These Breasts Were Made for Nursing

Written by Mandy on September 24th, 2012

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Too big. Too little. Perky or tired. Breasts never seem to measure up to what media tells us they should be. My breasts are not the perfect globes of wonder used to sell cars and beer. I’d have to say they really didn’t have any redeeming qualities until I became a mother. And then, despite having supply issues, which once again made them inferior, they found their niche.

They make milk, nourishing and comforting my children. They serve a purpose beyond ornamentation. It’s a different view of womanhood. Instead of being womanly because they are viewed as sexy by the opposite sex, they are womanly because they are serving an inherently feminine purpose. I can embrace that. These breasts were made for nursing.


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Mandy O'Brien is an unschooling mom of five. She's an avid reader and self-proclaimed research fanatic. An active advocate of human rights, Mandy works to provide community programs through volunteer work. She is a co-author of the book Homemade Cleaners, where simple living and green cleaning meet science. She shares a glimpse into her life at Living Peacefully with Children, where she writes about various natural parenting subjects and is working to help parents identify with and normalize attachment parenting through Attachment Parents Get Real.

One Response to These Breasts Were Made for Nursing

  1. Kiersten W.  

    Thank you for making me think about this. 🙂 I have actually always had very perky, symmetrical, proportionate breasts. Once I started nursing, that all went out the window. (Especially the symmetry since my daughter heavily favors the right side for some reason.) I mourn the loss of my perfect and youthful boobies sometimes, but then I have to remember that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, providing my baby with the perfect nourishment, as well as comfort. So, they are still perfect. And I am still very proud of them. 🙂