3 moms and a Kitchen was born out of our love for sharing what we were cookin’ up for dinner that night and exchanging recipes. We all have different parenting styles from green and crunchy to more mainstream and our recipes/cooking styles reflect that.

ABCs and Garden Peas: One mom’s mission to create a life that’s fresh and healthy, happy and whole. Read about the highs and lows of balancing a full-time career with fresh, healthy cooking, organic gardening, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, bedsharing, and eliminating toxins, one by one.

ASD Perspectives: Advocates natural and nutritional solutions for healing children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Recently published a book called “Healing Autism Naturally”.

The Adventure Continues:  Musings and resources exploring the primacy of trust and relationship in parenting and unschooling.

Adventures in Mommyhood: Mommy Outnumbered: Sometimes mommyhood is not all it’s cracked up to be. This blog will follow the adventures in the life of one mommy vs four children ages 4 and under. There can only be one winner. I promise not to hold anything back, the good, the bad and the ugly will all be shared equally. You never know what might happen in the mommy wars, or who might end up in the toilet. I sure hope I win!

Adventures in Mommyhood: I’m a crunchy mama of two, chronicling our adventures with breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, homemade baby food making, food allergies and the daily grind. I’ve recently started posting recipe adaptations as I am gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free for my infant son.

African Babies Don’t Cry: Personal blog by Christine, a stay-at-home mom in South Africa. She writes about her journey with motherhood, being a natural / attachment parent and home-maker. Extended breastfeeding and natural nutrition are two topics very close to her heart, and she is passionate about her child’s naturally healthy diet.

A Gift Universe:  G. K. Chesterton once said that it is wrong to look a gift universe in the mouth.  Sheila’s trying to follow that advice as she looks for the gift in everything life hands her.  Follow her reflections on natural parenting, real food, education, and Catholicism at A Gift Universe.

A Go-with-the-flow Mama’s Blog: The uncensored thoughts of a random, weird, semi-crunchy, young mama (who is also a wife, student, future dog trainer and author) but always a mommy first!

A Haircut and a Shave: I’m a new mom and, a medical student. I write mostly about the new mom bit for now–breastfeeding, playing, elimination communication, co-sleeping, and so on. But I delve into the intersection between medicine, gender, and parenting from time to time–and when I return to school full-time in a few months, I will be writing more about medicine and how being a parent changes–or doesn’t–my approach to becoming a doctor. And vice versa!

A Life Sustained: I’m a mid-western mama who’s trying to focus on what’s important: living simply and being in the present moment. Until I find many acres on which to build a creative and sustainable homestead complete with bees, chickens and goats, I’m trying to balance new motherhood with working towards these dreams. There are many new skills that I desperately want to learn so that I can create beautiful and useful things.

A Lime Less Ordinary: Mama of one who loves life and all things beautiful and natural. She blogs about her baby, parenting, giveaways and more. The blog is currently developing into something more than just personal accounts…mama just needs more time.

The Accidental Natural Mama: The Accidental Natural Mama is on the journey from “Mother” to “Mama” and finding her own moderately crunchy parenting path!

Almost All The Truth: I’m the mama of three little wonders, or wild monkeys, depending on the day. I’m trying my best to live a green life, pursue greater health and well-being for my family and the planet, and teach my children well enough so they can grow up and be anything they want to be.

Analytical Armadillo – The Booby Whisperer: Infant Feeding & Early Parenting, Food For Thought…

The Anarchist Mother: Self-proclaimed anarchist practicing a style of non-authoritarian parenting that jives with my political beliefs. I believe that children are human beings and deserve the same respect, equality, and freedom that we all desire/receive.

Ancient Winds: Parenting. Birthing. Breastfeeding. Self Improvement. Etsy. Health. Wellness. Inspiration. Empowerment.

An Unschooling Adventure: This blog is all about my family’s journey in attachment parenting and unschooling. I also write about breastfeeding, feminism, healthy eating and my aspiration to live a more natural, sustainable lifestyle.

Anktangle: Amy writes about the things she holds close to her heart: family, delicious food, and many aspects of natural parenting. She is passionate about breastfeeding, gentle, intuitive parenting, and respecting all people, no matter how small. She’s figuring it all out as she goes, following her instincts with her son as her guide.

A Place to Write Things: A blog by the crunchy mama of a daughter with cerebral palsy. I write about parenting, but I also write about books, smoothies, coupons, and randomness. “My kids” call me Miss Andrea. As a public school teacher for over 12 years with experience in both general and special education (MS, Ed), I share scientific research and insider teaching tips that have helped me help parents raise happy, fulfilled, good kids using evidence-based strategies from brain studies, evolutionary psychology and scientific humanism.

Attached at the Boob: Helping breastfeeding mothers overcome obstacles, providing support, and increasing confidence in their ability to provide quality nutrition to their precious little ones.

Attached at the Nip: I’m a new mommy and an even newer blogger! Stop on by and read about my adventures nursing twins who are… attached at the nip.

Attachment Mummy: I am a SAHM to two beautiful girls and three slightly crazy cats. My blog is my place to talk about our lives, post book and product reviews, and when necessary vent! We practice attachment parenting, positive discipline, co-sleeping, babywearing, full-term breastfeeding, baby led weaning, we are vegetarian and semi-organic, home educate and use natural medicine.

Authentic Parenting: Authentic parenting is a reflective parenting blog about all things green, attached and ‘un’. It covers topics from TTC and beyond.

Babes In Cloth: I discuss everything related to cloth diapering! You will find helpful tips, reviews, and contests & giveaways.

Baby Dust Diaries: For 9 years I was a mother without a baby. Now, with my miracle IVF baby, I’m transitioning into the wonderful world of parenthood with a dose of “parenting after infertility.” I am a new mother like any other – exploring the world of attachment parenting – babywearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping – and maximizing my baby daughter’s health. I’m passionate about gentle discipline and feel strongly that no parent should ever need to hit their child. I’ve been a homeschool advocate since I was 14 years old but I guess now that I have a child I can call my self a homeschooler? Or do I need to wait until she’s 6?

Babyfingers: Jenny blogs about staying home with her children and learning the best ways to parent as she goes along.  She started off as a mainstream mom breastfeeding and owning a couple of slings, but then fell in love with homebirthing, cosleeping, cloth diapering, elimination communication (sort of), and the prospect of homeschooling.

Babywearing It Up!: I have been babywearing for two years, and it has been a huge help in making my life with two under two easier.  I love the convenience of following my toddler with a sleeping or nursing baby in my stretchy wrap, or on my back in a mei tai or podeagi.  And when my toddler needs some snuggles, I love popping him on my back and continuing to work on the endless laundry or dishes while filling his need for some time with mama.

Bad Mama Moments: I am a stay-at-home mom raising my two boys (3 and 1). I write about the trials and tribulations of my experience in motherhood, parenting with heart and conscience. I write a little about everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Barefoot Barn’s Gems of Delight: A healing space and community inspiring delight, compassion, and connection in our everyday lives and our world.

Beanma: Pregnancy, motherhood, and learning to let it all go.

Beansprouts: Reflections on life as a homebirthing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, natural family as we learn lessons that our children bring to us.

Becoming Mamas: Becoming Mamas is the project of two mamas, Holly and Meredith, who write about Attachment Parenting and Natural Living in the “real world”.   We blog about our own experiences learning to become mamas and keep an eye out for interesting research and current events related to parenting and natural living.

The Bee In Your Bonnet: TopHat is a lactivist, unassisted birther, babywearer, and a Mormon mom to two. She dabbles in elimination communication, No ‘Poo, cloth diapering, and other forms of crunch as she goes.

Beneath the Rowan Tree: I have given up on ‘balance’ and I am trying to embrace the glorious creativity of chaos in my life as a gentle parenting, grow-up-slowly, live with wonder kind of working mama (and natural toy artisan) to one precocious, wonder full daughter (and working towards adopting more). The chaos is colorful and fun, challenging and funny, sweet and bittersweet and company is always welcome (don’t mind the mess!).

Benny and Bex: Southern, semi-crunchy Mama chronicles everyday life with two little boys who love to play and have their pictures taken in the process.

Birthing Shifrah: Information and contemplations on birth, babies, midwifery, and motherhood.

The Blessing Tree: Before birth I was into photography, Advaita spirituality and natural health and nutrition (among other things). After birth, as a mama, I am into my baby + photography, Advaita and natural health! Come chart my progress from bumbling first steps, finding my feet, hitting my head against a brick wall, finding my stride again and… somehow starting all over again, always a ‘beginner’.

Blissed Out Baby: Natural parenting with a touch of golden highlights.

Blooming Perfect: This is my space to blog about my pregnancy, problems in pregnancy, aches, pains, bleeding and vomiting that all seem to go hand in hand with it! I would love to say I’m one of those women that have a Blooming Perfect pregnancy but unfortunately I seem to be struck down with the less fanciable aspects of pregnancy!! As well as how I’m parenting my toddler and what does and doesn’t work for us! I try and include some of the maternity pieces I’m coveting as well as some gorgeous baby clothes and accessories that every mummy wants!”

BluebirdMama:  Bus-dwellers turned house-dwellers, BluebirdMama and her family are figuring out how to continue building an unconventional life. She blogs about childbearing, natural parenting and her experience converting a 40′ school bus in the middle of the city. Along the way, she hopes to embark on new adventures.

Bonzo, Chooch and Me:  Peaceful parenting, babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, nutrition, design, ideas, craftiness, inspiration, cooking, gardening… Bonzo and Chooch.

Boobie Time: I am enthusiastic about; breastfeeding, babywearing, baby signing, and a general attachment parenting style. I don’t like labels, I would just say that I try to do things a natural as possible.

Born.In.Japan:  My journey as a mama started in Japan and now I blog about maintaining that simple, easy lifestyle stateside. I fill my days with dreaming, making, writing, baking, laughing, learning, and raising my soon to be family of four, as simply and naturally as I can.

Bouffe e Bambini:  This is a blog about food and babies. I offer great recipes, beautiful photos and handmade giveaways. I am a breastfeeding, baby wearing, natural birthing mama.

Bounce Me to the Moon:  One geeky family’s quest to find happiness the size of the moon. Day to day life of a creative husband, a crafty wife/mom, and the joys or raising a child in a natural way full of fun experiences. Throw in some spices of recipes, crafts, and activity ideas!

Brandi’s Birthing Service: I am a doula who runs a doula website and blog. My goal is to help parents have the birth they desire, with an emphasis on the more natural approaches to birth and parent/child relations

Can Ali ve Ben: I write my own opinions, I’m not book wise…my own experiences.

Cheap Wine and Cookies: Marine. Lawyer. Mommy. Wife. I have an opinion on everything. When I’m not an M-16 toting Marine, I’m a crunchy hippie mama to 2 beautiful kids, 3 four legged furry rescue “kids,” and 5 backyard egg chickens. I blog about everything, but focus particularly on Ethical Eating and Sustainable Living. My husband’s new nickname for me is Earthworm.

Children Teaching Mama: Children Teaching Mama is a Natural Parenting blog. I write articles about my two rambunctious boys, organic alternatives, and eco-conscious living. In addition, I host reviews and giveaways of mostly organic and eco-friendly items!

Chronicles of a Nursing Mom: Compiling tips, tricks, research and all types of information relevant to Filipino breastfeeding moms.

City Kids Homeschooling: Our goal is to remain city dwellers and homeschool our kids from preschool through high school. This blog chronicles the astounding array of learning experiences that our children encounter in our culturally rich urban center. Thanks for joining me as I blog about city homeschooling, city parenting, and city homemaking– with occasional ramblings from my family’s lake house in the country.

The Cloth Chronicles: A new mom’s journey into motherhood, cloth diapering, natural parenting, and everything that comes with it.

Cloth Diapering Mama: Natural and Green Parenting techniques from my personal experiences. I feature cloth diapering, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, holistic health practices, organic living, pregnancy, and pre-schoolers in my posts and multiple pages. I also provide coupon codes and bargain alerts! I use humor and research to back up all of my blog entries.

Cooking and Growing in the Heartland: A blog documenting recipes, gardening, and natural play activities with a few other random topics thrown in.

Conscious Birth Emissary: Conscious birth education, healing arts, and inspiration for birthing babies in the new millennium with LOVE. To empower parents and birth professionals to make conscious, loving choices that support the optimal health and well-being of babies, mothers, and families today.

Conscious Family Team: The Conscious Family Team is a team of professionals in York Region who support, guide and aid those who want to do their best each day to love, cherish and respect their children, and who want to learn and grow from their roles. We are all mothers who write about our experiences and expertise in our different fields.

Confessions of a High Heel Wearing Hippie Mommy: A new mom blogging about her Natural Parenting choices and how they are working out in her family’s life.

Connected Mom: A multi-authored blog and community that offers positive parenting and natural living posts with resources on cloth diapering, homeschooling, childbirth, breastfeeding and a variety of other AP principles.

Conscientious Confusion: Conscientious Confusion is a blog about living consciously – and the ways that applies to things such as household products, food, or natural birth.

Conscious Mama: A blog about natural birth and conscious parenting, how we can heal our own childhoods to become more present, whole and conscious parents! From toddler tantrums to raw pregnancy, including exercises in meditations and hypnotherapy!

Contentedly Crunchy: I write about health, life, motherhood, frugality, and my own personal pet peeves. Sometimes I write about the random stuff that piques my curiosity. I would not categorize myself as particularly earthy, but my looking out for my own health and budget plus a healthy dose of curiosity (and a child who asks how to make things like cheese and expects we will one day actually attempt to do such a thing) has led me to do things like make my own deodorant and cloth diaper my babies.

The Crafting Hobbit: I’m a crafting, frugal mom of a very energetic toddler.

Crazy Mama!: I am a young mom and wife who writes about family, college, my clothing business, my mental disorders, gentle parenting, breastfeeding, health, exercise, miscarriage, trying to conceive, and whatever random things are on my mind.

Creative Crunchy Mama: I’m frugal, creative, and all things crunchy. I’ll show you how to buy and create homemade goodies from tasty treats, to handmade items, plus I’ll share information on healthy eating, homeschooling, and more all while saving some green. Follow my blog, and enjoy peeking into my life as a Creative Crunchy Mama:)

Creekside Learning: I view homeschooling as a logical extension of the natural parenting lifestyle we were already practicing. Our life is crazy and fun and loud, and we enjoy spending time with our three kids. I also like to share the homeschooling resources we are using.

Crunchy Beach Mama: Blogging, sharing, networking with other mamas on our journey to become more natural and green.

Crunchy by Accident: I blog about our adventures trying to parent naturally, even though I wasn’t parented that way. Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, bedsharing… it’s a lot to figure out!

Crunchy-Chewy Mama:  Where the tag line is “Living naturally, most of the time”, this blog reflects on the author’s convictions and on the contradictions that sometimes arise in living them out. Topics include holistic health, healthy eating (including gluten-free, dairy-free), attachment parenting, activism and politics (especially lactivism and birth rights, including VBAC), the arts (mama writing and creativity in general), Waldorf education, and some items specific to parenting in the Washington D.C. metro area.

Crunchy Cupcakes: Kinda crunchy mama to four, blogging about the trials, tribulations, and up and downs of more natural styles of parenting. Some good days, some bad days but always crunchy!

Crunchy(ish) Mama: I’m a new mama trying to figure out how to combine natural parenting and green living with my love of TV and inherent laziness.

The Crunchy Mamacita: Green living, unschooling, crafting, gardening, home cooking, country dwelling, dairy farming mama of two boys soon to be three!

Crunchy VT Mommy: The Good, The Bad, & The Crunchy: Cloth diapering, Attachment Parenting, Bfing, Defense working, Wu-Tang loving, Simpsons Quoting mommy to two under two. Adventures in Natural Motherhood in the Green State.

Cultured Mama:I’m a Christian wife and mother who is passionate about providing a wholesome, nourishing, nurturing environment for my family. I want to create a culture of curiosity, passion, and wonder in my family. And share recipes of traditional and gluten free foods. Lots of recipes.

The Curious Case of Mommyhood: My blog is an interactive outlet for those mommies and other caregivers who need a go-to place to discuss mommy type topics with the environment in mind. Let’s pass down a beautiful planet to our children.

Dagmar’s Momsense: Dagmar blogs about motherhood, (extended) breastfeeding, lactivism, natural birth, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, green and frugal living, blogging, decorating, and social media. She also writes about being an expat and her life in Westchester, NY (Martha Stewart and Richard Gere are her neighbors). She’s a professional social media consultant, editor, and writer and addicted to Twitter and HGTV.

The Daily Muttering: Observations of an overwhelmed mum of 3

Day2Day Joys: I’m a wife to an amazing guy, Jake, who is a Chiropractor, so our family has much different views on health than the average American. I’m a mother to 2 beautiful children who teach me new things everyday. We don’t use conventional medicine, we think the body has the innate ability to heal itself if you will let it. I love to share my opinions, get advice, etc. Although I am not against anyone who is not like us. I’m a Christian who loves the Lord! His plans are far better than any plan I have!

Desperately Seeking Silence: A hippie mama with one boy and another on the way. A blog about motherhood, breastfeeding, babywearing, and all the good and funny in between.

Diaper Parties:  Cloth Diapers…thinking about them and don’t know where to begin?  Learn more at our blog where we post how-to and discuss the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

Díga(Mama): I’m an expat mommy and former print girl creating new adventures in social media. Díga(Mama) is an amalgamation of the personal and professional…a WAHM living la vida social y real from our little corner in España. I talk about plugging in, sticking out, being a foreigner and finding a home.

The Dinoia Family: Our family’s times as we travel around the world. In the past, we have touched on cloth diapering, babywearing and breastfeeding (which ended, sadly), and now that we are past a scary health crisis, we are trying to get our focus back on our love of the outdoors and other natural parenting topics! Due to that health issue, there is also time to time discussion of holistic vs. conventional medicine and healthy eating and exercise. Mostly, it is a way for our families to keep up with our kids and watch them as they grow.

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths:  Blog & Facebook group set up to dispel popular myths about breastfeeding.  In addition to this, we manage to cover lots of attachment parenting issues, news, recent research & give support, too.  In our group we debate the ins and outs of many parenting issues in a friendly atmosphere.

Diva Has Two Daddies: One girl, two dads, and a daily education in intuitive parenting–that’s the heart of this light-hearted blog. Letting open communication and loving support replace guidebooks by “the experts,” Papa and Daddy try to keep up with the little Diva at the heart of their home.

Dreaming Aloud: My watch-word is living philosophy. Not just the mental activity of philosophizing, but actively living it personally and within my community. My intention is to assist in a re-visioning of our culture into one which is rich in more than material terms, one which prioritizes human and ecological needs above those of institutions and the economy. I write to help build creativity, sustainability, fulfillment, greater awareness and self-sufficiency in individuals, families and communities.

Earth Mama: Gentle mothering, gentle living.

Earth Mama Doula: The ramblings of a hypnobirthing doula and mama of two. I talk about natural birth, natural parenting and a few different topics along the way.

Earth Mama Yoga: Ramblings about the crossroads of yoga and motherhood.

Earth Mamas World: I blog about living a natural life with my amazing family. I like to share ideas on homemade natural products and some of my delicious & healthy recipes. I also blog about my adventures in unschooling.

Easy, It’s Just a Baby!: About sex, pregnancy and coping with a baby.

Eco-Mama: A tree-hugger turned mom, trying to tread lightly, maintain sanity and raise a responsible human being.

The Eddy: An eddy is a place in a river where the current runs counter to the main flow. From this eddy I pause amidst the rushing of family, work, and environmental advocacy. I savor the scenery. I scout my own unconventional line.

The Education of Ours: All things related to child-led learning and growing. I’m mom to three girls, including twins. I’m a Montessori teacher and natural parent, deep into attachment parenting. Come visit and see some fun and loving things we do together at my house!

Ella-Bean & Co.:  Musings of an optimistic mama embarking on and embracing her new life and exciting changing roles – parenting, creating, outdoor adventures, and of course, Miss Ella-bean.

Fabulous Mama Chronicles: Wolfmother is a passionate and somewhat brazen birth/parenting enthusiast who believes that gentle birth practices and adopting attachment parenting techniques leads to shaping a person who is confident, emotionally stable, intelligent, compassionate, and adaptive to any environment.

Family Focus Blog: This family blog is written by a stay at home mom blogger from Nashville who reports on parenting, family fun, going green, family food, family travel and giveaways. I believe that every family unit is important and that we hold the future in our hands.

Family Organic: All about taking baby steps towards a more green family life. I focus on natural parenting, green choices, and food.

Farren Square: The first of many friends to leap into parenthood, this is my first-hand account of living life in the Family Square – where we bed-share, breastfeed, cloth-diaper, baby-wear, and practice natural living. I post a lot of humorous accounts of my experiences as a natural-minded mother as well as tips for staying sane while being successful. As my baby and my blog matures, we will be posting a lot about night-time parenting, baby-led weaning, our adventures as a traveling family (camping), gentle discipline, and gluten-free recipes for the whole family.

Finding Newts: Finding Newts’ purpose is to chronicle our family’s outings, hikes, explorations and travel experiences. “Finding Newts” describes what we are often doing when we are out exploring – enjoying and facilitating hands-on nature experiences for ourselves and our young children. “Finding Newts” is a family philosophy – get out in nature, explore, get your hands dirty and have fun!

First the Egg: A feminist resource on pregnancy, birth, and parenting. The blog follows Molly’s life equally: co-parenting a preschool-aged child and navigating a career transition; the web site also offers extensive resource pages on pregnancy, birth, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and other parenting topics.

First Time Natural Mama: One mum’s journey into the world of natural parenting.

Folkabout Baby: Folkabout Baby is about saving the world by changing the way we raise our babies. Its focus is parenting with love and awareness, and it strives to give readers concrete ways to live out this parenting philosophy.

FrogMonkey: Site based on reviews and recommendations of family and baby products – especially green and eco-friendly products. Run by a 34 year old Philly girl that works full time in health care, is a perpetual student and mom to an 11 year old and a newborn.

Frugal & Simple: Frugal and Simple is all about living a green, minimal and sustainable life. My lifestyle is a combination of living frugally and simply to save money as well as being environmentally conscious, not wasteful and consumeristic. I’m a cloth diapering, babywearing, gardening, green, natural living mama!

A Fulfilled Mommy: I am a natural parenting mama of 3 kids, 4 and under who leans towards a natural lifestyle. We love Jesus, cloth diaper, try to use natural products, practice extended breastfeeding, among other things. I am also a birth nut!

Garden Variety Mama:  I mostly write about eating healthfully and consciously. Here you’ll find recipes, cooking techniques, the occasional cookbook review, and fun things I do with my little ones.  And whatever else seems worthwhile.

Gems of Delight: Mama of two, wife, psychotherapist, and yoga & mindfulness teacher.  The Gems of Delight are my way of trying to notice and embrace simple ways of living mindfully and offer up tid bits to readers about mindful/gentle parenting, self-care for mama, nurturing our relationship w/ our partners, and staying sane and centered amidst the chaos of daily living.

Give an Earthly: A little dell of sanity and positivity where I regularly philosophize on our alternative/natural/attachment parenting lifestyle, particularly in juxtaposition to the ‘norms’ of our society. Wholesome (sometimes naughty!), scrummy recipes from the Earthly Kitchen and fun and fabulous crafty projects abound, too.

Good Goog: Good Goog is the personal blog of Zoey Martin, a reformed perfectionist who is an expert in only two areas: tiny dictator love and chaos management. Good Goog takes an honest and irreverent look at life with one toddler and one jellybean all while somehow maintaining a rampant twitter and photography addiction. At times funny, at times raw, sometimes thought-provoking and always indulging in multiple neurotic behaviors, Good Goog looks for inspiration in the every day.

Granola Catholic: Blogging about the adventures and misadventures of a a Real Food Eating, Organic Gardening, Natural Parenting, Crunchy, Catholic, mom and her family.

Granola Funk Mama: Eclectic, funky mama growing up and relating the journey of holistic motherhood through pictures and posts from the heart. Sometimes success and sometimes a mess! Kid friendly excursions in the DC area, traditional foods and healing, urban homesteading, yoga, and more. Keeping it real in this microwave lunch, fast food world.

Green Gamboni Life: Green Gamboni blog follows the thoughtful considerations one mama makes as she journeys the path from a SAHM to a mom-preneur of a green family business.

Green Kids Guide: Green Kids Guide is all about community and raising healthy, happy, green kids naturally. I am a WAHM of two amazing, creative and unpredictable kids who rock my world every day. I love promoting ethical, green businesses, writing about semi-crunchy adventures with my kids, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and am on the verge of a big homeschooling decision.

Green Mums Blog: Greenmums Blog follows our attempts at Green Parenting. We include art and craft ideas, green parenting articles and product reviews.

Groovy Green Livin: Groovy Green Livin is dedicated to sharing green ideas, thoughts and other useful tips and trends relating to living a greener lifestyle.

Growing a Foosa: My journey growing and raising my foosa in a way that has come naturally.

Grumbles and Grunts:  I hate eating bananas.  I eat them anyway.

The Guggie Daily: A blog that primarily focuses on compiling and analyzing medical literature on a variety of medical interventions in pregnancy and early childhood. Also includes cultural and anthropological articles.

Halfway Crunchy: A blog about Natural Parenting by a WOHM named Sara, aka Halfway Crunchy Mama. The proud mama of Juliana Marie, a passionate babywearer, breastfeeder, and cloth diaperer. I love all things pregnancy, birth and kid related.

The Happy Hippie Homemaker: A blog about how babywearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and all other aspects of attachment parenting save my sanity as a SAHM of two.

Happy Mothering: Happy Mothering is designed to inspire moms to live a simple, natural lifestyle. Eco-conscious moms will find information, personal stories, reviews, giveaways and more to help them on their journey in natural parenting and green living.

Healthy Baby Beans: My blog is about child nutrition with a holistic point of view. I am a mother of 2 and a Registered Dietitian. I love food and nutrition and created Healthy Baby Beans!

Healthy Families for God: Healthy Families for God provides information for families who want to get back to God’s natural way of living, including healthy foods, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, natural lifestyle, and more. It includes recipes for whole foods, homemade household products, and health advice. The lady behind HFFG is Sara Jo Poff, a homeschooling, attachment-parenting, extended-breastfeeding mother of five children (so far) who is also a personal nutrition counselor (working on certification) and freelance writer.

Healthy Kiddo Snacks: A blog that provides recipes and tips for making healthy, natural snacks for your family.

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby: The Hip Mama’s Guide to Wellness. Natural Parenting, Yoga, Personal Fitness, Real Food and DIY.

Heal Thyself!:  Food Has Power – the power to harm and the power to heal. Empowering moms to use the wisdom of traditional foods and natural healing.

Hidden Liberty: A variety of writings on anything from radical unschooling to political leanings of the anarchist sort. I believe in parenting without force or coercion and as little authoritarianism as possible. My child is my guide to the role I should play as a mother…as a parent.

Holistic Mamas: I blog for mothers who want to try natural and alternative medicines and healing remedies first and foremost in taking care of their child(ren), their husbands, and themselves. I talk about herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower essences, and other natural health modalities. I also blog about my own journey as a natural parent…both my failures and successes.

Homestead and Bread: Stay at home mommy & military wife with 2 beautiful blessings! I am the only that doesn’t have red hair in the family. I love to sew, cook from scratch, upcycling/recycling clothing, natural healing, homesteading and bread baking!

Honest 2 Betsy: A thoughtful, humorous, and always honest blog by a mother of three. Knee-deep in babies, Betsy needs to dish sometimes.

Ichigo Means Strawberry: A new mama, transplanted from Tokyo to Boston, writing about raising her daughter with love, respect and fun.

I Found My Feet: I am passionate about all baby and toddler related topics, especially natural pregnancy, birth and parenting. I am a confident and optimistic mother.

Inder Loves Folk Art: I live in a creaky old Victorian house in Oakland, CA with my sweet husband Steve, toddling boy Joseph Roscoe, lovely and talented housemate Rebecca, a brown pit bull named Omie, and a little white fluffy sausage dog named Crouton. This blog follows my explorations in parenting, the domestic arts, and all five million of my hobbies.

India’s Roses: An honest sharing of personal parenting experiences and the steps a family takes towards becoming more environmentally responsible in hopes of helping the world and raising a child that loves and respects the planet she lives on.

Instinctive Parenting: Empowering mothers to make choices about pregnancy, birth, infant care and strategies for dealing with toddlers that are child led, nurturing and natural.

Integrative Mom: Integrative Mom provides relevant and targeted holistic nutrition and lifestyle information to moms giving them the resources, recommendations, and encouragement needed to take responsibility for their health and the health of their families.

It Is Decidedly So:  In transition mama seeks comfort in finding her way.  From mothering to living abroad, each experience becomes an opportunity to find insight about our family, to the community at large.

It’s a Mom’s World: I am a WAHM, unschooling three year old twins with an emphasis on emotional coaching. We eat locally, sustainably and organically, parent instinctively and focus on raising confident adults. In the spirit of unschooling I blog about all the learning in my life that has brought me to where I am today and how I apply it to my family, relationships, life and work.

Jazzy Mama: After a decade as an elementary school teacher in Toronto, Canada I’m learning a whole new way of being with children. I’m a homebirthing, vegetable-growing, bread-baking, attachment parenting mother of 4 children under the age of 7, and I’m loving every minute of it! Put on your mascara, make a cup of tea and join me on our unschooling adventure.

Jet’s Journey: I’m a new mama (March 2011) enjoying my time with my husband and baby boy. With the fantastic support and encouragement of both our own mamas, my husband and I are raising our son in their footsteps. We love and are inspired by natural births, babywearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and geeking out to some good guitar music. I chronicle it all on my blog.

A Journey of Attachment Parenting: Well it is pretty much a day to day look on my family life with 4 amazing kids. I touch on attachment parenting my older kids and there is lots of breastfeeding talk.

Joy Filled Living: A mama trying to take her family “back to the basics” by living simply and naturally. A little bit of motherhood (homebirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, miscarriage), natural remedies, homemade products, marriage moments, homemaking skills, and learning to find joy in it all!

Julie’s Little Joys: An account of our daily life, lived in a natural way – our daily doings of crafts, being outside in nature, baking, homemaking, living authentically and consensually. We are bohomumma, bohopapa, Dearboy (aged 7) and DarlingGirl aged 3. I am a vegan, practice daily yoga and meditation and enjoy music, reading crafting and being a sensitive mama to my family.

Junebug Of Love: Blog about my journey through 14 losses to hopefully holding my little junebug! I talk about all things important to me (especially breastfeeding)!

Just A Mummy: My thoughts and feeling on things I come across while raising my child

Just Another Day: I’m a stay-at-home-mom who writes about my 7 month old son and our adventures as a family.

Just North of Normal: Natural Parenting in an Un-Natural World: I am a Canadian attachment parenting mother. My blog is about life as an attachment parent of three young sons. It is about a variety of natural parenting topics.

Just West of Crunchy: We’re not 100% green, but we’re getting closer all the time! We are a married, co-blogging team that writes about parenting; our shift from disposable and toxic to sustainable and natural; and whatever else interests us (breastfeeding!). Come see! Reviews & giveaways, too!

Kelly Hogaboom: Cisgendered working-class white woman, wife and mother; two children, one husband, four cats (that’s officially a “clowder” of cats), five laying hens. Semi-urban homesteading in a wee wet ex-logging town. My kids don’t go to school and we live consensually, cooking, crafting, playing, biking, splashing, sewing (and more sewing), creative-commons-supporting, making music and making sweet, sweet love. Hee. Parenting, gardening, living… naturally! Kelly writes about peaceful parenting, gentle discipline, and outdoor activities with her children. Crunchy, opinionated, and striving to live a greener, more peaceful life!

Knocked Up – Knocked Over: I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, gearing up for a high risk pregnancy due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I’m blogging about surviving the disease while nurturing my daughter through a potentially frightening and traumatic time. We’re extended nursers, planning to tandem nurse, and looking forward to welcoming a new baby into our hearts and lives.

La Familia Soriano: I’m a Christian, Stay-at-Home Mother to three children and wife to one hubby. The last three years I have been on the “natural mama” journey and that is what I write about. I tend to write about our faith, parenting, cooking, baking, crafting, homeschooling, cloth diapering, babywearing and our community. As I’ve been on this journey I’m finding new approaches to parenting and plan on sharing them. This is a new journey for us.

Lactation Narration: My blog is about breastfeeding, including particular interest in extended breastfeeding, tandem nursing, pumping at work, nursing in public, science of lactation, and breastfeeding advocacy.

Laura Grace Weldon: A heart-centered approach to living and parenting in our complex world. Expect fresh, thought-provoking and often funny posts about learning, mindfulness, peace, simple living, media awareness, sustainability and much more. By the author of Free Range Learning.

Lawrence Girls: The Lawrence Girls are myself and my 3 daughters. I renovate real estate by day, love all things vintage and thrift-ed, and navigate motherhood by following my golden rule: love one another. We strive to be eco-friendly and are educating the girls in a Montessori setting.

Legally Mom: A breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth-diapering Mom who believes in positive discipline and progressive education. A corporate lawyer by daytime and a blogger when she has time.

Liberated Family: We think a liberated family is one who feels free to express themselves fully. The burdens and expectations society places on all of us are too much to bear. Instead, why not research and learn other ways of getting through life that actually work for you, make you happy. and bring a sense of fulfillment? In particular, our blog will likely focus on: natural childbirth, natural parenting, traditional foods, freedom from/in religious issues, unschooling, unjobbing, living simply, & eliminating excess waste.

Life, Gluten Free: I blog about gluten-free / allergy-free recipes, positive parenting and natural crafts for toddlers and kids.

Life Is Learning: Life-Is-Learning is a blog that promotes natural learning through life experiences, play, and hands on everything. It is an online scrapbook of how we spend our days featuring toddler activities & cooking, as well as thoughts on breastfeeding, respectful communications and other AP topics.

Life With Twins and Multiples: Life With Twins and Multiples is a fun blog about Twins, Triplets, Quads, or more and written by Moms of Twins, Triplets, or more!!

Little Acorn Learning Blog: Focusing on celebrating nature and the seasons with children. Waldorf-inspired crafts, stories, recipes and ideas.

Little Homestead in the Desert: My blog is a whole food eating, natural parenting, DIY kind of blog. I talk about baby wearing, cooking from scratch, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, making clothes, gardening, homeschooling and examining my own life.

The Little Stranger: How Liam came along and changed everything – mostly about birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and Mama becoming a doula, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant. Also, rants and cooking.

Living for the Laugh: I write about my religion: My Children. All that is done in our home and family is in service of rising kind loving, happy, secure children. My passion is living and enjoying the small moments and never passing an opportunity to laugh at the endless mommy dramas!

Living in Harmony: Living and learning with my two daughters. We strive to live in harmony with each other, our community, and nature. We are in the process of moving and I will be blogging more about our journey as we begin homesteading as well.

Living Montessori Now: Deb Chitwood is the mother of two adult children with college degrees who were homeschooled through high school. At Living Montessori Now, Deb shares information and encouragement for parents and teachers. She writes about Montessori education, homeschooling, natural parenting, and gentle discipline.

Living Simply:  With patience and love I am learning to parent naturally although it is not always easy.  Living Simply is the journey of rediscovering myself, my religion and my love to natural parenting.

Living the Good Life…One Day at a Time: A glimpse into our life and all the adventures therein…Natural Family living at it’s finest. Pictures of our daily life and posts about homeschooling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, eco-frugality, natural childbirth and homebirth, handmade goods, cosleeping, crafts, food (growing it and cooking it) and much more in the works like natural remedies and natural ways to support your health, baby led feedings, general reflections on mothering from a natural living standpoint, traveling with kids, and Waldorf posts.

Louie’s Mummy: We are trying to steer our lives toward a greener and friendlier path and are having lots of fun along the way! We blog about cloth nappying, baby wearing, breastfeeding, crafts, home-making and everything in between.

Love Makes a Family: I am a full time stay at home mom to my 2 year old son born to us after a high-risk Hyperemesis Gravidarum pregnancy. We just began the process of adopting an infant domestically. I nursed my son until he naturally weaned on his own, and have been researching nursing adopted infants in the hopes that I can provide the healthiest start for our next baby. We plan on homeschooling our children and enjoy watching our son learn naturally through living life and playing.

Love What Is: Casey is the mother is three young boys. She blogs about life with her children, loving the world and those in it, and living with intention.

Lulastic and the Hippyshake: Lulastic spins the yarns of her travelling, nappyfree, eco family. Yet she is only really a hippy with a twist, one prone to wobble when faced with another unnecessary vintage dress.

Magical Madness: My blog is about my family, kids, breastfeeding….pretty much my life in general!

The Mahogany Way: A Woman of Color talking about life being an Attachment Parenting, Unschooling, Homebirthing mother and wife.

Mama And Baby Love: A blog dedicated to natural parenting, yoga and alternative healing, real food, DIY and family travel.

Mama Chocolat: I write about natural parenting, greener living, alternative parenting and childbirth.

Mama Cum Laude: I am an East Coast transplant who enjoys life in the Pacific Northwest. I love book stores, cafes, and finding new hiking trails. I never get tired of the mountains. I am also a wife and a tandem nursing, co-sleeping, baby-wearing Mama. The learning curve for motherhood is steep and I usually feel as though I have a limited amount of time in which to explore and discuss my experiences (before my friends or family call out “party foul! Enough baby talk!”). So, voila– a blog is born. Thank you for coming along on the journey!

Mama Eve: Mama Eve is a natural parenting blog focused on information and advocacy, particularly for birth choice, breastfeeding, and natural parenting practices. As a mother, I believe that informed choice is of utmost importance, and I strive to provide balanced information so women can make the best choices for themselves and their families without feeling bullied, pressured, or coerced.

Mama Knows Best: Mama knows best is a blog written by Jodi, a mama who uses instinctual parenting to raise her 4 children to be the best they can be. It is part-diary, part-information related to my style of parenting.

MaMammalia: This is a brand new blog about evolving as a mother and a person. I write about the practice of parenting that is best described as attached, natural, anthropological, unconditional, gentle, intuitive, scholarly, evolution-based, reflective, and mindful.

Maman A Droit: I share my thoughts on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, natural family planning and more! I occasionally discuss my Catholic faith and how I see it as extremely compatible with many natural parenting practices.

Mama Manuscripts: I’m a homeschooling Mama to three wild and wonderful children that were born at home, cloth diapered, co-slept, carried constantly, breastfed exclusively, and non vaxed. We try to live as simple a life as possible in beautiful Cape Breton.

MamaWit: Two Mamas, sisters in real life, blog their parenting and life adventures from opposite sides of the world: Saruskabeth parenting 3 kids born within 3 years in the U.S. and Lori Ann with her one daughter in China’s rural countryside.

Mandy Gerth: Mandy Gerth is currently in the midst of her life’s most important research of learning from her small children. She blogs about gardening, drawing, sewing, knitting, baking, resourceful living, and sharing bits of life through words and photos.

Materni-Talk: Expect the best, naturally! Materni-Talk is a maternity blog about safe, natural pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and baby care. Some product reviews and giveaways, but lots of tips, lists, guides and more about the natural beauty of motherhood.

Meta Mom: At Meta Mom, I address evidence-based natural, gentle parenting and nourishing, whole food nutrition. Some topics I address frequently are: breastfeeding and nutrition, psychology and behavior, natural learning, and activism.

Milkstained: Four kids in five years, two are twins.  Mom is a massage therapist, breastfeeding counselor, trained doula & childbirth educator, and tired.

miniMOMist: miniMOMist is an account of Mike, Nada and Naomi’s journey into realistic minimalism, with the goal centered around simple living, and enjoying each other rather than things. We are a faith-based family and blog about our belief in God regularly. Our love for one another and our passion for a simple, minimalist life brings us much joy and pleasure.

Mi Pancita: Transitioning from a demanding technical career to being a stay at home, eco conscious, breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping Mom has been the hardest and best thing I have ever done. Here I document the journey that is our life as a clean living, nature loving, bicultural and bilingual family. Our experiences together and all that surprises us each day. Travel, co-sleeping, the Hispanic culture and language, the outdoors, adventures in nature and Natural Learning are just a few of the topics I tend to type about. Leading my family in a purposeful and beautiful life is the goal. It has challenged me to my core… and this girl likes a challenge.

MomAgain@40: Mom again over 40, with a toddler and a teen. Remarried, and juggling life in a reconstructed family.

Mom Grooves: My life as a mom, just figuring it out as I go along and trying to give our daughter the best experience on this earth plane that we can. Also, the balancing act of manifesting my artistic self as I finally have the courage and inspiration to create… without much time.

Mom Photographer: Life as a first time mom and a wife reflected in beautiful photographs of my child, food I cook and bake, of plants and vegetables we grow, and of places we visit. Life as a foreigner living in America and married to an American, trying to raise a bilingual child while still improving the second language myself.

Mommy Becoming: I’m Mommy Becoming, a mommy becoming interested in all sorts of things natural and green. I’m an extended breastfeeding, cosleeping, cloth diapering mommy who loves her husband, son, and Savior! I am becoming passionate about all things natural: natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, cosleeping, attachment parenting, and taking baby steps to become “greener”.

Mommy Makes Cents: My goal of this blog is to share some of the little tips and tricks that I have found while starting to raise a young family naturally. This includes ways to save money, recipes, menus, parenting topics and much more!

Mommying My Way: On this blog I share parenting techniques that work for me, which generally fall into the category of natural/attachment parenting. I also document my son’s milestones and use this as sort of a digital baby book.

Momopoly: I’m a wife and mom of three girls. I like to use my words. A lot. I write about parenting, God, and natural mothering – that is to me parenting in a way that God designed me to parent. I pray every day than I am more gentle than rough, more fun than serious, and more kind than judgmental. Writing helps keep me in line.

Monday Morning Coffee: SAHM of 5 kiddos, new blogger, trying my best to go green, and stay on top of all the food allergies in our home and taking pictures of it all.

Motherhood Moments: Attachment parenting/unparenting my 2 year old while traveling the country!

Motherhood: The Perpetual Learning Curve: My blog follows my trials and lessons among the journey that is childhood eczema and allergies as well as motherhood in general. I am learning new recipes, treatments and ways of dealing with these issues, while trying to treat from within and as naturally as possible.

Mother on Mother Earth: I feel rich, but not with money, with life. I want to share my ideal now that I have found it, our home, our garden and allotment, and our much loved son. I will be writing about our parenting journey, our fun with the chickens, the progression with our garden and allotment, recycling and reusing things so that they become useful again, and spirituality.

Mrs. T, Naturally: I write about how to have a toxic free lifestyle, parenting tips, home decor, health and fitness, etc. My goal is to reach people who wouldn’t normally be interested in a ‘natural lifestyle’ and show them how simple it can be once you get started!

MUMmedia: Insight and encouragement for modern mums looking at how the media & popular culture impacts our mothering & how we can be confident and empowered to discover our own unique parenting style.

Musing Mommy: Interesting finds, thoughts, rants and ramblings of a mom who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere except with her muse and her family.

My Child’s Gardener: The purpose of My Child’s Gardener is to offer conversation and contemplation about conscious parenting and simplified living. Part memoir, part personal growth, this blog is a forum of positive support for parents, grandparents, and all who love children. We don’t have to agree on our favorite vegetables, what order to plant them, or even when to harvest. The only two premises to agree upon to gain full enjoyment and enlightenment from this blog are: 1. I am my child’s gardener. 2. If I plant rutabaga and cabbage, I can’t expect sweet peas.

My Feminist Pie: My Feminist Pie is an exploration of pregnancy and mothering through an eco-feminist lens.

My House Smells Like Vanilla: A mish mash of a blog – is it about baking? Peak oil? Baby wearing? Sewing? Dyeing? Having a kitty? Having a child? Breastfeeding? Herbs? Community-supported agriculture? Writing? Crafting? Buttons? Studying? Baking? Midwifery? Politics? Entitlement? Privilege? Getting married? Natural parenting? Co-sleeping? Why yes, yes it is.

MyInnerGranola: A journey to natural conception and healthy living.

My Inspired Baby: My Inspired Baby is a declaration to the world that not only will I follow my inspiration when it comes to parenting, but I will publicly write about it too. I am learning about myself as I go, and doing so with full force and enthusiasm. I am an advocate for Attachment Parenting, early childhood multilingualism, breastfeeding (and extended), homemade baby food, environmentalism, and unschooling. I follow many aspects of natural parenting as well. I do what inspires me, as I believe every parent should.

NAMAmmaSTE: I am a natural birth and parenting advocate. I write about my drug-free midwifery center birth, my experiences as a breastfeeding mama, and my passion for all things healthy and organic.

Nap Time Is My Time: Nap Time is My Time chronicles one mom’s adventures with her son, the eco-friendly choices she makes for her family and current events related to motherhood and parenting.

Natural Family Today: Natural Family Today is an online magazine dedicated to bringing together families who are interested in living their lives as naturally as possible. We understand that your family is unique, so we have structured our topics of interest to be as dynamic as possible.

Natural Living in SC: One family’s journey into homesteading, self sufficiency & natural living. Covering everything from gardening to homeschooling and everything in between as we attempt to reconnect with simplicity.

Naturally Attached: Naturally Attached is my experiences, advice & story as a 20 something mom and wife. I’m learning everyday and encouraging myself to slow down, welcome new experiences and raise my son with trust, love & compassion while enjoying life in our slow, beach town. I’m an attached momma who loves all thing “green” & natural – breastfeeding, cloth diapering, organic foods, recycling, reusing, the outdoors & snuggling up with my sweet, sweet baby boy.

Naturally Nena: Naturally Nena follows my journey through the sometimes intimidating/confusing/crazy world of parenting; my struggles dealing with postpartum mood disorder; the joys and challenges of living “Naturally”… as well as throwing in a few other highlights along the way. Sometimes things may be serious, sad, and straightforward. Other times they will be light-hearted, sunny, and full of laughs. Either way, I will try my best to present my life as it really is and hopefully will inspire readers to reflect on what is truly important.

A Natural Mama: This blog is a mother’s chronicle of her homespun blessings and passion towards living a naturally-healthy lifestyle and raising children the natural way, from the other side of the globe.

The Natural Mother: Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, intactivist, homebirthing, mostly-raw organic mom.

Natural Mothers Network: Natural Mothers Network is a community and online magazine specializing in natural parenting, simple living, handmade, and seasonal celebration. I bring together a community of natural, mindful parents through inspiring articles and projects.

The Natural Parent: A reflection of the natural parenting experience, on all matters relating to parenting. Posts reflect the positive experience that attachment parenting has provided me. I also discuss the barriers to parenting the natural way and how I have overcome them (or am attempting to overcome). More general aspects of parenting are also explored.

Natural Parenting Advice: Natural parenting advice was created by a group of working mothers who are parenting their children naturally. We are convinced that natural parenting is the way to raise happy, healthy children. Our goal is to bring natural parenting tips to other working mothers, mothers who might think natural parenting is too hard otherwise.

Nature Mama:  A vegan-mama writing about gentle parenting.

Navelgazing: I’m a first-time mother blogging about her journey through motherhood. In addition to talking about the natural parenting strategies that I use, I blog from the perspective of being an immigrant and a woman of color.

Non-Toxic Kids: Non-Toxic Kids is your source for keeping kids safe and healthy in an increasingly toxic world. You’ll find news summaries, eco-crafting tips, ideas for how to live naturally with kids, tips for mama activism, and reviews on eco-friendly products, books and music.

Nourished and Nurtured: I blog about nutrient-dense cooking, natural parenting, and suburban gardening.

NurtureStore: NurtureStore is passionate about play and early learning. With the emphasis on child-led fun, Cathy shares ideas and inspiration for play-based activities and seasonal crafts. We favor re-cycling and re-purposing materials for our crafts and toys.

NurturingtheNaturalMama : Eco conscious, attached parenting on a budget!

The OakFin: The OakFin chronicles my experiences of mothering as naturally as possible and the benefits, challenges, and joys of doing things that way. While many words are spent on sleep, nursing and cloth diapering, I also write about food, Seattle, babywearing and Baby Led Weaning.

One Rich Mother: Welcome to my sometimes hectic, but always rewarding, life. I blog about living the life abundant with my 7 children and amazing husband. All happily living in a single wide trailer and off one income.

Organic Baby Atlanta: I write about natural parenting resources in Atlanta. I also offer workshops on cloth diapering, elimination communication, and babywearing.

Organic Baby University: We are a site dedicated to teaching pregnant women and new moms how to avoid harmful chemicals in everyday products. We blog about the newest research studies linking chemicals to health issues and how to protect yourself and your family, specific products and whether they contain harmful chemicals, safe products for your family, how chemicals reduce fertility, and more!

The Other Baby Blog: I’m currently co-authoring a book called “The Other Baby Book: A Natural Approach to Baby’s First Year.” This blog is a place where my co-author and I write our thoughts on compelling research, as well as what’s going on in the lives of our daughters – the good, the snotty, and the funny.

The Other Me: I blog about life with my 7 kids, including my 4 year old autistic son and infant twins. I am not always right, but I am always trying.

Our Beautiful Mess: Look into my life as a part-time chiropractor, part-time college professor and full-time mommy. I rant and rave and ask for advice even though I might not listen to any of it!

Our Messy Messy Life: Life in small-town Mississippi as a homebirthing, babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama to two small children.

Our Mindful Life: Mindful Life is about paying attention to what it is that we do on a day to day basis and how we impact each other and the planet. We will talk about all of the things that we do here at home to make ourselves and the world a better place.

Our Small Tribe: Our Small Tribe shares the journey and adventures of a young wife and mother who is passionate about her family and living as naturally as possible. As her tribe expands, she shares her knowledge and/or interest in natural childbirth, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, etc…along with a few hundred photos of her delightful first-born!

Outta Jo, Onto You: Feminist parenting with a dash of Midwestern sensibility.

Overflowing Laundry Basket: I am a mother of five (soon to be six) children 1-14. My husband and I enjoy natural parenting and homeschooling.

Pace Family Place: My little family blog about my boys, birth, babywearing and breastfeeding. My blog basically follows my journey deeper and deeper into crunchy world, and also chronicles my doula adventures!

The Paleo Child: Raising a cloth-diapered, ecologically breastfed, Primal/Paleo child. Mr. Husband and I are attachment parenting, babywearing, co-sleeping, baby-led parents.

ParentingExperiences: We plan on blogging our parenting experience right from the birthing experience to all the choices we make as parents as we navigate through this complex maze of options. We have chosen to be as close to natural birthing as possible, together with other options for our baby. We plan to document the questions we have, the solutions we come up with and the overall experience of being parents with values that are seemingly anachronistic.

The Parent Vortex:  Wondering whether to read yet another parenting book?  The Parent Vortex features reviews of parenting resources, books, websites and DVDs.  I also write about gentle discipline, life with kids and our journey into homeschooling.

Parenting God’s Children: Sarah is a believer, wife, mother and doula. She blogs about life as such, including natural and attachment parenting, mama made recipes, and her backyard chickens in the city.

The Peaceful Housewife: All about finding peace in parenting, finances, cooking and housekeeping!

The Perfect Birth: Based off the book In Search of the Perfect Birth, the author speaks candidly about her evolution through hospital OB birth, to midwife homebirth, to unassisted waterbirth. She uses her experiences and gained knowledge to try to help others in avoiding or healing birth trauma.

Pink Slippers: I am a Mommy to eight incredible cupcakes, 10 years old and under and a devoted wife to my best friend. Seven years ago my husband answered a call from God to be a Pastor and lo and behold, I am now a Pastor’s wife. I am a homeschooling Mommy to my 10, 7, 6 and 5 year olds.

The Pistachio Project: Blog about one mom going crunchy and green. Product reviews, recipes, nutrition, natural parenting, etc.

Playful Planet: Playful Planet’s mission is to ’empower kids and their families to be healthy and live sustainably.’  Our blog is the Playful Planet founders musings on what it is to be a ‘conscious’ parent in today’s world.

Pondering Jane: Pondering Jane is a place that offers real and practical support to families. Specifically those with a stay at home parent and those practicing Attachment Parenting. The hope, is that by offering resources and real accounts of day to day parenting struggles, visitors will understand that they are not alone in facing these challenges, and will have resources available to better understand and handle difficult situations.

Posh Trendy Blog: A Blog where Children’s Products are promoted and a Mom Blog as well. Still fairly new to the blog process!

Posiive Parenting Challenge:The Positive Parenting Challenge: One mom’s attempt to live out her parenting ideals with authenticity, optimism, and acceptance.

Positive Parenting Connection: Positive Parenting Connection is about playful, peaceful and positive parenting inspiration, information and resources. Articles feature natural, attachment style parenting, gentle and positive discipline and play based parenting.

Pramsandwich: I am a co-sleeping, babywearing mum who doesn’t believe it letting my baby “cry it out”. My son has enjoyed learning about food through baby-led weaning. My blog is dedicated to my two loves: my family and food. I am bringing back the chic in housewife as I spend my days baking and swaddling. And I love it! Join me as I share with you the discoveries I make being a mum one day at a time and the love letters I write to my son. And get your hands on some new recipes, family-friendly cafe reviews and parenting tips.

Proper Noun Blog: Books. Music. Family. Minneapolis.

Purejoy Parenting: A joy based model of parenting based on deepening relationship with your child instead of controlling behavior.

Rainy Days and Mom Days: As a WAHM with a baby and a toddler, I have realized that motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows that most folks say. But I also have realized that you need the rain–the struggles in parenting–to fully enjoy the rainbows of being a mom. Rainy Days and Mom Days is all about sharing my motherhood experiences and learnings with other moms with the hope that it will help them navigate their own motherhood journeys.

Raising Natural Kids: My mission is to provide parents with the resources they need to make informed decisions regarding their children, specifically focusing on raising children in healthy environments that will benefit their overall well-being.

Random Recycling:  Sharing ideas for sustainable living, real food cooking, green product reviews and a commitment to reducing waste in our homes.

Red, White and GREEN Mom: Sharing random thoughts as I try to reconcile my non-mainstream lifestyle while living in a very mainstream environment. This is my journey and I am enjoying the ride…

Regi:Create:  We are a babywearin’, cloth diaperin’, homeschoolin’, home farmin’, sewing machine wieldin’ home, decoratin’, breastfeedin’ Christian family and any and all of these topics are covered on the blog. Come journey with us as we seek to glorify God by taking the best care possible of His creation.

Road to Bliss: Road to Bliss is a conscious parenting blog featuring weekly workshops, DIY ideas for home-creating conscious living resources: vision boards, recipes featuring locally harvested and sustainably grown seasonal foods, etc.

Rockin’ Granola: a little bit “crunchy” and a little bit rock’n’roll.

Rosie Dreams: Mother to three young children and living life on the Lost Coast, I blog about my approach to simple, frugal and green family living.

Rosmarinus Officinalis: Transparently writing about my journey. Wife and best friend to Josh, momma to Hadassah Grace, daughter of the King and lover of life.

Sattvic Family: We are a holistic and artistic unschooling family, traveling the world! My husband and I are wellness coaches and activists seeking to learn as much as we can about the world while helping others on the way!

A Secure Base: My goal is to help parents serve as a secure base for their children. This blog explores the research and theories behind parenting philosophies and child development. Special emphasis is placed on research on the topic of maternal attachment.

Sesasha Says: My blog is largely about my life, but also about providing information to people about alternative or slightly less mainstream ways of teaching children, bearing children and rearing children. I was trained as a Montessori teacher, and have had three children naturally, one at home. I also provide random thoughts, recipes and other tidbits about whatever is passing through my head at the time.

Shalom Mama: Shalom Mama is about nurturing wellness through intentional living. Topics regularly include natural health, building relationships, pregnancy and birth, living abundantly and creating a sustainable home.

Simple Peace Mama: I am a first time mom and love natural living and parenting. As I learn more I love to write about it, to share ideas and experiences. The journey through motherhood surely isn’t easy so why not work together to acheive our common goal of healthy families?

Simple Whimsy: A Mama, a Papa, and two little girls on a journey in mindful, simple, and holistic living. Mama Whimsy writes about daily adventures in attachment parenting, the preservation of childhood play, craftiness, whole and traditional foods, unschooling, waldorf inspired home life, and whatever else strikes her fancy.  Live. Learn. Play. Love. Create.

Simplify, Live, Love: We are a simple, green, homeschooling family of six learning to thrive with less on a modern-day Iowa homestead. I blog about green living, gardening and preserving the bounty, and post lots of recipes made with freshly ground flour and other whole ingredients.

Simply Hayley: A blog about parenting a 4yr old who co-slept unplanned and taught me a lot about motherhood and the new baby arriving in July who is planned co-sleeping and the lessons I’ve learned from first time around!

Simply Natural Mom: Simply Natural Mom is about mothering by intuition, from birthing babies to parenting children. It’s being organic by nature, by choosing whole foods and believing kids play better outside. It’s a throwback to childhood from the days of mud pies and the dinner bells. It’s about re-purposing to be green and sewing to be practical, because our grandmothers did it and we can to – plain and simple.

Smiling Like Sunshine: At Smiling like Sunshine, I write about natural family living, food, literature, music, design and cinema.

Soul Singing Liv: I am a free-spirited, new experience craving, music loving, peace seeking, soul singing butterfly. My blog is a special place where I store away all of my treasures, a place where I record our daily adventures and reflect on the simple blessings in life. I spend my days balancing my time between working as a nurse and building a career I am passionate about while also being a wife and mama to my precious family. Together, we spend our days striving for peace in our hearts, kindness in our words, and adventure in our souls.

SoulVegMama: I’m a first time mother and wife on a mission for balance and fulfillment in all aspects of life. I write about holistic living, natural parenting, and food…with a soulful twist. We’re a city-dwelling, vegetarian, earth loving family, so there’s a big crunch factor mixed with practical adventuring.

The Sparkle Mama: Stay at home mama trying to find new passions since losing her dream career, being a boutique owner last year. Talk about attachment parenting, organics, living green, etc. All the natural crunchy mama goodness!

Spirit and Seed: This blog is my journey through pregnancy as I become a mother and explore topics of attachment and natural parenting, as well as my life with my husband, who here I call Hubby. We are slightly hippie, kindred spirits beneath our corporate exteriors (although I’ll soon be a stay at home mom once our first child, a daughter, arrives in February). We hope to raise our family around unconditional love and acceptance, and teach our children to be unconditionally loving and accepting of others. We can’t wait to see what they’ll teach us, too.

The Spiritual Mother: A blog about motherhood being a spiritual journey and an extension of earth based spiritual practices. I am a mother of a toddler who runs an in-home day care on attachment parenting principals, all while trying to go green.

Stay At Home Susie: Stay At Home Susie is a blog for all the 100% Natural Mama’s . Founder, Susie Romans, helps others become healthy, fit and educated! Susie is a health nut with loads of fun recipes, tips and product discounts for 100% natural products.

Steady Happy: I blog about weddings, natural parenting and other lifestyle choices of interest to me. I blog about our choices to babywear, breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep (bed share) and our experiences with RIE and AP for our 15 month old daughter. Additionally, we are a happily married same sex couple and I blog about that as well.

Strings to Things: Strings to Things has evolved from a crafty passion to natural parenting, responsible living, and staying sane day-to-day living with a toddler. Kristy sews, knits, and can craft up nearly anything else while meeting the needs of her daughter all while preserving the memories in photographs. Hippie mama, wife, writer, dreamer, maker of things, maternity leave guru. I’m trying to decide what to be when I grow up. I blog about the journey.

Suddenly Mom: A place for honesty, questions, and conversation. Although the focus may be on womanhood and motherhood, this site strives to share and gain information that can be used by all.

The Sugar Mountain: A blog blending natural, attached parenting experiences with a posh lifestyle. There is good balance between articles about birth, extended breastfeeding and intentional and attached parenting with fashion, food and home design.

Sweet Sky: I write about parenting peacefully. Beyond a set of practices or philosophies, what this has meant to me is honesty about the inner growth that is possible, and sometimes even necessary, to parent in the way I want to. I am the mama of two boys (ages 7 and 4), and I write about nature, mindfulness, unschooling, consensual parenting… in short: life, love, and trust.

Swimming Duck: I am working hard to live life with intention. This blog follows my journey of trying to parent with purpose. While I touch on a variety of topics, attachment parenting and gentle discipline tend to be the main focus.

Tales of a Kitchen Witch: Kitchen Witchy artist, writer, and mother, blogging about my mostly crunchy life with four fantastic children and a truck driving husband.

Tales of Goodness: One family’s journey toward responsible spending, responsible consumption and responsible living. One small change at a time.

Teachable Moments: Last year we made the choice to homeschool our two daughters. Little did we know the domino effect it would have on our lives. Now we strive to live as naturally as possible by making changes to our educational philosophy, our diet and even how we receive health care. We are becoming our best selves and I blog about it at Teachable Moments.

That Mama Gretchen: Attachment parenting focused and excited to learn more about the natural side of life … follow along our every day journey as we raise our daughter!

These Temporary Tents: Christian unschooling family that promotes organic living, gardening, and loving.

This Holistic Life: This is a blog about holistic living written by me, Denise, an unschooling mom of four–one still home, and three all grown up. Though I’m interested in all aspects of holistic life, my blog has a special emphasis on natural parenting, nutrition and wellness, and voluntary simplicity.

This is Worthwhile: A blog someone once called “a thinker blog,” I write about relationships, separation, thoughtful, gentle parenting, recipes, and social aspects of feminist mothering. I also cuss… a lot. Consider yourself warned.

THRIVE: Natural Family Living: A Certified Health Coach writes this health and wellness blog that also features tips for living a “greener” and more sustainable life.

Tiny Teachers: Tiny teachers is about exploring spiritual techniques – like yoga, meditation and affirmations – for dealing with the challenges of motherhood. It also promotes healthy living and looks at ways mothers can eat healthily, learn to love exercise and nurture themselves. Tiny teachers will also include posts on my passions – yoga, travel with kids, art and books – and how they apply to natural parenting.

Tmuffin: Gaby from Tmuffin found inspiration in being a mother and now shares goodies and tidbits about natural living, moms, and their babies. It’s an open journal about keeping a balance between motherhood, a career, and sanity. She shares regularly about mothering, birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, babywearing, and following your intuition, with a little art and creativity thrown in for fun.

Tots and Bottoms: Musing about my life as a mom, labor doula, photographer and crafter.

TouchstoneZ: Parenting Off The Mat: Living life mindfully through attachment parenting, yoga, and conscious living on and off the mat.

Trees All Dance:  Mostly about my journey as a newly homeschooling mama and semi crunchy pseudo vegan.

Up, Down & Natural: Sometimes the world of trying to live greener, and switching to chemical free organics is enough to turn you upside down. However, when these changes are made for our children, and the earth we bring them into, it only seems natural. This is my blog about going from a girl who didn’t know what composting meant (I know, I could slap my old self!) to being the earth loving, natural momma-wanna be that I am! Among many other things, I write about preparing for parenthood, trying to conceive, as well as dealing with infertility. Natural approaches to boosting fertility, and holistic approaches to achieving pregnancy from herbs and acupuncture to healthy meal, snack ideas and recipes.

The Variegated Life: At my blog, I share tips and musings from my variegated life—a motley patchwork of mothering, relationships, jobs, writing, zazen, reading, running, and housekeeping. I write because I do not know. Who am I? What do I think I am doing?

Vibrant Wanderings: Vibrant Wanderings is a blog not only about parenting, but also about being a parent, and enjoying the journey of life alongside a child. Its author, Melissa includes a number of topics from mothering to Montessori to vegan recipes, to breastfeeding, and nonviolent communication.

Wabisabi Mama: Meditations, musings and marvelings of three sisters in search of zen motherhood.

A Waldorf Home: We’re a Waldorf-inspired, home educating family. Whilst we have always been involved in home education, this is our first year adopting some aspects of the Waldorf Steiner approach.

Wander Wonder Discover: A former authoritarian momma turned unschooling and peaceful parent, writes on life in transition from the old to the new. Navigating, sometimes wandering, but definitely discovering what fresh and natural paradigms can bring.

WeAreWildThings: Kit and I live in our little flat, but try to spend lots of time outside of it. We don’t have a lot of money, and most of the time it’s just the two of us but, when we aren’t at work/the childminders, we have lots of fun. We thought we would share it with all of you, and maybe show you some new ways to have fun too.

Wholesome Mama: A blog about breastfeeding, birthing, parenting, handmade, gardening, giveaways, inspiration and empowerment. I’m a mom, wife and entrepreneur on a mission to live a conscious, natural and wholesome life.

Who’s Green: A green guide to natural parenting that goes along with our free website devoted to all things natural parenting.

Wide Awake, Half Asleep: I am a chiropractic school dropout who loves natural healing. I have 2 babies under two and write about my experiences in conscious parenting despite the chaos. These choices make me tired, but it is worth it! I also love to talk about cooking traditional and weird foods.

Wildecrafted: I’m a woman with a strong feminist perspective. I live in the south coast of Western Australia with my partner and our homeborn children. I am a qualified western herbalist & a student naturopath.

Wild Parenting: ‘Wild Parenting’ is about one mama’s willingness to question the received wisdom and weigh it against the wisdom of her heart. To ride side by side with her children on the wild ride that is life (and parenting).

Witch Mom:  Witch Mom is a blog about parenting a witchlet, being a priestess in the greater pagan community, navigating the world as a religious minority, and much more. I cover topics such as playdates, homeschooling, and pagan parenting while also reflecting a natural parenting mindset: my son is attachment parented and is learning about how to be a responsible human in terms of his impact on the world and those in it.

With Hands and Hearts Full: Mumma of 6 blogging the good, bad, hard, ugly and glamorous times of family life in a small town. Our parenting journey did not begin natural or AP but we are so happy to be here now. We have our babes where we make them, and learn there too!

Wonder of Children: My blog is for you if you are a parent or teacher who takes comfort and cheer in knowing you’re not alone on this journey, are an early childhood or early elementary teacher who likes to connect with peers, are interested in learning more about a specific aspect of child development, are curious to know more about your child in the context of chronological peers and/or school, looking for resources to be a more effective parent. Parenting – especially “good” parenting that brings joy, comfort, and growth for both adults and children – is accomplished with effort, support, access to research and strategies, and a bit good karma.

Yay For Home!: Shae is a stay-at-home, homebirthin’, home-cookin’, unschoolin’ Mama to 3 amazing girls. She tries to parent, eat and consume consciously.

Your Fonder Heart: Emma is a mama, birth doula, writer and baby wearing enthusiast. She writes about raising up her sweet, snugly, hilarious daughter, Hazel.

Your Thriving Family: I’m not organic, eco-crazy, exercise fiend – but trying to find a balance in the world we now live in. I am a full-time mama, wife, homemaker, doula, Theatre Tech and adjunct. And Blogger who writes about family, food, marriage, kids, miscarriage, pregnancy and God. Pushing our family to THRIVE not just strive to survive!

Zen and the Art of Cloth Diaper Maintenance: Zen and the Art of Cloth Diaper Maintenance follows me as I try to live a more holistic, healthy, organic, and chemical free life for my family. I also talk about my experiences with natural birth, home birth, VBAC, breastfeeding, babywearing, and gentle parenting in general. And then, of course, there’s my addiction to cloth diapers.

Zen Mummy: Work-at-home writer mum blogs about the battle to find a more peaceful way. I cover natural parenting, creativity, self-employment, and anything else that feels like it needs to be said.

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