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2 Responses to Boundaries and Rhythm Nurture a Strong Foundation

  1. Amy  

    Thank you for sharing this, Acacia! I love the note about working in 15 minute spurts and integrating chores with play so you are spending time together doing what needs to be done.

    I found that leaving the kids out of chores didn’t serve any of us and have since changed to include them – but it’s not out of obligation, it’s in fun. A process for most of us who might initially think of putting chores after play. It’s nice when they go together. We enjoy the time together talking and learning, splashing some too. 🙂

    This last paragraph is huge!
    “Lastly, whether at home or not, I provide emotional boundaries by holding space for my son. I maintain calm and hold strong for him during temper tantrums. I take responsibility for the times these tantrums are caused by my expectations or lack of support. I respond with sensitive words and lots of hugs, and I try to reconnect through play.”

    Thank you for demonstrating what it looks like to be present with your son and honor yourself also.

  2. Acacia @ Be Present

    Thanks for the comment, Amy! You’re right about the fun in doing chores together. It’s a little tough to figure out how to include little ones at first, and sometimes tough to let go of how you like it done, but well worth it, kwim?

    You know, to be honest, now that we’ve got a strong, new rhythm going on and I’ve been able to be more present to Everett as my younger one has grown, his tantrums have nearly disappeared! We are enjoying a wonderful relationship right now.