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5 Responses to I Support You: Breastfeeding and Society

  1. Luschka  

    Gosh, what a great post! So informative. One of our local breastfeeding groups printed a bunch of ‘thank you for breastfeeding in public’ cards that we give ot too moms when we see them breastfeeding. It has information of the group on it too, if they want to reach out to more likeminded people.

  2. Lauren Wayne  

    I keep hoping for a day when we don’t need to tell people breastfeeding is normal! Till then, keep on preaching.

  3. Crunchy Con Mom  

    Great info! Mostly at this point I encourage breastfeeding by doing it publicly. And I complimented a mom on her cute nursing cover at the zoo last time I visited!

  4. Dionna  

    Awesome resource – thank you so much for putting this together!

  5. All Natural Katie  

    Despite the promotion of “breast is best” and all of the strides that has made is amazing. We still have a long way to do. Baby steps (no pun intended).

    I am a SAHM and socialize through a Mom Meetup group. It is so great to see that other moms my age are breastfeeding. I try to set an example by talking about my experience and challenges with it.