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5 Responses to Bonding With My Cesarean

  1. Leigh  

    Fantastic story. So glad you shared it, wish more people talked so postively about their experience. It will help to dispel the idea that a caesarean is always a desperate last resort.

  2. Issa @ LoveLiveGrow

    I had an unexpected cesarean after planning a freebirth, and I really identify with what you’ve written here. The cesarean birth was exactly what I needed, and I’m glad all those professionals and all that technology was there when I wanted them. I had no complaints about my experience and no trouble bonding or breastfeeding afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Ana @Pandamoly  

    I had a C-Section also, which was scheduled, per se, but expected and prepared for. I knew from the getgo when it was first brought up that I wouldn’t let it turn into a horror story like so many I had heard both in doing research and from friends’ personal stories. I think it’s important for all women to know that you can have a successful birth even when scalpels are involved. Maybe I just tried harder (if that’s even possible) after the C-Section to bond with my son, but we’re the same way – inseparable (except when I have to work…) and if anything, we’re too close, too attached. C-Sections are rough, but with adequate preparation, emotionally and physically, and adequate healing time, it doesn’t have to be a traumatic or negative experience. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Kate

    I agree 100% with you! My daughter was born via an emergency c-section after 48 hours of labor. She ended up with a horrid infection that landed her in the NICU for 4 weeks. When I was pregnant with my second my doctor who I trusted 100% thought it best to schedule a c-section 1 week before my due date. I was prepared, relaxed and ready when the date of my c-section came. He was only away from me for 15-30 minutes or so while I was stitched up and brought to recovery where we were reunited. The bond with my son is amazing and I feel that his birth could not have turned out better.

  5. Teri

    I didn’t have a C-Section, but I was so glad to read your story. I really believe that we need less fear around birth – all types of birth – and so often you hear only horror stories about it. Whether it be assisted or natural, birth should be celebrated. Thanks for sharing 🙂