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4 Responses to Breastfeeding and Proper Nutrition

  1. Janine (Alternative Housewife)  

    Overall, I think this is a great, simple nutrition post. I think most people should read it, whether breastfeeding or not! I’m totally guilty of eating sugary breakfast cereals even though I know better. I think it might be dehydration – I wake up after nursing my son overnight and I am actually just craving the MILK that I pour over my cereal. I’ll have to drink a big glass of water before choosing my breakfast from now on!

    The only part I’m giving the side-eye is the bit on caffeine. From what I understand, you don’t actually have to up your water to ‘counteract’ your coffee intake. Caffeinated drinks may not be as hydrating as water, but they aren’t DEhydrating. All of the evidence seems to indicate that coffee is OK during pregnancy and while nursing, up to 2-3 cups a day.

    I do especially like your recommendation for doing 80/20 and allowing for flaws in your diet. It’s a lot harder to stick to any plan when it feels like all or nothing.

  2. Kiersten W.  

    I like the 80/20 idea. A lot of times, we get so overwhelmed that we throw in the towel because we can’t possibly do it 100% of the time. It’s important to give yourself a bit of a break, especially when you have a little person depending on you!

  3. Drea

    Fantastic nutritional advice! Such an improvement from the ‘mainstream’ food pyramid advice that is so unhealthy. I study nutrition, and everything you’ve recommended is right on board with what I’ve learned. Thank you for posting this, I’ll be sure to pass it along to friends and mom clients!

  4. Andrea O  

    This really helps a momma “eat for two” in terms of nutritional quality! It’s that all important brain development phase (well, it’s development in all ways, anyway!) for babies so no surprise that healthy fats are so important. And definitely need to replenish by hydrating well. I can’t say enough of water, water, water. Keeping a bottle of water handy on a bedside table really helps with rehydrating when you’re bleary-eyed at 3am.