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4 Responses to Celebrating Halloween With Less Consumerism

  1. Montessori Motherload

    What a thoughtful post. Many schools run the UNICEF “orange box” campaign and encourage kids to collect change while trick-or-treating. I have participated in “trick-or-EATing” events where we distributed flyers to homes a week before Halloween and collected non-perishable food items for our local food bank on Halloween night. I did this one year with my elementary class and their parents and it was a huge hit!

  2. Jen  

    What lovely ideas, I’m in the UK where Halloween has all of a sudden become extremely popular and commercial. (It wasn’t like that when I was young). And I love your ideas as a way to let kids still feel like they’re getting invloved and celebrating Halloween with out getting carried away with the commercial aspect. That way it can be a fun opportunity to spend quality family time together

  3. martine Bracke

    I really love this idea thanks