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4 Responses to Breast Pumps at Work

  1. Melanie

    I feel lucky. My office has a Wellness Room with a lock on the door, a couch, a small fridge and a desk/computer so I can pump in privacy and continue working.

  2. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth  

    I have been lucky to have not had to worry about this since I do not work outside the home. I do believe it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all women have the support and access they need to continue breastfeeding while working. It serves our entire society.

  3. Amy McCarty

    Wow, I can REALLY relate to this article. Yes, I have my own private office at work but I have STILL be hassled. Im pretty blunt though and am willing to fight fir my rights to the bitter end. I was told from a co-worker that using the microwave to clean my pump parts was GROSS and should not be allowed to… The boss approached me and I clearly told HER another past breastfeeding mother to boot that I KNEW my rights and explained them to her clearly. Then I continued to do what I knew I was able to. I did get a little nervous after that.. I could see how this could really harm a breastfeeding mothers relationship with breastfeeding her baby. 🙁 and thats so sad.. So I fought.. not just for me, but for the mothers who wont stand up for themselves!

  4. Molly  

    This was a fantastic article. I work full time, and I was able to successfully pump until my daughter was 20 months old. That was 18 months of pumping at the office!

    My company, as a policy, supports breastfeeding moms. But to take that a step further, I co-founded a Lactation Support Network to help moms with pumping/nursing resources and tips, to ensure lactation rooms are established in every building of our VERY LARGE campus, and in the future to provide hospital-grade pumps in each room for moms to use.

    We even got to speak in consultation with our corporate legal team to help them understand what the new federal legislation meant for our company and how that should be applied.

    I wish every working mom was as lucky as we are at my company.