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Growing up I had one doctor . . . my pediatrician.

Technically I cycled through three different pediatricians thanks to insurance changes and such. Bottom line though, when my mama or I had a question in regard to my health, that’s who we saw – our trusty ped. They had the answers and we followed their recommendations. It seemed pretty simple and I planned to have the same expert advisor relationship set up for my children. I think that’s why the ever-important “pediatrician interview” while I was pregnant with my first seemed like such a big deal. I needed to prepare. I needed to find my expert.

But now, as a mama of two, I’ve changed my game plan when it comes to healthcare. And no, this doesn’t really have anything to do with all the changes in America’s healthcare system. These days my philosophy is more community based.

Over the last few years it has been my goal to build a holistic healthcare community for my family. Experts on various topics that I can turn to when I have questions and concerns. Because let’s face it, there is no way that one person can know everything there is to know about wellness and illness, preventative measures and protocols for potential problems. My experts range from other mamas to medical professionals. They each have a methods and wisdom to share and when I’m confronted with something new I feel best prepared when I can rely on their collective experiences and education.

So, who all am I turning to these days? Let’s see . . .

I’ve got our pediatrician. We most regularly see her for wellness visits to track my children’s growth and development, but she is a great resource and a caring heart when I need a medical reference too. We follow an alternative vaccine schedule and have been blessed to find a pediatrician who respects our decisions and is available to provide resources and waiver signatures when needed.

Next up is our naturopath. Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover a lick of these appointments which is why we see our pediatrician for “normal” appointments since they are partially covered. When something strikes my mama gland and I want a more natural opinion I have someone in my pocket who can 1) calm my worries and 2) provide me with a natural route of treatment.

As a family, we regularly see a chiropractor for wellness and the occasional ear infection concern. I’ve shared about infant chiropractic care before, but it definitely applies to the whole family. Chiropractors tend to have a very natural bend on healthcare and for us, they’re a big part of our plan to focus on building immunity and preventing illness rather than just treating symptoms that pop up.

Building a Healthcare Community - Natural Parents NetworkProbably my most favorite expert is my midwifery team. I’ve been blessed to have two sets of ladies care for me during my pregnancies and definitely count them as friends as well as a priceless healthcare resource. I poll them often for tips and tricks and always walk away from our conversations feeling reassured and empowered in caring for my family.

Of course specialists come in to play when needed. Preventative doctors like dentists and optometrists and others when more acute issues arise.

Then we’ve got La Leche League for my breastfeeding obstacles and other peer support groups both in person and online. Mostly online though – and especially Natural Parents Network and Natural Mother Magazine communities on Facebook.

So there you have it, a peek at the healthcare community I’m building. They’re a well-rounded lot of experts that support and guide me in nurturing my family through sickness and health. I can’t thank them enough for their direction, encouragement and wisdom.

Who do you turn to for healthcare support? Have you built a community of experts that advise you?

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